AsiaInfo’s digital twin platform was in the first batch to pass the low-code platform evaluation conducted by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

2023-01-17 AsiaInfo

Recently, the first batch of “Digital Twin Low-Code Platform Evaluation” organized by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as CAICT) was successfully completed, and a total of 7 enterprises passed the evaluation, and AsiaInfo Technology was among them. AsiaInfo provides a common digital twin application building base for various industries, and continuously improves its comprehensive strength through rich industry practice accumulation. Based on AsiaInfo’s digital twin platform AISWare Digital Gemini, the “5G + Smart Technology City” project in Poyang Lake in Jiujiang has recently been officially shortlisted for the global digital twin park pilot project, once again establishing an excellent case benchmark in the industry.

Unleash productivity   

Flexible design of the build-up platform

The digital twin low-code platform is a digital technology tool platform that adopts a graphical and drag-and-drop method to support the construction of digital twin scenarios and visual application development with a small amount of code extension. The digital twin low-code platform has the visual configuration capability of digital twin scenarios and realizes the construction of various personalized twin scenarios through the secondary development of low cost and simple technology, which has good openness and scalability. This is an important trend in the development of digital twin technology tools.

The first batch of digital twin low-code platform evaluation projects cover scenario construction, application development, management center, etc., and carry out specific technical evaluation from the dimensions of platform functional completeness, ease of use, platform openness, and performance superiority. Passing the low-code platform evaluation conducted by CAICT marks the maturity of AsiaInfo’s digital twin platform low-code development technology, which is a professional recognition of product capabilities.


AsiaInfo “Digital Twin Low-Code Platform” testing certificate

Be practical-minded and innovative   The project was shortlisted for the Global Pioneer Pilot

The Global Digital Twin Park Pilot Project was jointly initiated by the CAICT and the World Economic Forum, and after preliminary expert selection, online defense, expert review, and other links, AsiaInfo’s “5G + Smart Technology City” smart park project in Poyang Lake in Jiujiang was successfully shortlisted. As an important practice base for global digital twin projects, the pilot park can receive consulting advice from the Global Advisory Committee on Digital Twin Cities, participate in the co-construction of digital twin park standards, and participate in the production and research activities organized by the World Economic Forum and the CAICT.


AsiaInfo Technology project was shortlisted for the Global Digital Twin Park Pilot Project

Jiujiang Poyang Lake “5G + Smart Technology City” smart park project relies on AsiaInfo digital twin platform to establish a comprehensive park operation system, docking with existing sub-business systems, realizing data integration and system linkage, giving full play to the capabilities of the Internet of Things and big data to eliminate information isolation, and building the park information system into an organic linked system. Through the digital twin large screen, the overall monitoring and macro display of the park are carried out to ensure that planning, construction, and management personnel accurately locate and deal with problems.

AsiaInfo has participated in the formulation of a number of international and domestic digital twin standards and won TMF international awards such as “Future Techco”, “Sustainability Innovation” and “Impact for Society” through the catalyst project and won many industry honors such as “Typical Application Case”, “Digital Twin City Potential Case”, “Excellent Project” and so on. The platform has been widely used in cities, parks, water, villages, communities, buildings, transportation, networks, factories, and other scenarios, through the implementation mode of application construction development, low-cost project delivery, asset digital management and sustainable operation to help users improve the experience of digital twin application development and will continue to empower more industries in the future with universal digital foundation capabilities.


AsiaInfo digital twin application scenarios