AsiaInfo Won Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Award, the Highest AI Award in China

2022-01-27 AsiaInfo

On January 27, the list of “2021 Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Award”, the highest award in China’s AI field, was officially released. The “R&D of 5G network intelligent system and industrial large-scale application” jointly completed by AsiaInfo and Tsinghua University AIR won the “Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Progress Award”. AsiaInfo was the only award winner in the communications industry.


Photo: List of winners of the 2021 Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Progress Award

The 5G network intelligence system independently developed by AsiaInfo took the lead in reaching L3-L4 of network intelligence level defined by the International Organization for Standardization, and has been widely applied in the 5G network construction of China, which supports the construction of 5G communication software systems for three major communication operators in China, and facilitates the continuous evolution and technological innovation of 5G network intelligence. This achievement has comprehensively improved the technological level of artificial intelligence in the communications industry, greatly improved the operations/operating efficiency, reduced operations/operating costs, enhanced customer satisfaction and network value, which plays an important role in the technological progress of communication industry and industrial structure optimization and upgrading. In August 2021, the “R&D of 5G network intelligent system and industrial large-scale application” passed the appraisal of national technological achievements, and the overall technology was identified as “domestically leading and internationally advanced”.

AsiaInfo has established a full-stack AI capability and product system, created a general artificial intelligence platform AISWare AI2, and formed a full-stack product system that runs through the basic business processes of communication industry and covers the full evolution process of communication network intelligence. AsiaInfo’s 5G network intelligence products have been selected into the Gartner 2022 Mainstream Supplier Matrix of AI Offerings in CSP Network Operations, and have been put into commercial use on a large scale in the construction of 5G networks in more than 20 provinces, supporting the building and intelligent evolution of 5G ecosystems for communication operators. At the same time, AsiaInfo has also become one of the main contributors to international standards in the field of network intelligence in international standard organizations such as ITU, 3GPP, and ETSI, and will continue to help improve the international competitiveness of China’s 5G technology.

Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Award

“Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Award” is sponsored by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, the only national society in the field of intelligent science and technology in China. Named after Mr. Wu Wenjun, the pioneer and leader of China’s intelligent scientific research and the winner of the first State Preeminent Science and Technology Award, it is the highest honor in the field of artificial intelligence in China.

THU AIR-AsiaInfo Joint Lab of 5G Intelligence

Established in 2018, THU AIR - AsiaInfo Joint Lab of 5G Intelligence is committed to jointly building a national AI research and innovation agency, building innovative 5G+AI algorithm system and industry solutions, leading the establishment of international technological standards for 5G+AI, creating internationally advanced and domestically leading academic and innovation results, and building a scientific research practice base for cultivating high-end talents and a commercial incubation base for cutting-edge new technologies in the field. The lab has formed leading technical merit and complete commercial products and solution system in the fields of 5G network intelligence, edging intelligence, reinforcement learning, and federated learning. The lab has applied for more than 100 international and domestic patents; formulated over 20 international and domestic standards for 3GPP, GSMA, ITU, etc.; had more than 20 awards winning in international AI competitions; and published more than 50 monographs and academic papers on 5G+AI.