AsiaInfo Participated in Tencent Digital Ecosystem Summit: “5T Capabilities” Promote the Cloud Access, Transformation and Upgrading of Government and Enterprises

2021-11-12 AsiaInfo

Recently, the 2021 Tencent Digital Ecosystem Summit with the theme of “Integration of Digital Technology and Real Economy Unveils New Opportunities” was held in Wuhan. The Summit aimed to demonstrate cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, converge the advantages of partners, and explore new development opportunities in the integration of digital technology and the real economy. AsiaInfo was invited to participate in the summit as a strategic partner of Tencent Cloud. Yan Yan, Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Division of AsiaInfo, attended the “Cloud Ecosystem Partner Forum” and discussed with Wang Feng, Vice President of Tencent Cloud, about cloud access and use and business transformation in “the Era of Cloud Intelligence”.



Photo: The scene of forum

AsiaInfo and Tencent Cloud co-build “5T capabilities”

to assist government and enterprise customers in accessing and using the cloud to achieve transformation and upgrading

Yan Yan introduced that AsiaInfo has nearly 30 years of experience in serving large-scale government and enterprise customers, and has accumulated “carrier-grade” product, service, operation and integration capabilities in big data, AI, and digital operations, and created many benchmarking projects in vertical industries such as government affairs, communications, finance, energy, transportation, postal service, and broadcasting. With an open product ecosystem and outstanding basic capabilities, Tencent Cloud is a leader in cloud services and the fields such as big data, security, and AI. Since a strategic cooperation was reached in May this year, both parties have carried out in-depth cooperation in the areas including software localization, digital operation, cloud business of vertical industry, AI, middle-ground capability operation, smart city, information security, industry expansion of operators, etc., and jointly cultivated talents.



Photo: Yan Yan, Vice President of AsiaInfo, was speaking

Yan Yan believed that in the process of “industry digitalization” and “digital industrialization”, through the cooperation with Tencent Cloud, AsiaInfo can better build the key “5T capabilities” in digital transformation, namely AT (intelligent technology), CT (cloud technology), DT (data technology), PT (platform technology), and OT (operation technology). At the same time, AsiaInfo’s mature service system and abundant practical experience can help fully transform technical capabilities into customer service capabilities to ensure the delivery speed and quality of large projects for government and enterprise customers.

Wang Feng said that technological development has driven industrial transformation into the fast lane, and accelerated the integration of digital technology and the real economy. As pioneers in the implementation of the “Industrial Internet”, Tencent Cloud and AsiaInfo focus on industrial upgrading and apply digital technology, products and services to government affairs, communications, medical service and other fields, contributing to the transformation and upgrading of vertical industries with practical actions.

“Product-level cooperation” is deepening

Stones from other hills may serve to polish jade

Both parties agreed that “product-level cooperation” has become an important direction. AsiaInfo’s AISWare AI² Edge, AISWare DataGo, AISWare AntDB and other products have become hot items for cooperation. They are introduced into the Tencent Cloud ecosystem and combined with Tencent Cloud’s business scenarios and intelligent algorithms, which is sufficient to expand a broader business space in vertical industries.

With the increasing substantive cooperation between the two parties in production-research collaboration, pre-sales alliance, project delivery, etc., it will be inevitable to mutually incorporate the products into the service scopes of both parties. Looking forward to the future, the industrial transformation is steadily progressing. Thanks to the favorable conditions created by digital economy, the cooperation between AsiaInfo and Tencent Cloud has a promising future.