Twenty-eight Years of Continuous Exploration, Extraction of Essence through Refinement | Series II of AsiaInfo’s “5G Technology Collection” has been Published and Distributed by Tsinghua University Press

2021-11-22 AsiaInfo

Time of Flourishing Development! The digital wave promotes the flourish of the information technology revolution, and 5G leads to the new breakthroughs in communication technology, which also provides a solid foundation and important assistance for the “AIoT” and the “Digital Intelligence Transformation”. In November 2021, the Series II of AsiaInfo’s “5G Technology Collection” - DevOps Theory and Practice in the 5G Era and On the Scenario-based Billing in the 5G Era were published and distributed by Tsinghua University Press. The books focus on sharing the technological innovation, product applications, scenario cases and application methods of DevOps and scenario-based billing of 5G service.



Photo: Series II of “5G Technology Collection”

DevOps Theory and Practice in the 5G Era

This book is a systematic and standardized DevOps practice manual summed up by AsiaInfo for the digital transformation of enterprises based on its more than 20 years of development and management experience of large software, mature DevOps theories and current mainstream technology trends. The book systematically introduces the theoretical grounding and practical framework of DevOps, provides comprehensive information on the DevOps tool platform from the four aspects of project management, application development, testing, and operations, and analyzes the actual cases of large enterprises in detail.



The book is suitable for the personnel related to R&D efficiency and IT practitioners (such as product managers, R&D, testing, operations, agile coaches) of large enterprises in communications, finance, energy and other industries.

On the Scenario-based Billing in the 5G Era

This book is a specialized in comprehensively introducing the new generation of billing systems in the 5G era. As the base of the digital world, “5G communication network” plays an essential and fundamental role in promoting the digital transformation of society. As an important part of the communication network, the “5G Billing System” provides a strong support for the operation of various 5G services.


The book is divided into seven chapters of “Birth and Development of Billing”, “New Scenarios Supported by 5G Billing”, “New Model of 5G Billing”, “Architecture of 5G Billing System”, “5G Billing Application Technology”, “Operations of 5G Billing System” and “5G Billing Scenario Lab”. By analyzing the different billing scenarios of various industries empowered by 5G, AsiaInfo’s practices have been refined and summarized to discuss the realization of 5G value.

This book is suitable for ICT practitioners and can also be used as a reference book for undergraduates and postgraduates of related majors such as communications and computer science in colleges and universities. It is hoped that the publication of this book will drive the healthy development of the 5G industry along with the efforts of industry colleagues.

As “an enabler of digital transformation of large enterprises”, AsiaInfo puts product development and technological innovation as the top priority of corporate development by adhering to the craftsmanship spirit of being very diligent and careful all day long, and devotes itself to help boost the efficiency of the informatization and digitization of government and enterprise customers. “5G Technology Collection” is written by AsiaInfo based on its own technology accumulation, product advantages and successful cases, aiming to propose new reflection and future prospects of new scenarios, new theories and new practices in the era of 5G. The Collection not only conducts in-depth thinking and research on technologies and services such as AI, big data, network construction, intelligent operations, DevOps, and scenario-based billing, and provides a comprehensive summary and interpretation of AsiaInfo’s 5G innovation achievements and scientific research experience, but explores the technological innovation iteration, digital transformation of enterprise, and social intelligent development in the future.



Photo: AsiaInfo’s “5G Technology Collection”

We are very happy to communicate with readers in the form of collection, and we are very fortunate to be able to talk with industry partners in the wave of 5G. The Series I of AsiaInfo’s “5G Technology Collection” discussing the future development of 5G - On the AI Technology Application in the 5G Era, On the Intelligent Operations of Network in the 5G Era, On the Technical Architecture and Key Technologies of Big Data in the 5G Era is also selling well, and you can buy it on platforms such as



Photo: Series I of “5G Technology Collection”

Exhibit: Preface of the Collection

On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Broadcast Network. This means that China has officially started the journey of commercial use of 5G.

Over the past two years, China’s installed capacity of 5G base stations accounted for more than two-thirds of the world’s total capacity, and the “full coverage” of 5G in cities above prefecture-level has been achieved; nearly 400 million of 5G terminal connections has been established, accounting for 80% of the world’s total; the number of 5G patents of China exceeds the sum of the United States and Japan, which is far ahead in the world; there are tens of thousands of 5G application demonstration projects in the industrial field, economic field and social field...

Over the past two years, the highly anticipated 5G, together with new technologies such as AI, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things, has changed personal lives, fueled industry changes, accelerated economic transformation, and promoted social development, which is on the way of building a multi-dimensional world of “AIoT”.

5G leads to an iteration of personal lifestyle. Better communication experience, ubiquitous AR/VR, intelligent and safe autonomous driving, etc. have all become reality with the advent of 5G, bringing a more free, abundant and healthy life experience to humans.

5G innovates the industries. Benefiting from the increase in speed, improvement of time-lag, and increase in the capacity of access equipment, the innovation triggered by 5G will expand from the communications industry to accelerate digital transformation and make the support of new technologies increasing obviously, and constant emergence of new business models and the upgrading of industries will make various industries thoroughly remould themselves.

5G gives rise to a multi-dimensional leap. C-end consumption goes hand in hand with B-end industrial transformation. “4G changes life, 5G changes society”. In the 5G era, ordinary consumers will enjoy more convenience thanks to another upgrade of information technology, and the digital and intelligent transformation of various industries will be truly realized. The two are complementing and boosting each other to elevate the transformation of the entire society to a new level.

The past two years has witnessed a rapid progress of 5G in China, and also witnessed the breakthroughs achieved by AsiaInfo in strategic transformation and upgrading. As a leading domestic software and service provider and integrated cloud-network management service provider, AsiaInfo closely sticks to the development of the times and actively embraces advanced technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, AI, and the IoT, actively carries out the R&D and evolution of creative technological products, and jointly builds an ecosystem of 5G+X with industry customers and partners in order to make proactive contributions to 5G’s empower to various industries, digital intelligent transformation of enterprises, and sustainable development of the industry.

Over the past two years, AsiaInfo has continued to intensively work in the advantageous fields of BSS to provide strong support for full commercial use of the operators’ 5G services in China.

AsiaInfo has seized the opportunity of B&O integration brought by 5G and extended its capabilities to the OSS field of 5G network. The 5G network intelligence products created by the company have achieved breakthroughs and been implemented in multiple commercial sites for operators. While helping operators optimize the 5G network environment and enhance the 5G service experience, the company has also taken a solid step to expand the OSS field.

AsiaInfo has also achieved large-scale breakthroughs in DSaaS of digital operation, an innovative business segment. In finance, transportation, energy, government services and other fields, it helps industry customers build “digital intelligence” capabilities, and uses big data and AI technologies to help them acquire, activate and retain customers, improve service quality, and realize digital transformation of industry operations.

AsiaInfo has further expanded to the service areas in the vertical industry market, and further increased the major clients. The company has reached cloud MSP cooperation with various leading cloud computing companies to continue to improve the capabilities in cloud integration, cloud SaaS and cloud operation, and work with them to support dozens of large industry customers in the fields of postal service, energy, government affairs, transportation, finance, retail, etc. to access and use the cloud, reduce informatization expenditures, improve digital efficiency, and promote urban digital intelligence, aiming to utilize digital and intelligent means to truly enhance the value for government and enterprises.

AsiaInfo also takes initiative to strengthen and perfect the system and mechanism of technological innovation and R&D. In the past two years, many key technologies and products of AsiaInfo have won international and national awards, and many technical combinations have contributed to the establishment of international and national standards. The flexible combination of 5G+ABCDT has reshaped the industry’s technology ecosystem including AsiaInfo itself. The collection of “Large System of 5G and AI Technology” is a summary of the innovative achievements and scientific research experience of AsiaInfo in building China’s 5G software technology system with the spirit of originality in the past few years. We are very happy to share and communicate these milestones with industry partners in the form of a collection of books.

China has experienced a journey from falling behind in 2G era, catching up in 3G, synchronous development in 4G era, to leading the development in 5G era. In this process, AsiaInfo has never been absent. In the approaching 5G era, we will continue to be guided by technological innovation and work together with industry partners to improve the 5G technology and application level of China, and contribute to improving the level of digital intelligence of industries and the new infrastructure in China.

Gao Nianshu

October 2021, in Beijing