Harmonious Cooperation, Win-win Results from Digital Intelligence | AsiaInfo Participated in the China Mobile Global Partners Conference in Depth

2021-11-17 AsiaInfo

Recently, the 2021 China Mobile Global Partners Conference ended in Guangzhou. As a strategic partner, AsiaInfo not only brought the latest achievements in product R&D and industry empowerment, but also deepened collaboration with China Mobile at multiple aspects including complementing each other’s industrial advantages, R&D innovation, and coordination of production and investment, striving to explore broader, more pragmatic, and deeper partnership.

The main forum focuses on achieving win-win results through “digital intelligence”

Leaders worked together to launch an initiative

Nothing, not even mountains and oceans, can separate people with shared goals and vision. The main forum of the conference kept to the theme of “Digital Technology is Everything, Intelligence Computing Creates the Future”. Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, made a keynote speech to call on partners from all walks of life to join hands and focus on the main line of “digital intelligence transformation, high-quality development”, share development opportunities centering on building a new service system of “connection + computing power + capability”, create a future of smart computing, and push China’s digital economy to a new stage.



Chairman Yang Jie was delivering a keynote speech

Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo, was invited to attend the main forum and jointly released the “Initiative and White Paper on China Mobile Computing Power Network Development” with relevant leaders of Guangdong Province, Dong Xin, General Manager of China Mobile, Gao Tongqing, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, Jian Qin, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, Zhao Dachun, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, Liang Hua, Chairman of Huawei, and Wang Xiyu, Executive Vice President of ZTE Corporation.



Gao Nianshu attended the joint launch ceremony

Gathering the power of capital to create a digital and intelligent future

At the equity investment VIP exchange meeting held during the conference, executives from more than 40 companies of China Mobile’s “relative circle” participated in the meeting. Gao Tongqing, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, stated in a speech that China Mobile is committed to becoming a “world-class information service company featuring technology innovation”, exploring the dual path of “business operation + capital operation”, and working with partners from all circles to create a high-level industrial chain, supply chain, value chain, and ecological chain of digital economy. Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo, and Liang Bin, Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo, were invited to attend the exchange meeting to share and discuss about the experience in coordination between production and investment based on cloud computing, big data, and digitalization of various industries.


Deputy General Manager Gao Tongqing was delivering a speech

During the dialogue and communication, Liang Bin, Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo, communicated with relevant leaders of China Mobile Capital, the Government and Enterprise Division and the Information Technology Center of China Mobile Group on how to provide better services to government and enterprise customers by making best use of their own advantages based on hot technology topics such as computing power network, big data, and cloud-edge collaboration.



Liang Bin attended the dialogue and communication

Empowerment from Industry Chain Cooperation, Co-development of Digital and Intelligent Technologies

Forum on Industry Chain Innovation and Computing Power Network 

Focusing on modern industry chain innovation, ecosystem construction of industry chain and other topics, the Forum on Industry Chain Innovation and Computing Power Network with the theme of “Empowerment from Industry Chain Cooperation, Co-development of Digital and Intelligent Technologies” comprehensively displayed the industrial chain capacity building path and technological innovation results of China Mobile and ecosystem partners. Gao Tongqing, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech. Dr. Ouyang Ye, Senior Vice President and CTO of AsiaInfo was invited to attend the event and participated in the “Roundtable Forum of Computing Power Network” session to discuss the future of computing power network with executives from China Mobile Research Institute, CICC, Nokia Bell and other institutions and enterprises.


Dr. Ouyang Ye attended the Roundtable Forum of Computing Power

Dr. Ouyang Ye suggested that operators could realize the transformation of service operation of “integrated computing and network” through the collaborative development of cloud, network, edge and terminal and the multi-dimensional billing of computing power network, so as to achieve the optimal balance between network performance and computing power performance and intelligence of “computing network brain”; and construct “computer network brain” through two construction methods of “quasi real time” and “convergence” based on the four elements of computing network (combined cloud and network infrastructure, clear architecture of computing network brain, unified resource and business performance editing and integrated computing network operation services) .

Ecological collaboration

promotes the construction and improvement of China Mobile’s smart middle-ground

At the Forum on Innovative Development of Smart Middle-ground ecosystem themed “Digital Intelligence Empowering and Creating the Future”, Gao Tongqing attended the event and delivered a speech. At the meeting, China Mobile released the key capabilities, product applications and white paper of smart middle-ground. As an important participant in the construction of China Mobile’s smart middle-ground, Liang Bin and Dr. Ouyang Ye were invited to attend the meeting. Liang Bin and the executives of China Mobile Group, professional companies and partner companies jointly released an innovation cooperation plan of smart middle-ground ecosystem.


Liang Bin attended the launch ceremony

Dr. Ouyang Ye pointed out in his speech that “digital twins”, as a candidate general-purpose technology in the 6G era, will promote the continuous evolution of China Mobile’s smart middle-ground. AsiaInfo is working with China Mobile to carry out exploration and innovation in IT, network and vertical fields based on digital twin technology. The two parties jointly released and defined the classification system of “urban digital twin” and “network digital twin”. Also, AsiaInfo continues to support China Mobile in enhancing its leadership in digital twin technology, and empowers the innovation of smart middle-ground application based on ten major twin scenarios such as smart cities, smart transportation, and smart ports.


数智赋能 共创未来.jpg

Dr. Ouyang Ye gave a speech

AsiaInfo’s integrated innovation

contributes to the construction of China Mobile’s “Autonomous Networks”

At the “Autonomous Networks” sub-forum held on the same day, Dr. Ouyang Ye was invited to deliver a keynote speech on “Communication AI Empowers Autonomous Networks”. He explained the past and future of “autonomous networks” empowering economic and social transformation and upgrading from the aspects of the development and evolution of communication AI, the definition of autonomous networks, the implementation framework and implementation path of autonomous networks, and the practice of AsiaInfo in helping China Mobile build an autonomous network.

Dr. Ouyang Ye said that as the major supporting strength in the 5G OSS field, AsiaInfo is exploring the implementation path and methodology of the autonomous networks together with China Mobile. Both parties have jointly defined the carrier of implementation path and methodology - the intelligent network cube. In China Mobile’s OSS “2+5+N” system, AsiaInfo integrates a combination of general-purpose technologies such as 5G, communication AI, digital twins, etc., and actively implements the innovation of autonomous networks to fully assist China Mobile in achieving the goal of L4 autonomous network  by 2025.

From exchanges and sharing to cooperative practice, AsiaInfo deeply understands the construction principle of China Mobile’s “Power Building”. In the context of the “digital intelligence transformation” of economy and society, both parties will make concerted efforts to firmly achieve the coordination of production and research, complement each other with advantages, and jointly depict the “digital and intelligent” future where the transformation and upgrading of various industries happen.