Started to Generate Electricity! AsiaInfo Constructs an Intelligent Integrated Building Energy Demonstration Project

2022-07-01 AsiaInfo

Walking into AsiaInfo Plaza, you can see that the integrated energy intelligent control platform clearly displays real-time data of the building such as electricity consumption, water consumption and rooftop photovoltaic (PV) power generation. This is the integrated energy intelligent control platform that AsiaInfo has recently put into production, realizing the clean electricity substitution to some extent, and the fine management and real-time monitoring of building energy systems.

“For the Project, the rooftop PV transformation and the construction of the integrated energy intelligent control platform have been completed. Calculated on basis of a 25-year operation cycle, the cumulative power output of the rooftop PV systems can reach 3 million kWh. This alone will reduce the standard coal combustion by 1,000 tons and CO2 emissions by 2,975 tons, and save RMB 3.75 million in electricity charge, delivering remarkable environmental and economic benefits”, the Project Leader Ji Wei said.

Actively fulfilling the double carbon commitment, and accelerating the building energy conservation and consumption reduction

In response to the national “3060” carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategies, AsiaInfo announced its goal of “achieving full carbon neutrality by 2028” at the beginning of 2022. Since then, it has implemented a series of carbon emission reduction actions, of which the integrated energy transformation of AsiaInfo Plaza is a key part.

The project construction plan is divided into two phases. In the current phase, AsiaInfo installs distributed PV systems on the unused roof of the building, replaces some traditional energy with clean energy, carries out intelligent transformation of water and electricity consuming devices, and creates a digital management platform depending on the dynamic monitoring and sensing by the IoT devices, which enables real-time monitoring and fine management of water, electricity and other energy consumption in the building, thus giving an impetus to the construction of low-carbon intelligent building and the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction goals.


Figure: Rooftop PV System of AsiaInfo Plaza

On the power supply side, the low-carbon transformation is accelerated through green power substitution. By taking advantage of the roof area (1,300m2) of the building, a total of 208 PV modules are installed, each with a power of 540Wp, and the total installed capacity reaches 112.32kW. According to the light intensity and duration of Beijing in previous years, it is estimated that about 120,000 kWh of green power can be generated every year, which will be connected to the power supply system of the building after inversion and convergence to power the IDC room, the air-conditioning and lighting systems in the office area of the building.



Figure: AsiaInfo Plaza’s Intelligent Building Picture

On the power consumption side, energy efficiency is improved through intelligent and fine operation. Based on AsiaInfo’s integrated energy intelligent control platform, a visualized integrated building energy management system is constructed to dynamically monitor water, electricity and other key energy consumption indicators inside the building, and accelerate the building energy saving and consumption reduction through load analysis and forecast, real-time dynamic tracking, and various measures such as peak shaving and valley filling.


Figure: Integrated Energy Intelligent Control Platform of AsiaInfo Plaza

Low-carbon first, integrated energy intelligent control platform distinguishes itself

The integrated energy intelligent control platform embodied in the Integrated Energy Construction Project for AsiaInfo Plaza helps reduce carbon emissions. It is an epitome of the digital transformation of energy industry in China - driving the quality and efficiency improvement throughout the whole process (including the production and operation) in the energy industry depending on digital intelligence technologies towards digital and low-carbon transformation and upgrading.

In addition to suitable solutions in the building scenario, AsiaInfo has introduced solutions for IDC rooms and parks, so it can not only offer software and information-based services, but also perform the EPC services through the whole process from preliminary planning to delivery upon completion. Meanwhile, an innovative cloud-network integrated intelligent O&M sharing platform for integrated energy has been created for the county-wide PV projects.

 For the IDC room scenario, AsiaInfo works with the operators to carry out zero-carbon green energy transformation of IDC rooms, and promote the project on a province-by-province basis. Solar PV systems are installed on the roof of each IDC room and supporting warehouses and office buildings to power the data center, and all operating data and equipment operating conditions are uploaded to the cloud of the IDC room energy conservation control system using the edge computing, 5G, AI and other technologies, thus achieving the centralized control by one platform.


 Figure: Zero-carbon Green Energy Solution for IDC Room of Data Center

For the integrated energy scenario in the park, based on the centralized monitoring and decentralized control of the power transformation and distribution, lighting, air conditioning, heat, steam and water supply and other energy conditions at the lower side, the solution can realize online monitoring and dynamic analysis of energy consumption, and keep updated with the energy consumption in real time, to provide data basis for development of energy conservation and emission reduction measures. In addition, through multi-dimensional analysis of the energy consumption data of the park, it can deeply explore the energy saving potential, optimize the energy consumption plan, and carry out energy saving transformation according to the analysis results, which can increase the energy consumption efficiency, thereby reducing the energy expenditure.


 Figure: Integrated Energy Use and Conservation Solution for Smart Parks

To solve a series of problems in the PV scenario across the whole county such as insecure communication between the master and sub-stations, poor performance of centralized operation and maintenance master station, inaccurate maintenance and defects elimination of power stations, and high acquisition cost of sub-stations, AsiaInfo has created a cloud-network integrated intelligent O&M sharing platform for integrated energy, featuring remote full-view visualization of energy and online intelligent operation and troubleshooting.


Figure: County-wide PV Cloud-Network Integration Solution

With the strategic goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in mind, AsiaInfo efficiently empowers the energy production and operation, and contributes its wisdom to and energizes the digital intelligence upgrading of various industries to facilitate the construction of low-carbon parks and low-carbon cities, and speed up the development of a low-carbon society.