AsiaInfo, Tsinghua AIR and Intel successfully held the WAIC Intelligent Computing Power Network and Ecological Computing Forum

2022-09-02 AsiaInfo

On September 1st, during the 2022 WAIC World Artificial Intelligence Conference, the “Ecological Computing Power Forum” hosted by AsiaInfo Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: AsiaInfo Technology), Institute for AI Industry Research, Tsinghua University (AIR), and co-organized by Intel (China) Co., Ltd. was held at the Shanghai World Expo Center. Experts, scholars, and corporate executives from international organizations, domestic communication operators, scientific research institutes, and leading ICT companies gathered together to focus on the service-oriented development paradigm of intelligent, ecological, and intelligent computing power network. They exchanged and discussed the cutting-edge dynamics, industry trends, and business practices of intelligent computing power networks.


“Intelligent computing power network” and “Ecological” coexist

Promote the economy and society into a new stage of development

Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo Technology, Zhang Yaqin, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chair Professor of Tsinghua University, Dean of the Institute for AI Industry Research (AIR), Rajesh Gadiyar, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Intel Network and Custom Logic Business Unit, George Glass, Chief Technology Officer of TM Forum (Telecommunication Management Forum) delivered speeches respectively.


Figure: Gao Nianshu speaking

Gao Nianshu analyzed the importance and inevitability of developing computing power network and ecological computing from the perspective of national macroeconomics and cutting-edge technology, and shared that AsiaInfo, as a leading provider of software products, solutions and services, joins hands with all sectors to promote intelligent computing power network and the practice of ecological computing development. He believes that computing power is the core productivity of the digital age, and the network is the lifeblood of the digital economy. Computing power and the network, as digital infrastructure, will accelerate the integration with the real economy with the help of artificial intelligence, which will profoundly affect the development of China’s digital economy. He said that the “Intelligent Computing Power Network” should be a ubiquitous, intelligent, ecological, reliable and service-oriented computing power network system, “AsiaInfo Technology is willing to join hands with all sectors of society to jointly promote the new digital infrastructure construction represented by the Intelligent Computing Power Network, and promote the integration and innovation of key technologies in the digital space, and help the development of China’s digital economy.”


Figure: Zhang Yaqin speaking

In his speech, Academician Zhang Yaqin mentioned that in the context of the national strategy of ”Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality”, the “intelligent and ecological” of computing power has become a frontier trend and challenge for building new IT infrastructure. He emphasized that the AIR of Tsinghua University, as a research institution established for the fourth industrial revolution with the goal of empowering and driving the industry with AI, has already cooperated with partners such as with AsiaInfo Technology, Intel, GDS, etc. in the field of intelligent computing network and ecological computing. Solid and effective scientific research work has been carried out in the aspects of 5G multi-base station MIMO antenna weight optimization, AI-driven server energy saving, data center HVAC and energy storage AI optimization. Finally, Academician Zhang Yaqin hoped that more industrial partners will jointly help achieve the goal of ”Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality”.


Figure: Rajesh Gadiyar speaking


Figure: George Glass speaking

Rajesh Gadiyar and George Glass, from the perspectives of global ICT companies and international organizations, shared the realistic ideas and future expectations of Intel and TM Forum (Telecom Management Forum) in computing network and ecological computing. They believe that China is an important source of new-generation network technology innovation, and all participants in market collaboration are working together and will surely benefit from it.

China Intelligent Computing Network Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Alliance was formally established

During the forum, AsiaInfo Technology joined hands with China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, AIR of Tsinghua University, China Telecom Research Institute, China Mobile Research Institute, China Unicom Software Research Institute, China Radio and Television Mobile Network Co., Ltd., Intel (China) Co., Ltd., etc., co-sponsored the establishment of the “China Intelligent Computing Network Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Alliance” (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance). The alliance will be based on industry-university-research collaboration, give full play to the advantages of cooperative units, and jointly promote the theoretical accumulation, technological innovation, product research and development of China’s “intelligent computing network”, and promote business practice and industrial development.


Figure: China Intelligent Computing Network Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Alliance was officially established

Theory and practice of computing power network

In the keynote speech session, Li Anmin, Vice President of China Telecom Research Institute, Huang Yuhong, President of China Mobile Research Institute, Geng Xiangdong, President of China Unicom Software Research Institute, Li Xiaohu, Chief Expert of Industry Planning Research of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Chen Ying, Vice General Manager of China Radio and Television Mobile Network Co., Ltd., Professor Guo Qiang from Tsinghua University, Liu Yunxin, Chief Researcher of AIR,  Zhang Yu, Chief Technology Officer from Intel IoT Division, Xu Junjie, Director of TM Forum Asia Pacific Regional, Ye Xiaozhou, Chief Scientist of AsiaInfo Technology, and Li Hui, chief expert of GDS AI application, shared their insights from the perspectives of communication operators, scientific research institutes, international organizations, and ICT product solution providers, on the topics of technological innovation, model exploration, and business practice.



Figure: Guests speaking

“Round Table Discussion”

AI innovation drives computing network value

In the round table discussion session, Dr. Ouyang Ye, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of AsiaInfo Technology, together with experts, scholars, and business representatives from industry, academia and research circles, discussed topics such as artificial intelligence (AI) technological innovation and computing network integration and symbiosis. From the perspective of his own business and practice, he expounded the close relationship between artificial intelligence, big data, and other related technologies and the development of computing networks. Experts said that the “computing network” integrates computing power into the network, uses the network as a link, and integrates general-purpose technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, so that computing power can achieve cloud-edge-end through network connections. In the future, the goal of “where there is network access, computing power will be provided” will be achieved. Everyone agreed that the computing network is the continuous evolution of cloud-network integration, and the integration of computing power and network capabilities will gradually be carried by the cloud-network integrated infrastructure.


Figure: Round table discussion

The computing power network has become a new engine for the development of the digital economy, which is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood and sustainable development. All sectors of the industry represented by communication operators are involved. As a leading “digital intelligence full-stack capability provider”, AsiaInfo Technology has formed a relatively complete computing network product system covering artificial intelligence, big data, network intelligence, etc. Extensive practice in communication network construction, digital computing, smart city and other fields will be carried out. In the future, AsiaInfo Technology will continue to uphold the spirit of openness, collaboration, sharing, and progress, join hands with partners from all sectors, continue to innovate, and explore new scenarios for intelligent computing networks and ecological computing.