AsiaInfo and Industry Partners were Awarded TMF 2021 Industry Contribution to Human Factor

2022-03-31 AsiaInfo

Recently, the Accelerator Week of the TMForum (TeleManagement Forum, abbreviated as TMF) was held online to officially unveil the list of 2021 Catalyst Industry Contribution to Human Factor. The “Standardized Value-evaluation Model for Digital Assets” jointly submitted by China Mobile, AsiaInfo and other partners was standing out from 152 projects and was awarded the “Industry Contribution to Human Factor” as well as included into the standard specification of international communications industry.


Photo: Award certificate

A practice-based value evaluation system

promotes the transformation of organizational structure and contributes to international standard establishment

TMF is an authoritative organization for global standards establishment in the communications industry, with its “Industry Contribution to Human Factor” aiming to recognize the catalyst project team that has made outstanding contributions to the establishment of industry standards.

The “Standardized Value-evaluation Model for Digital Assets” is an important exploration of China Mobile to build a unified digital transformation evaluation system for enterprises. China Mobile cooperated with AsiaInfo and other partners to use the TMF Digital Transformation Maturity Model for reference and take the smart middle-ground (AaaS: Ability as a Service) as a carrier to build a dual-view operational effectiveness evaluation model from micro and macro perspectives for organizational roles such as enterprise platform managers, various capability providers and business operators. From the micro perspective of capability operation, a closed-loop indicator system of operation promotion and capability production value that is compatible with target needs is created; from the macro perspective of capability planning, the model indicators for best practice and effect tracking are defined, which provides an operation standard system that is reliable, measurable and assessable for the digital intelligent transformation of enterprises. With this system, enterprises can realize “data-driven decision making”, and finally form a business pattern of capability optimization, sufficient competition, efficient collaboration, transparent settlement, value orientation and efficiency improvement.


Photo: Continuously improving the value operation of middle-ground

AsiaInfo works with telecom operators to promote the evolution of smart middle-ground

and construct the support base for the digital intelligent transformation of various industries

Through this system, China Mobile integrates its internal CT, DT, IT, AI, blockchain and other technologies and business capabilities to make unified outputs in the mode of middle-ground, and builds a operation synergy matrix of “1 (unified operation team) + N (middle-ground operation teams of provincial companies and professional companies) + M (capacity operation teams)”, which is supported by capability launching selection and horse racing mechanism. Besides, it encourages branches/subsidiaries and partners to actively integrate into China Mobile’s business ecosystem and participate in capability sharing, innovation practices, market promotion and customer service, in order to jointly promote lean innovation under the digital intelligent transformation of the whole society, promote diverse ecosystems and sustainable development, and build a solid foundation for the transformation and development of various industries.

As an important participant in the construction of smart middle-ground of communication operators, AsiaInfo has formed a full-stack support system consisting of consulting and planning, product development, implementation and delivery, operations, value-added services, etc., and will continue to join hands with communication operators to provide all-around protection for communication IT system upgrading, network construction and operation, and vertical industry expansion by comprehensively adopting a variety of general-purpose technologies.