AsiaInfo Won Three Awards at China Unicom Software Developer Summit

2022-01-05 AsiaInfo

A few days ago, China Unicom Software Developer Summit themed “Gathering Wisdom, Creating the Future” was held in Beijing. An Xiaoming, Vice President of AsiaInfo, was invited to attend the Summit.



The Summit offered three awards including the 2021 “Best Innovation Partner”, “Best Operation Partner” and “Best Challenge Tackling Partner” of China Unicom, and AsiaInfo was the only partner who won all three awards.

Best Challenge Tackling Partner —— The Soft Research Institute of China Unicom undertook the project of middle-ground building in 2021, and the public middle-ground, which was jointly researched and developed mainly by AsiaInfo’s team, ranks first in the comprehensive evaluation of the five major middle-grounds.

Best Innovation Partner —— In the R&D POC test of the Soft Research Institute, AsiaInfo shows excellent R&D strength and excellent performance in its deep participation.

Best Operation Partner —— AsiaInfo ranks first in terms of the post-evaluation of the operations supplier of the Soft Research Institute and the scale of cooperation.  

At the Summit, AsiaInfo delivered a keynote speech to share the process of developing together with China Unicom for over 20 years and exploring the road of digital operation transformation, showing AsiaInfo’s spirit of technological leadership and forging ahead with innovation, and expressed that it would continue to help China Unicom to enhance technology leadership.

At the Wo Sharing Technology Salon, AsiaInfo shared the practical experience of China Unicom’s cloud containerization. In the evolution strategy of platform + application the Software Research Institute of China Unicom, AsiaInfo has switched to the field of construction and support of localized independent platform from the field of software services, and has promoted the Tiangong platform system to continuously evolve and move to the next stage.

In order to implement the China Unicom’s business philosophy of “Three All”, AsiaInfo fully leverages its advantages in technology and business accumulation, and cooperates with the Soft Research Institute to carry out special optimization and improvement of the cBSS system, improve system availability, and enhance front-line perception.

An Xiaoming, Vice President of AsiaInfo, said that in the migration from cBSS to five middle-grounds that focus on and jointly develop smart operations, AsiaInfo has always been adhering to the values of “focusing on customers, being result-oriented, being open and collaborative, pursuing efficiency, and embracing changes”, cooperates with the Soft Research Institute in joint research and development, and strives for perfect delivery in terms of technology, service, strategy, etc., which fully interprets the fact that AsiaInfo is the most reliable partner of China Unicom. Winning three awards this time means that AsiaInfo is highly recognized by China Unicom. To make still further progress, AsiaInfo will continue to contribute to China Unicom’s smart brain, gather the core of digital intelligence, and light up the wisdom!