AsiaInfo Announced the Acquisition of iResearch to Continue to Enhance the Digital Operation and Digital Intelligence Transformation

2022-01-14 AsiaInfo

On January 14, 2022, AsiaInfo (stock code: 01675.HK) announced the acquisition of iResearch Consulting Co., Ltd. (“iResearch”). After the transaction is completed, AsiaInfo will hold 94.23% of the share of iResearch, becoming the controlling shareholder of iResearch. This acquisition will greatly enhance AsiaInfo’s capabilities in DSaaS digital operation and digital intelligence transformation business, and extend AsiaInfo’s business capabilities from product R&D, solutions, system integration, delivery & implementation, and digital intelligence operation to the industry research, user research, data insight, strategy and digital consulting and planning, which will form a closed loop for customer service, significantly improve industry influence, and build a full-stack capability provider and leading enterprise in the digital intelligence industry.

As a leading provider of software products, solutions and services in China, AsiaInfo actively embraces advanced technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, AI, and IoT in order to promote the digital intelligence transformation of communications, energy, finance, government affairs, postal services, transportation, broadcast and other industries. In recent years, the DSaaS digital operation business led by AsiaInfo has launched a series of products including Smart Sharing, Smart Connection, Smart Operations and Smart Info. By using the “solution + scenario-based SaaS application + operation platform + expert service” operation model, it digs the multi-dimensional data resources deeply, assists ecosystem partners in data analysis, and provides SaaS-based industry solutions to help customers in multiple key industries improve customer perception, customer experience, smart operation, value enhancement, and market growth, so that DSaaS business revenue has maintained a growth rate of doubling year by year.

iResearch is a leading brand in new economy and industrial digital insight research and consulting in China. Driven by technology and data, iResearch is deeply engaged in business decision-making service scenarios, and provides customers with professional services such as professional industry research, user research, data insight, strategy and digital consulting and planning, helping customers improve their perception, profitability and overall competitiveness.

iResearch has accumulated products and service experience over many years in scenarios such as user network behavior insight and advertiser marketing decision-making. By combing iResearch’s data insight capabilities with AsiaInfo’s advantages in AI and big data platforms, as well as the service scenarios of DSaaS business in data insight, smart operation, and quality and efficiency improvement, the two parties can be highly complemented in terms of data products, data application capabilities and industry sectors, and continue to strengthen data service capabilities for different industries, so as to boost the sustained and rapid growth of digital operation business.

AsiaInfo’s industry-leading IT products, systems and implementation capabilities, coupled with iResearch’s perception of various industries and strategy and digital consulting service capabilities, will connect the businesses smoothly and provide customers with complete solutions. At the same time, the combination of big data services and research & consulting services can better satisfy the diversified needs of customers in business decision-making and improve customer satisfaction. iResearch has built an excellent professional team consisting of over 200 people in industry research, user research, strategy consulting, and digital consulting, which will further enhance the customer service capability of AsiaInfo.

Through long-term and high-quality industry report release and professional service accumulation, iResearch has a strong brand influence in the Internet, consumption, advertising, finance, high-tech and other fields, and has extensive customer base links and service capabilities after providing services to more than 2000 customers. AsiaInfo has a profound accumulation of customers in telecom operators and multiple vertical industries. The collaboration of the two parties will bring a lot of business opportunities and business conversion opportunities to enable digital intelligence services reach to various industries.

Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo, said that AsiaInfo and iResearch will give full play to the brand advantages and industry influences of the two parties, and fully combine their advantageous business resources, business capabilities and business teams to build more competitive data operation products, launch comprehensive solutions for industrial digital intelligence transformation in an all-around manner, and build a data-driven industry leader in business insights, intelligent decision-making and digital and intelligent operations.

It is reported that after the acquisition is completed, iResearch will continue to operate independently, and AsiaInfo will constantly provide iResearch with product, technology and operation supports to help iResearch provide better services to customers in various industries.

About AsiaInfo

Founded in 1993 and listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 19, 2018, AsiaInfo Technologies Limited (known as: AsiaInfo, stock code: 01675.HK) is a leading provider of software product, solution and service as well as a leading provider of integrated cloud and network management services. It is committed to becoming an enabler for the digital transformation of large enterprises in the era of 5G.

The Company embraces emerging technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data with a positive attitude. Following the strategic decision of “One Consolidation and Three Development”, the Company relies on the capabilities of products, services, operation and integration to take 5G as an opportunity to make a comprehensive layout, improve efficiency, and consolidate the leading position in the BSS market in terms of traditional business, and strives for the rapid development of 5G OSS network intelligence, DSaaS digital operation services, cloud access of enterprises and vertical industry fields in terms of emerging businesses. At the same time, the Company will work with industry partners to build an ecosystem, continue to promote the transformation of business models, and contribute AsiaInfo’s strength to the digital transformation of enterprises and the sustainable development of the industry. 

AsiaInfo has industry-leading R&D capabilities and abundant carrier-grade software products, including CRM, billing and accounting, big data, Internet of Things, and 5G network intelligent products. Its large enterprise customers are distributed in communications, finance, energy, postal services, government affairs, transportation and other industries. 

About iResearch

Founded in 2002, iResearch is a leading brand in China’s new economy and industrial digital research and consulting services. It provides clients with professional industry research, data insight, user research, strategy and digital consulting and other services to help customers improve perception, profitability and comprehensive competitiveness. Since its establishment, iResearch’s industry research team has released more than 2,000 industry research reports, and its research capabilities in new economy, industrial digitalization, new consumption, high-tech and other fields are leading in the industry. iResearch is also the preferred IPO industry consultant for the listing of many well-known companies. iResearch has a variety of products with market influence for data insight business, including the series of products of Internet user behavior insight and advertising behavior insight of advertiser, which promotes the insight and decision-making in multiple scenarios of the Internet, advertising companies, and merchants. The user research team of iResearch has abundant experience in market research. By combining professional capabilities of big and small data, combining qualitative and quantitative methods, and combining research and consulting services, it provides clients in the fields of Internet, consumer goods, automobiles and finance with customized research services of brand, user experience, and product innovation. Based on iResearch’s industry report influence and cognition in the field of industrial digitalization, iResearch’s strategy and digital consulting business provides clients with strategy consulting, management consulting and digital solutions to help customers make business decisions and conduct digital upgrading, which is highly appraised by clients. iResearch has always been adhering to the spirit of combining scientific and technological means with professional competence to integrate various professional service capabilities, and improve the efficiency of business decision-making under various scenarios of clients, striving to become a research and consulting company trusted by clients and respected by the industry.