AsiaInfo's Deep Participation in China Telecom Digital Technology Ecosystem Conference 2022

2022-12-30 AsiaInfo

From December 29th to 30th, China Telecom Digital Technology Ecosystem Conference 2022 was held online. The purpose of the conference is to unite various industries in the efforts to pursue new digital technologies and jointly build a prosperous ecosystem of digital technologies and a beautiful digital China. Dr. Ouyang Ye, CTO and Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo and IEEE Fellow, and Wang Zhuyong, Vice President of AsiaInfo, were invited to attend the conference online.

Ke Ruiwen, Chairman and Party Secretary of China Telecom, delivered a keynote speech on "Digital Technology Leads New Consumption". China Telecom implements the strategy of expanding domestic demand. Based on its own resources and in line with new consumption development trends, China Telecom actively explores and fully releases new drivers of cloud-network integration, and promotes the continuous integration of key digital technologies such as networks, cloud computing, security, and AI, and new consumption platforms into every aspect of the economy and society. It aims to realize application innovation and cross-industry integration to efficiently meet new demands of consumption.

Shao Guanglu, General Manager of China Telecom, released such innovation achievements as the "E-surfing Cloud White Paper", E-surfing Cloud Zijin DPU, Galaxy AI platform, and digital platforms in eight major industrial and digital sectors. For 2030, China Telecom plans to make cloud and network resources as into a ubiquitous, on-demand, and accessible national information infrastructure like hydropower resources, and build a "smart ubiquitous" cloud of resources, products, and services.

Artificial Intelligence Empowers Self-Intelligent Networks to Help China Telecom Develop Better

At the Smart Operation Cooperation Forum on the afternoon of December 29, Dr. Ouyang Ye delivered a keynote speech on "The Next Decade of Communication Artificial Intelligence". According to Dr. Ouyang Ye, 5G and artificial intelligence have been regarded in the industry as the latest combination of general-purpose technologies. AsiaInfo implements the self-intelligence network based on the "self-intelligence cube", and helps improve the operation and maintenance capabilities of enterprises by optimizing field solutions. In the fields of intent-based automatic network provisioning, knowledge graph-based intelligent operation and maintenance of wireless networks, and intelligent analysis of home broadband video service experiences, AsiaInfo has cooperated with China Telecom to achieve initial progress. AsiaInfo will continue to implement the self-intelligent network and help China Telecom develop more sophisticated self-intelligent networks.


Figure: Dr. Ouyang Ye delivers a keynote speech

The New Paradigm of the Digital Industry Empowers the Transformation and Upgrading of Various Industries

At the industrial digital ecosystem cooperation forum on the afternoon of December 29, Wang Zhuyong, Vice President of AsiaInfo Technology, shared the practical results of the joint efforts of AsiaInfo and China Telecom in the wave of industrial digitization on the communication industry digital platform, computing power network infrastructure, building an enterprise-level digital platform, 5G private network, and self-intelligent network of the "cloud network +".

According to Wang Zhuyong, digital information infrastructure is an important engine for economic development, and the communication industry is the main force in the construction of digital information infrastructure. The industry is responsible for strengthening the overall layout of the initiative Digital China. Relying on the core competence of "platform + application + operation", AsiaInfo Technology focuses on creating an industrial digital operation model “based on data integration, starting from application scenarios, and centered on value transformation”. It provides a "product + service" business model with technical characteristics and service models such as AI products + algorithms, digital twin products + scene modeling, big data products + data governance, and cloud platform products + MSP. It provides end-to-end digitization and digital intelligence support for clients in various industries.


Figure: Wang Zhuyong delivered a keynote speech

AsiaInfo won the "2022 Yixin Ecology Partner" award

At the industrial digital ecosystem cooperation forum on the afternoon of December 29, Pan Tianshu, General Manager of China Telecom's government-enterprise information service business group, presented the "Yixin Ecological Partner" medals to AsiaInfo and other best partners of the year. As one of the "technological innovation" partners, AsiaInfo has been constantly innovating and exploring in the fields of 5G network intelligence, 5G business support systems and 5G vertical industry applications. It has carried out cooperation with China Telecom on strategic projects in various fields for 5G applications to develop on a larger scale.

On-the-Cloud Exhibition Hall Lights Up the New Momentum of “Digital Intelligence Base" for Enterprises

In the online exhibition hall of the conference, AsiaInfo, with the theme of "Digital Intelligence Drives Converged Innovation", displayed a variety of smart base products, as well as digital government applications and corporate digital applications built on the base. It showcased in a detailed manner state-of-the-art products like computing power networks, 5G private networks, metaverse, and artificial intelligence. It presented the best practices of new technologies in digital governance by the government, 5G + Beidou traffic billing, virtual human hall stores, corporate asset management, government and corporate operation support and other fields.


Figure: Online Exhibition Hall

In the future, AsiaInfo will work with China Telecom for strategic cooperation in more fields, accelerate the deep integration of digital technologies with the real economy, create a win-win industrial ecology, jointly enhance the development value of the industry, make the digital economy flourish, and usher in a new era of digital intelligence!