AsiaInfo’s AntDB Won the “Outstanding Contribution Award of 2021 Fintech Application Innovation”

2022-01-26 AsiaInfo

A few days ago, the “2021 12th Fintech Application Innovation Award”, which is sponsored by the Financial Computerizing managed by the People’s Bank of China, was announced. The award aims to recognize financial institutions and technology firms that have made outstanding contributions to financial technology innovation and business development, and promote industry-wide technological innovation, service optimization and industrial upgrading. With its safe, efficient and wide application in the financial sector, AsiaInfo’s database product AISWare AntDB (AntDB) and its solutions won the “2021 Outstanding Contribution Award for New Technology Application Innovation of Financial Industry”.


AntDB is a distributed large-scale parallel processing relationship database product, with the characteristics of scalability, multi-tenancy, high availability, high performance, security and reliability, and transparency to business. It is highly compatible with Oracle products to support billions of users, and provides PB level data processing capacity. It can realize second-level non-stop capacity expansion, zero data loss during migration, linear improvement of multi-node concurrent processing performance, low cost and high yield without business interruption. AntDB is downward compatible with the domestic CPUs such as Phytium, Kunpeng, Loongson, and Hygon with mainstream ARM and X86 architecture, and operating systems such as UOS, Kirin, and Euler, upward compatible with many types of domestic middleware and database synchronization software, which is convenient to build a domestic software and hardware ecosystem.

AntDB has been applied in many industries including finance, communication, transportation, power, etc. After undergoing severe commercial scenarios, it has demonstrated the high stability and reliability of “carrier-grade” software products, becoming an efficient choice for China to “reliably develop financial technology and accelerate the digital transformation of financial institutions”.

In a database replacement project of a large financial institution, after understanding thoroughly the pain points of customer, AsiaInfo used the self-developed AntDB with “distributed + open source” architecture to replace the traditional database with “centralized + closed” architecture, realizing elastic computing power support, autonomous and controllable data management platform, and the adaptation and upgrading of peripheral systems; the historical data query performance was strengthened through the high performance, high reliability, and high scalability of the product; the integration of different departments and businesses within the company was realized through the unified management and maintenance of cross-business and multi-type data to reduce costs and increase efficiency, which was highly recognized by the customer. The network intelligence continues to evolve and achieves technological innovation. This achievement has comprehensively improved the technological level of artificial intelligence in the communications industry, greatly improved the operations/operating efficiency, reduced operations/operating costs, enhanced customer satisfaction and network value, which plays an important role in the technological progress of communication industry and industrial structure optimization and upgrading. In August 2021, the “R&D of 5G network intelligent system and industrial large-scale application” passed the appraisal of national technological achievements, and the overall technology was identified as “domestically leading and internationally advanced”.