Four Digital Intelligence Products of AsiaInfo Included in China Data Governance Ecology Report Released by Forrester

2022-09-21 AsiaInfo

Recently, Forrester, an internationally renowned ICT research and consulting organization, recently released the Trend Report: Navigate The Data Management Ecosystem In China, aiming to help enterprises and institutional leaders in the process of digital transformation to better understand China's data management ecology to fully explore their own data potential and promote transformation and upgrading. Four digital intelligence products independently developed by AsiaInfo are included in the "Product Samples" of the report.

Among them, the data middle-end operating system and data infrastructure platform fall into the "Data Analysis Management" category, the knowledge graph product into the "Graphic Data Platform" category, and the database product AntDB into the "Distributed/Cloud Native Transaction Database" category. At the same time, products from well-known Chinese companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, and Baidu are also included in the report, indicating that AsiaInfo has joined the ranks of advanced Chinese data management enterprises.


Figure: Multiple Products of AsiaInfo are included in the report

AsiaInfo's Digital Intelligence Products

Help governments and enterprise with full-link data management

According to the report, Chinese data managers are providing consistent and credible data products and services to customers through a series of technological innovations and practical explorations. As a leading "digital intelligence full-stack capability provider" in China, AsiaInfo has formed a relatively complete data intelligence product system.


Figure: AsiaInfo Data Intelligence Product System

The four products included in this report are as follows:

1. Data middle-end operating system - "one-stop" data operating system

An intelligent, real-time, and self-service enterprise-level data middle-end platform. It aims to help customers connect "data, tools, and people" and create an "efficient, democratic, and trusted" data environment.

2. Data infrastructure platform - the foundation of digital intelligence

An intelligent, efficient, secure, large-scale, low-cost enterprise-level integrated basic big data platform. With lightweight, micro-service and cloud-based platforms and components, it provides big data storage, computing, analysis, management and control and other services to help customers flexibly configure data resources.

3. Knowledge graph products - a tool for whole-process knowledge management

A one-stop full-process knowledge construction, management and computing platform based on "big data + AI". It provides full-stack core capabilities covering knowledge ontology construction, knowledge extraction and fusion, knowledge reasoning and application, helping customers quickly build knowledge assets and maximize data value.

4. Database product AntDB - "Telecom-level" core transaction database

A highly available, high-performance, safe, reliable, elastically scalable, and business-transparent distributed, massively parallel processing relational database. It provides PB-level data processing services with high compatibility with Oracle products. It supports many homegrown chips and operating systems. At present, it is providing online services for more than 1 billion users in 24 provinces across China, and can process millions of core communication transactions per second at peak.

Abundant industry cases and remarkable application effects

The transformation of a centralized big data platform at the headquarters of a telecommunications operator is a good example. The customer built a complete big data system with the help of AsiaInfo products, forming a big data platform with a scale of over 40,000 nodes. The data volume is tens of petabytes, and the value data scale exceeds 300 petabytes, which promotes the transformation of its data resources into "data assets". In addition to the communications industry, AsiaInfo's big data products are also widely used in government affairs, finance, energy, postal services and other fields.


Figure: Certifications of some big data products

AsiaInfo has accumulated extensive know-how in data product research and development and business practice in its 30 years of large-scale government and enterprise customer service. Based on the industry-recognized DIKW framework, it has created a data intelligence that integrates data, algorithms and computing power. The product and service system provides full-stack capabilities for data mining, analysis, processing, governance and application in hundreds of industries, helping government and enterprise customers to fully utilize the value of data elements with the purpose of realizing soon digital and intelligent insight analysis, operational decision-making and business transformation.