AsiaInfo's "5G Network Digital Twin" Wins the TM Forum 2022 Catalyst Award

2022-09-30 AsiaInfo

Recently, Digital Transformation World 2022 hosted by TM Forum was held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. During the summit, the TM Forum 2022 Catalyst Awards were presented. With the project "Digital twin network application in 5G network operations" based on its own digital twin products, AsiaInfo stood out from many candidates and won the TM Forum 2022 Catalyst Award.


Figure: AsiaInfo wins the TM Forum 2022 Catalyst Award

Digital Twin Deeply Empowers 5G Network Applications

The catalyst project of "Digital Twin Network Application in 5G Network Operation", led by AsiaInfo in cooperation with China Mobile, is built on the basis of AsiaInfo's digital twin platform AISWare Digital Gemini. It applies network digital twin technology to 5G "wide connection, large bandwidth and low latency". The network planning, maintenance and other work of communication operators are empowered.

AsiaInfo AISWare Digital Gemini is a digital twin application design and virtual construction tool. It is a universal digital base with scene empowerment functions and utmost visual experiences. Based on the concept of "real-time simulation, feedback and interaction of operational data", with the technical path of "data-model-software", it deeply integrates technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, GIS, 3D visualization, new surveying and mapping, BIM, AI, etc. Application scenarios such as twin network and digital twin city provide one-stop digital scenario creation, orchestration and business operation capabilities.

The network digital twin platform based on this product can create twin images of various physical networks, build digital twin networks consistent with physical network elements, topology, data, etc., and realize real-time mapping interaction between physical networks and virtual networks. It can efficiently analyze, diagnose, simulate and control the physical network based on data and models. It can be applied to 5G private network, wireless mobile network, computing power network, core network and other fields.

Network Digital Twin Empowers Communication Equipment for Sports Events

At present, AsiaInfo's digital twin platform has been widely used in communication, fire protection, games security and other fields. Based on this platform, the Hangzhou Asian Games communication guarantee application uses 5G and the Internet of Things as the medium to achieve real-time data feedback and drive through interactive network and visualization technology, realizing two-way closed-loop control of the event network, real-time monitoring of communication conditions, business forecasting, disaster simulation, emergency prevention and control, network automation, intelligent operation and maintenance and other functions. Through three-dimensional space scene modeling, integration of Internet of Things, video acquisition, real-time positioning and other technologies, it helps venues and games operators to achieve efficient digital operations.

TMF Catalyst Award

TM Forum is a neutral non-profit international organization, and its Catalyst Award recognizes revolutionary organizations that effectively promote innovation in the global telecommunications industry, industry standard proof-of-concept, and make important contributions to global sustainable development and industry-wide digital transformation. The award is widely recognized by the global communications industry for being fair and open.