Oriented by innovation, AsiaInfo and ZAMI for Innovation Established the “Joint R&D Laboratory on Intelligent Endogenous Network”

2021-12-08 AsiaInfo

On December 7, AsiaInfo Technologies (China) Inc. (“AsiaInfo”) and ZhongGuanCun Academy of Mobile Communication Innovation (“ZAMI”) signed an agreement in Beijing to establish the “Joint R&D Laboratory on Intelligent Endogenous Network”. Witnessed by Gao Nianshu (Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo) and Huang Yuhong (Executive Vice President of ZAMI), Dr. Ouyang Ye (CTO and Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo) and Dr. Liu Guangyi (Chief Scientist of CMRI and CTO of ZAMI) signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

Chen Wu (Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo), Jia Suping (President Assistant of ZAMI), Zhu Xiaoji (General Manager of Ecological Cooperation Department of ZAMI), Li Nan (Deputy General Manager of Wireless and Terminal Technology Research Laboratory of CMRI), and Yu Jiang (Deputy General Manager of Industry and Business Cooperation Department of CMRI) attended the signing ceremony.


Photo 1: AsiaInfo and ZAMI signed a cooperation agreement

Focusing on basic research of 6G applications and industrialization of B5G technology

to fully promote the high-quality development of a new generation of information technology

Based on the Joint R&D Laboratory on Smart Endogenous Network, the two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in the fields of digital twins of network, O-RAN RIC, wireless intelligent network optimization, and endogenous intelligence of 6G network to jointly promote the development of the 5G/6G communications industry. Based on the 5G technology and application capabilities of ZAMI, combined with AsiaInfo’s technology, product and service advantages in digital twins of network, network intelligence, and communication AI, and by leveraging the mature cooperative capability of AI and BSS/OSS, the two parties will work together to promote the development of basic research on 6G applications and industrialization of B5G technology, and drive the application and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, so that the new generation of information technology will become a multiplier that promotes the industries to develop towards mid-to-high end and achieve high-quality development.

Gao Nianshu said that AsiaInfo attaches great importance to scientific and technological R&D and talents, and it has many top technical experts of the industry. It is hoped that the mutual complementarity with ZAMI will cultivate more innovative products and innovative technologies.

Huang Yuhong, Executive Vice President of ZAMI and Vice President of CMRI, expressed that he hoped that both parties would work together to make ZAMI a part of “New R&D Institution of Beijing”, “National Innovation Center” and “Innovation System of the Ministry of Science and Technology”, so as to achieve a win-win situation for the industry while contributing to national scientific and technological innovation.


Photo 2: Gao Nianshu (AsiaInfo CEO) and Huang Yuhong (Executive Vice President of ZAMI) gave books to each other on behalf of the two parties

AsiaInfo: 5G network intelligent products

AsiaInfo’s 5G network intelligence products cover the complete intelligent evolution of the network ecosystem, forming an integrated “intelligence adding” and “intelligence integration” solution for 5G ecosystem. Large-scale commercialization of these products has been carried out in the 5G network construction of China, directly supporting the construction of China’s four major communication operators of software ecosystem for 5G communication, and the evolution towards endogenous intelligence of 6G network. The products help operators cope with the challenges such as rapid business launch, network planning and optimization, stable network operation, customer perception and experience management under the trend of network cloudification and software-oriented process, which greatly increases operations/operating efficiency, reduces operations/operating expenses, and improves customer satisfaction.

ZhongGuanCun Academy of Mobile Communication Innovation was jointly initiated and established by China Mobile, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and TD Industry Alliance under the support and guidance of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and Administrative Commission of Zhongguancun Science Park in February 2021. ZAMI is an innovative consortium with enterprises as the subject, market as orientation and in-depth integration of industry, university and research. Focusing on basic research and cutting-edge technology research in information and communication, it actively promotes the R&D and industrialization of 5G application scenarios integration technology, key technology R&D and verification of 5G wireless cloud network, and 6G-oriented forward-looking technology research in order to drive industry-wide collaborative innovation and development of digital economy.

As a leading service provider of software products, solutions and relevant services in China, AsiaInfo is committed to being “the enabler of digital transformation of large enterprises” by providing industrial transformation to industrial customers in communications, finance, energy, transportation, postal service, broadcasting, and government affairs based on its “carrier-grade” products, services, operations and integration capabilities.