AsiaInfo Technology deeply participated in the 2022 China Unicom Annual Partner Conference

2022-12-22 AsiaInfo

From December 20 to 21, the 2022 China Unicom Annual Partner Conference is held online. With the theme of “Apply Intelligence to All Industries”, the conference aims to unite partners to join forces and fight for Chinese-style modernization. Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo, Ouyang Ye, CTO and Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo, and An Xiaoming, Vice President of AsiaInfo were invited to attend the online conference.

In the online exhibition hall of the conference, AsiaInfo Technology displayed more than 10 technology-empowered products such as computing power network, endogenous computing power, 5G private network, metaverse, edge AI, AIRPA, privacy computing, and AntDB database from the dimensions of “cloud storage, network, edge, and device”. Through digital intelligence industry solutions such as taxation, party building, rural areas, medical care, and mining, as well as smart operations, it demonstrated the vivid practice of digital intelligence to empower hundreds of industries.

Liu Liehong, Chairman of China Unicom, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Digitalization, Networking, and Intelligence to Help Chinese-style Modernization”. China Unicom adheres to the responsibility of “the national team of digital information infrastructure operation and service, the main force of digital China’s smart society construction in a network power, and the vanguard of digital technology integration and innovation”, and under the strategic guidance of “strengthening the foundation, upholding fundamental principles and breaking new ground, and integrating and opening up”, China Unicom vigorously develops the five main businesses of “wide connection, strengthened computing, big data, comprehensive application, and enhanced security”, firmly strives for leading digital economy, and comprehensively promotes the “1+9+3” strategic planning system to achieve results.

Gao Nianshu said that as a core strategic partner of China Unicom, AsiaInfo Technology continues to contribute to the rapid development of China Unicom in the fields of digital transformation, high-quality services, big data innovation, 5G network intelligence, and computing-network integration. Relying on its digital intelligence full-stack capabilities, AsiaInfo will work with China Unicom to promote the transformation and upgrading of hundreds of industries, create more value for customers, and contribute more to “Chinese-style modernization”.


Gao Nianshu, CEO of AsiaInfo, wished the conference a complete success

AsiaInfo Technology won “Best Partner Award for 2022” 

At the China Unicom 5G Application “leading to the future” Innovation Summit Forum and 5G Application Innovation Alliance Member Ecological Conference held on the morning of December 21, Liang Baojun, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom, presented awards and plaques to 20 best partners of the year including AsiaInfo Technology.

In April 2019, China Unicom established the 5G Application Innovation Alliance with 3,016 member units. As one of the earliest alliance members, AsiaInfo has been committed to contributing new solutions to 5G technical capabilities, jointly incubating 5G benchmarking projects with China Unicom, accelerating the replication of successful 5G application cases, and helping China Unicom put 5G applications into commercial operation.


AsiaInfo Technology won the “Best Partner Award for 2022” from China Unicom’s 5G Application Innovation Alliance

Keynote speech on sharing the exploration and practice of computing power network

As a new infrastructure for the development of the digital economy, computing power network has received more and more attention from the industry in recent years. How to build, manage, and operate computing power networks, and how to play the role of the engine of the digital economy, is the focus of discussion among major communication operators, including China Unicom. At the China Unicom Network Forum held on the afternoon of December 21, Dr. Ouyang Ye shared the relevant exploration and practice of AsiaInfo from the development trend of computing power network, as well as computing power network infrastructure, computing network brain, and computing network transaction operation.

Dr. Ouyang Ye said that with the superposition of new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data, the implementation of the national strategy of “bridging the gap between eastern and western regions in computing resources”, the increasing attention of international organizations and industries to computing power networks, the computing power network of intelligent computing power and supercomputing power is becoming one of the latest productive forces in the digital economy era, which is a solid foundation to support the development of the digital economy. AsiaInfo believes that the computing power network is to use network to adjust, integrate, and strengthen computing. Through the network perception, reaching, orchestration, and scheduling capabilities of computing power, at any access point in the computing network topology, any computing task for users can be flexibly, real-time, intelligently matched and called the optimal computing power resources, to realize the multi-party computing power requirements of cloud-edge-end anywhere and anytime. AsiaInfo has independently developed and built the “4 centers and 1 engine” computing power network software product suite, hoping to work with China Unicom to promote the construction of computing power network and is committed to promoting high-quality economic and social development with optimal computing network services.


Ouyang Ye delivered a keynote speech on “Computing Power Network Boosts the Development of Digital Economy”

AsiaInfo Technology became a member of the first China Unicom Digital Software Developers Alliance

China Unicom is committed to building a benchmark for the digital transformation of central enterprises, taking digital transformation 2.0 as an important part of the “1+9+3” strategic system in its new strategy, and hoping to realize “a unique capability system of connectivity, integrated capability aggregation, and integrated operation services” through digital transformation. The mission of China Unicom Digital Software Developers Alliance is to build a diversified ecosystem and integrate an open digital R&D new ecosystem. At the Enterprise Digital Transformation Forum held on the afternoon of December 21, AsiaInfo was invited to become the first member of the alliance, and will serve as a representative of 30 China Unicom digital transformation contributors to continue to provide in-depth solutions for China Unicom’s digital transformation.


China Unicom Digital Software Developers Alliance Launching Ceremony

From thousands of industries to thousands of households, China Unicom and its partners work together to unveil the power of network, empower industries with intelligence, unleash infinite possibilities with innovation, and build a better digital China. We will use computing power and intelligence to create a wonderful future. As a witness of China Unicom’s development results and a companion of China Unicom’s strategic transformation, AsiaInfo will make more contributions to the new journey of Chinese-style modernization with digitalization, networking, and intelligence.