"Full-Stack Empowerment Through Digital Intelligence! AsiaInfo Released Products of Cloud Network, Digital intelligence and Database and Technical Monographs"

2022-12-28 AsiaInfo

From December 26th to 28th, "Full-Stack Empowerment Through Digital Intelligence" - AsiaInfo 2022 Series Product Launch Event was held online. Focused on "cloud network", "digital intelligence" and "database", the three-day event released a series of AsiaInfo digital intelligence products and their technology book series, showcasing in an all-round manner what AsiaInfo has achieved in the innovation and R&D of  "full-stack" digital intelligence products.


Figure: Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo, delivers a speech

According to Gao Nianshu, executive director and CEO of AsiaInfo Technology, the “transformation of digital intelligence” is a strategic option for the economic and social shift from "quantitative increase" to "qualitative change", and to reduce costs and boost efficiency in various industries. The onus is on tech companies to promote the transformation of digital intelligence. AsiaInfo has lately developed "full stack" capabilities of digital intelligence, which cover consulting and planning, product R&D, implementation and delivery, system integration, intelligent decision-making, data operation, and customer service. It has built the three standardized product systems of "cloud network", "digital intelligence" and "IT". It has been committed to empowering such areas as management of government affairs, communications, finance, energy, transportation, radio and television, and postal services. It is the hope of AsiaInfo that this product launch event would make for productive peer discussions which produce light-bulb moments of "digital intelligence" for the social and economic transformation and development.

Special Launch Event for “Cloud Network”, the First Launch of "Computing Power Endogenous Network and Computing Power Network Software Suite" Products in China

At the special launch event for "Cloud Network" on December 26th, Dr. Ouyang Ye, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo and IEEE Fellow, released the first "endogenous computing power" 5G network products in the industry, including endogenous computing power 5G base station, endogenous computing power 5G MEC, and endogenous computing power 5G core network. This is a new type of infrastructure that AsiaInfo has developed to reduce costs and boost efficiency for the supply of computing power in line with the development trend of "computing power network". Without the need for operators to invest more on hardware nor the need to change the basic functions of the network, AsiaInfo has fully utilized the "idle computing power" of the 5G communication network system to realize the endogenous computing power of the 5G network and the scheduling and decision-making on the “integration of communications and computing power”. It aims to help operators multiply their resources with less investments and stronger capabilities.

On the same day, AsiaInfo also released the first computing power network full-stack software infrastructure product in China, "computing power network software suite". Based on years of product R&D and practical experience in the communications industry, AsiaInfo, focused on the three major areas of "computing network infrastructure, computing network brain, and computing network transaction operations", has built a computing power network product system of "four centers and one engine" to help operators build computing network infrastructure to empower the transformation of digital intelligence for vertical industries.

After that, AsiaInfo's 5G private network product system made its public debut. The system includes the 5G core network, 5G base station, MEC, OMC and 5G private network operation platform. Relying on the capabilities of private network planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, AsiaInfo provides customers with "end-to-end" one-stop private network solutions. Qualified for network access by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the product is applied in a wide range of areas like nuclear power, wind power, chemical industry, and transportation. 

Meanwhile, a total of 7 new technical monographs including a series of computing power network books that will soon be published by AsiaInfo and Tsinghua University Press, O-RAN, RPA, digital twins, and database books were also pre-released at the event.


Figure: The third series of "5G Technology Series" will be published by Tsinghua University Press

Seek Ways to Reduce Costs and Boost Efficiency Through Digital Intelligence Full-Stack Capabilities

At the "Digital Intelligence" special product launch event on December 27th, AsiaInfo released the 3.1 version of the AIRPA robot process automation platform, the 2.0 version of the edge AI product, the 3.0 version of the AIOps global intelligent operation and maintenance platform, the 1.0 version of the MPC privacy computing platform and the 2.0 version of the digital twin platform. Together with other products of AsiaInfo, these products will support government and corporate clients in various industries to pursue the transformation and upgrading of “digital intelligence". According to Dr. Ouyang Ye, in the critical period when various industries rely on "digital intelligence" technology for their own transformations, AsiaInfo, focused on the three major areas of "cloud network", "digital intelligence" and "IT", has built a base of "digital intelligence full-stack capabilities” for industries. It hopes to become a long-term technical partner of more government and corporate clients with products as a link, and to jointly seek ways to reduce costs and boost efficiency through "digital intelligence" to help various industries create greater value and gain more benefits.

Influential Release of "Hyper-Converged Integrated Streaming Engine" to Lead a New Era of Distributed Databases

At the "Database" product launch event on December 28th, AsiaInfo released the influential "Hyper-Converged Integrated Streaming Engine" database AntDB version 7.2. It is this version that has been the first in the industry to launch a hyper-converged integrated streaming engine to meet the increasingly complex needs of enterprises for mixed load scenarios and mixed data type businesses, as well as the increasingly stringent requirements for "real-time".


Figure: AntDB hyper-converged architecture


Figure: AntDB stream processing scenario

According to Wang Li, Vice President of AsiaInfo Technology and General Manager of AsiaInfo Anhui, win-win cooperation with partners is a development path that AsiaInfo has always been committed to. Only by fully integrating the basic database software with the industry solutions of partners can AsiaInfo provide superior products and services that meet the needs of various industry scenarios for clients and work for a better future of homegrown software!


Figure: Wang Li interprets the business strategy

As a leading "digital intelligence full-stack capability provider", AsiaInfo has always deemed technological innovation and product R&D as the sources of vitality for tech companies. Focused on clients, AsiaInfo has been striving to meet the diverse needs of government and corporate clients through standardized products and personalized services. After nearly three decades of development, AsiaInfo has built a well-conceived R&D and innovation mechanism, comprehensive product system and abundant practice experience based on numerous projects. With this product launch event as another starting point, AsiaInfo will join hands with companies, universities and institutes to work for the transformation of digital intelligence in various industries with products and services as major areas.