Wonderful! AsiaInfo Deeply Participates in the China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2022

2022-12-13 AsiaInfo

From December 11 to 12, the 2022 China Mobile Global Partners Conference with the theme of "Combining Forces, Integrating Innovation and Compiling Digital Intelligence" was held online. AsiaInfo Executive Director and CEO Gao Nianshu, Senior Vice President Liang Bin, Senior Vice President Chen Wu, CTO and Senior Vice President Ouyang Ye, among others, attended several important forums. AsiaInfo's "cloud, network, edge, and end", 5G, AI, digital twins, metaverse, database and other products, as well as solutions for such industries as government affairs, transportation, and energy were unveiled in the cloud exhibition hall.


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“Chain” for Digital Intelligence and Industrial Booms

From 2013 when 4G is commercially viable to 2022 when 5G is empowered, the China Mobile Global Partners Conference celebrates its 10th birthday by advancing with the times. This decade witnessed vigorous development of communication technology and great changes in the industry. AsiaInfo and China Mobile have worked side by side for ten years, and the two parties have gradually moved from mere business collaboration to an all-round strategic partnership of industry complementarity, integration and innovation, and synergy between production and investment. And "industrial cooperation" is one of the priorities of this conference.

At the main forum of the conference, Zhao Shitang, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, delivered speeches. Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo Technology, was invited to attend the "Mobile Information Modern Industry Chain Community Release and Ten Million Partners On-chain Ceremony". Together with Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, Dong Xin, General Manager of China Mobile, Gao Tongqing Vice President of China Mobile Manager and executives from Huawei, ZTE and other companies, Gao Nianshu opened a new chapter in the cooperation of the modern mobile information industry chain.



Picture: Gao Nianshu attended the chain-up ceremony

By what Gao Nianshu said, the "Modern Mobile Information Industry Chain" led by China Mobile is a powerful measure to cope with the changes unseen in a century and the challenges of globalization. AsiaInfo will rely on full-stack capabilities covering consulting and planning, R&D, implementation and delivery, system integration, intelligent decision-making, data operation, and customer service, and join hands with partners from all walks of life to maintain integrity and innovate, and use information technology to lead the digital transformation of various industries.


Picture: Liang Bin, Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo, wished the conference a complete success

Ouyang Ye: Automation, Intelligence, and Digital Twinning Empowering the Continuous Evolution of Autonomous Network

At the Autonomous Network Forum, Li Huidi, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, delivered a speech. Wang Zhiqin, Vice President of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and George Glass, CTO of TM Forum, delivered speeches. Dr. Ouyang Ye, CTO and Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo, was invited to attend the white paper release ceremony of China Mobile’s Autonomous Network.


Picture: Dr. Ouyang Ye attended the release ceremony of the white paper of Autonomous Network

Ouyang Ye believes that the main goal of the self-intelligent network is to build "end-to-end" automated and intelligent network operation and maintenance capabilities throughout the life cycle. Maintenance capabilities provide new network and ICT services with "zero wait, zero failure, and zero contact". Relying on the self-developed "Intelligent Network Cube", AsiaInfo builds a three-dimensional space of "Autonomous Network Level, Network Life Cycle, and OSS System Capabilities", and realizes automation, intelligence, and digital twinning, guided by norms and standards. It implements the three-step process of "self-intelligent scene sorting, evaluation system construction, system planning and construction", and continues to promote the self-intelligent network from concept to implementation.

Build a Smart Middle Platform to Promote Value Symbiosis

At the Smart Middle Platform Ecological Innovation Summit Forum, Dr. Ouyang Ye was invited to participate in the "AaaS+" Ecological Million Action Release Ceremony and the "AaaS+" Ecological Partner Capability Awarding Ceremony. He delivered a keynote speech named "Edge AI Boosts Smart Middle Platform, Empowering the Digital Transformation".


Picture: Dr. Ouyang Ye receiving the plaque

He explained how AsiaInfo and China Mobile worked together to build smart middle platforms from the aspects of "the integration and development process of mobile communication and artificial intelligence", "5G and edge AI to deliver the capabilities of smart middle platforms to thousands of industries", "edge AI industry-university-research practice", etc. He also explained how both worked to use 5G, edge AI and other technologies to project the capabilities of the middle platform to industry production scenarios. Finally, he took rail transit, old city renovation, wind farm, and photovoltaic power station projects as examples to illustrate how AsiaInfo has collaborated with academia and industries to realize "value symbiosis".


Picture: Dr. Ouyang Ye giving a speech

Jointly build a computing power network to promote integration and innovation

At the "China Mobile Industry Chain Innovation and Computing Power Network Forum" held on the same day, Chen Wu, Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo, was invited to participate in the meeting. Together with Xie Hongtao, deputy general manager of China Mobile Network Division, and executives from Huawei, ZTE and other companies, he released the white paper on China Mobile's computing network brain. "Computing power" is a new type of productivity in the era of digital economy, and "network" is the infrastructure for digital and intelligent transformation of the economy and society. AsiaInfo helps China Mobile build a computing power network through the "4 centers and 1 engine" computing network software product system to achieve "network-based computing, network-based computing, and network-based computing". It is committed to promoting high-quality economic and social development with optimal computing and network services.


Picture: Chen Wu attended the release ceremony of the computing network brain

The forum also released a number of "The Most Influential Industrial Chain Cooperation Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements."AsiaInfo and China Mobile and other partners jointly created "Smart Middle Platform AaaS" and "Autonomous Network Platform", which were recognized as the most influential industrial chain cooperation achievements in scientific and technological innovation.



Picture: Awarded Projects

In addition, at the "Source of Innovation Meets the Future" information and communication major frontier technology innovation forum held on the 12th, Gao Tongqing, deputy general manager of China Mobile, presided over the release of the "Major Frontier Technology Innovation Source Square Launching Ceremony". As a leading provider of software products, solutions and services, AsiaInfo became a member.


Photo: The launch ceremony

A decade of cooperation has brought about major breakthroughs. AsiaInfo will continue to explore development opportunities with China Mobile, deepen cooperation in basic business support, 5G network intelligence, digital operations, vertical industries and corporate cloud, and provide more abundant digital intelligence products, solutions and related services for individual customers, households, corporate and government clients and emerging business. It will work with China Mobile to help the innovation and development of China's information and communication industry, promote the transformation of thousands of industries with digital intelligence, and continue to inject digital intelligence momentum into Chinese-style modernization.