130 Million! AsiaInfo will Build a Local 5G Network for Fuqing Nuclear Power

2023-01-09 AsiaInfo

Recently, AsiaInfo signed a contract for the 5G production wireless network construction project of Fuqing Nuclear Power, branch of Fujian Mobile in Fuzhou, with a total amount of RMB 130 million. This is another hefty deal stricken by AsiaInfo in the field of nuclear power after the Hainan Nuclear Power Project. With its leading products like 5G industry core network, 5G industry customized base station, and 5G business support system, as well as excellent integration and operation and maintenance capabilities, AsiaInfo will work together China Mobile System Integration, Fujian Mobile, China Nuclear Power Engineering and other units to jointly build a local 5G production wireless network for Fuqing Nuclear Power Units 1-6.

AsiaInfo will provide local 5G network equipment with nuclear power industry attributes, related supporting applications and original factory operation and maintenance services to help nuclear power plants build safe, efficient, convenient and scalable communication networks. AsiaInfo will provide "one network with multiple uses" capabilities for multi-type data fusion processing and intelligent scenes linkage. It makes it cheaper for Fuqing Nuclear Power to construct and operate networks. It also optimizes production processes, improves operational efficiency, and makes the production and operation management of the plant truly digital and intelligent.

Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant has the "Hualong One" global demonstration project that has been fully completed and put into operation. This project adopts the third-generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology independently developed by China with complete intellectual property rights, enabling China to rank among the most advanced nations in terms of nuclear power technology. It has greatly empowered China to make better use of nuclear power. The total installed capacity of the six units of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant reaches 6.678 million kilowatts, and the annual power generation capacity exceeds 50 billion kilowatt-hours. It is currently one of the largest nuclear power plants in China in terms of installed capacity in operation.

Fuqing Nuclear Power has been through trial and tribulations for ten years. It has always been committed to the national strategies of China. Applying the homegrown 5G technology to the wireless network for nuclear power generation is a creative move by China in the field of global nuclear power information construction. It is also a new way for Fuqing Nuclear Power to explore high-quality development of nuclear power plants, and to shoulder new responsibilities for the high-quality development of China's nuclear power generation.

AsiaInfo, as a leading "digital and intelligent full-stack capability provider" and an important participant in the construction of China's industry local 5G network, will contribute to the safe and efficient generation of nuclear power. AsiaInfo has independently developed a local 5G network product system, including 5G core network, 5G base station, MEC, OMC and local 5G network operation platform. This product system has obtained the network access qualification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and is widely used in energy, chemical, transportation and other fields. AsiaInfo will rely on the product system and the capabilities of local network planning, design, construction, operation, operation and maintenance to provide customers with "end-to-end" one-stop local network solutions and services.

The maturity of 5G technology provides strong support for real-time and efficient collection and transmission of nuclear power data. The application of local 5G network provides a powerful engine for the safe and efficient development of nuclear power. AsiaInfo will continue to take business needs as the driving force, build a global industrial Internet of Things and data transmission network that adapts to the complex environment of nuclear power plants. It aims to realize technical verification and in-depth application of typical business scenarios, and form a batch of local 5G network application scenarios to help the energy industry to make further progress.