AsiaInfo Helps China's largest Beauty E-commerce Service Provider Uco to Morph into "Digital Intelligence" in Operations and Marketing

2022-09-29 AsiaInfo

Chanel, Hermès, Givenchy, Estee Lauder... You must be familiar with these global brands, but few people know the e-commerce "traders" who help these brands achieve commercial success. Uco, China's leading brand manager for the entire beauty value chain, is one of the guardians behind the big brands.

Recently, IDC (International Data Corporation), the world's leading IT market research and consulting organization, released the selection results of the "2022 IDC China Future Enterprise Awards". Uco stood out from more than 500 candidates to win the "Excellence Award” and the title of "Future Operation Leader".


Figure: IDC China Future Enterprise Awards Excellence Award - Future Operation Leader

"Future Operation Leader" Uco Relying on Digital Intelligence Technology 

to Empower Brand Marketing to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Uco is China's largest e-commerce service provider for beauty brands, providing services for more than 80 high-end beauty brands around the world. The success of these brands in China is indispensable from the work of Uco.

In recent years, global marketing has emerged in an all-round way. E-commerce platforms have been increasing, and marketing methods have become increasingly complex. Repeated operations on multiple platforms have taken up a lot of manpower, and marketing materials delivery efficiency is low. At the same time, the lack of business integration and data fragmentation in various channels hinders operational analysis and review optimization. The promotion mechanism lacks flexibility, resulting in inefficient consumption of marketing budgets. "It is especially so during the 6.18 and Double Eleven promotions, when the work intensity is high and the ability of promotion personnel is uneven, and promotion accidents caused by mistakes in background operations are common," complained a front-line project manager of Uco.

In 2021, AsiaInfo became the digital operation partner of Uco. In response to the above problems, it built and launched a unified operation platform for public domain marketing - Turbo Media "Intelligent Investment Spirit". Based on technologies such as programmatic promotion and algorithm strategy, the platform connects internal and external systems, unclogs the data link of public domain marketing, and realizes unified management of various marketing channels. The six core functions of targeted consumer management, cost ratio planning, batch operation, real-time reporting, material insight, and strategy tuning effectively stimulate the value of data, improve marketing efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for beauty e-commerce operations.


Figure: Breakdown of the functions of the smart investment spirit

"Intelligent Investment Spirit" has given priority to solving the problems of duplication and inefficiency in the delivery of brand promotion content. It realizes intelligent optimization of delivery through data precipitation, and improves the advertising input-output ratio. It focuses on store advertising itself to help e-commerce maximize advertising revenue. It also improves brand decision-making and evaluation efficiency through material insight model, promotion strategy model, and crowd insight model. It opens and integrates corporate public domain data to achieve visual reporting and real-time monitoring. It improves operational efficiency and effectiveness.

At present, "Intelligent Investment Spirit" has covered Taobao Express, Gravity Cube, Wanxiangtai and other promotion channels, and has expanded to Tencent, Toutiao, Kuaishou and other ecological channels. More than a year of application data shows that unified management across platforms, complete data retention and real-time data monitoring functions make marketing delivery more efficient and accurate. The more than 50 operation teams using "Intelligent Investment Spirit" have increased the promotion and delivery efficiency by more than 3 times. The workload and error rate of high-intensity operations have also been greatly reduced. During the 618 shopping festival this year, the operation efficiency of Uco online stores increased several times, and the order volume and input-output ratio both increased by about 20%.

Digital Intelligence Full Stack Capability Provider - AsiaInfo

When the era of stock comes, refined operations have replaced the rough and low patterns, and the value of "digital intelligence" technology in operation and management has become increasingly prominent. Turbo Media's "Intelligent Investment Spirit" represents the digital transformation of Uco, and it is also the epitome of AsiaInfo's digital operation services.

AsiaInfo's "Intelligent Investment" series of products integrates the advertising capabilities for mainstream e-commerce platforms, and provides a wealth of intelligent solutions based on machine learning, process automation, intelligent recommendation and other technologies. It allows computers to assist manual marketing to improve efficiency and achieve in-depth conversion, so that the marketing effect can be measured and optimized. It greatly improves the intelligence level of advertising in the e-commerce industry. The product also has horizontal connection capabilities in the fields of consumption, finance, manufacturing, communication, and media. It can rely on automation and intelligence to help customers streamline operations, reduce costs and increase efficiency. In the future, iResearch will continue to be introduced to strengthen products such as CDP and SCRM. It will help more industries realize digital and intelligent transformation. As a leading "digital intelligence full-stack capability provider", AsiaInfo will continue to rely on the seven capabilities of consulting planning, product development, implementation and delivery, system integration, intelligent decision-making, data operation, and customer service to provide retail, communication. It provides digital and intelligent full-stack services in the fields of radio and television, finance, energy, transportation, postal service and government affairs.