​AsiaInfo’s strategic investments in AI-LINK Boost 5G Agile network and industrial digitalization

2022-10-12 ​AsiaInfo

Recently, AsiaInfo (stock code: 01675.HK) recently announced a strategic investment in AI-LINK Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AI-LINK"), and launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation program with it.

AI-LINK is a leading 5G edge intelligent service provider in China, focused on OICT technology integration in industrial sites. It provides end-to-end 5G products, lightweight industrial edge intelligent centers and open application management platforms. It offers one-stop, low-cost and scenario-based solutions. Dedicated to the construction of new ICT infrastructure in industrial sites, it also empowers the digital development of the industry.

AI-LINK is experienced in the integration of industrial scenarios and ICT technology, and has been recognized by many leading industry customers. AI-LINK has provided "5G+IIoT" solutions based on scenario applications to many leading companies in high-end manufacturing, warehousing, 3C, building materials and other fields, including the Local 5G-based cloud data integration solution and launch of SAP Store jointly built with SAP. It contributes 5G data acquisition experience from China to hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. It cooperates with Siemens to create a scenario-based 5G data acquisition and control solution to realize industrial-grade communication between PLC, upper-level monitoring system, and distributes I/O modules Wireless interactive communication. It also cooperates with Amazon Cloud Technology to explore the industrial cloud network side-end business collaboration model, and brings end-to-end "cloud computing + 5G private network" solutions to industry users. It provides a 5G local network for a world-leading e-commerce Changsha smart warehouse , realizes the commercial concurrent operation of hundreds of 5G AGVs for the first time in the industry. As a strategic partner of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, it jointly promotes and implements the "digital warehouse series standards" of the logistics industry.

After this deal, AsiaInfo and AI-LINK will launch a program for comprehensive strategic cooperation in products, solutions, markets, channel expansion and other aspects, and work together to provide better services to industrial customers. AsiaInfo's AI, data middle-end products and data-driven intelligent analysis and decision-making optimization capabilities will be combined with AI-LINK's new data acquisition solutions in industrial sites, and the two parties will jointly build an industrial data intelligence platform for industrial manufacturing, logistics and warehousing and many other industries. A "data mining + analysis" full-stack solution will form to change the way of production, R&D, management and service of industrial enterprises, reshaping and optimizing the value process of industrial customers. At the same time, they will also jointly create a scenario-based 5G core network products for the industrial manufacturing field to jointly expand business opportunities in 5G smart factories, 5G smart warehousing, 5G smart parks and other fields.

According to Gao Nianshu, executive director and CEO of AsiaInfo, the Industrial Internet will fully connect people, machines, industrial products and industrial services, and realize the interconnection of all production factors, the entire industrial chain, and the entire value chain, which is important for the fourth industrial revolution. It will reshape the entire manufacturing industry. The value presentation of the industrial internet will also shift from networking and digitization to the ultimate realization of intelligence, driving industrial enterprises to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and upgrade and optimize. However, the equipment networking rate of industrial enterprises above designated size in China is low. Digital intelligence has just started, and the market prospect is broad. Relying on its self-developed 5G edge smart products, AI-LINK is actively promoting the upgrading of digital infrastructure in industrial sites. We hope that AsiaInfo will use the 5G Agile Network, AI mid-stage, data mid-stage, and technology mid-stage system, and give play to the advantages of products and capabilities such as data operation and intelligent decision-making to team up with AI-LINK to form a complete industrial Internet digital and intelligent solution. We expect them to jointly promote the comprehensive digital and intelligent transformation of the industry, enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and help industrial scenarios become an important driver behind the digital transformation of the economy.