AsiaInfo and INESA Intelligent Tech Reached a Strategic Cooperation to Co-build a Smart City and Jointly Promote Industry Transformation!

2021-11-10 AsiaInfo

Recently, AsiaInfo Technologies Limited (“AsiaInfo”, stock code: 01675.HK) and INESA Intelligent Tech Co., Ltd. (“INESA Intelligent Tech”) reached a strategic cooperation in Shanghai. Based on the principles of complementary advantages and mutual benefit, both parties will jointly promote the technological innovations in the fields of smart city, big data and cloud computing, work together to improve industry solutions and achieve collaborative cooperation in the field of information service business focused on intelligent products. Witnessed by Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo, and Huang Jingang, Party Committee Member and Vice President of INESA Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. and Chairman of INESA Intelligent Tech, Liang Bin, Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo, and Weng Junqing, General Manager of INESA Intelligent Tech, signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.



Photo: Signing ceremony

Collaboration of cloud and digitization, showing complementary advantages

Co-build a smart city, jointly promote industry transformation

INESA Intelligent Tech is a listed company under INESA Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd., with cloud computing, big data, industry solutions and intelligent products as its core businesses. It has a solid foundation for the development and manufacturing of IoT hardware products, and has formed an independently constructed high-level and large-scale data center platform and high-quality cloud computing service capabilities. In recent years, INESA Intelligent Tech has deployed the perception layer, transmission layer, data layer, and application layer of the Internet of Things from “cloud” to “end”, and is striding forward to the “leading information service provider”.

“As leading companies in information services, AsiaInfo and INESA Intelligent Tech are highly consistent in the goals of technological innovation, product development, and vertical industry expansion, embracing a broad prospect for cooperation.” Gao Nianshu said that AsiaInfo has developed a To B and To G business capabilities featuring “excellent products, strong services, and skilled operations” in the process of serving large enterprises and government agencies in the past 30 years. In terms of smart cities, AsiaInfo abandons the disadvantages of “emphasizing construction, ignoring operation; emphasizing hardware, ignoring software; emphasizing highlights, ignoring effects”, and adopts a pragmatic concept and business model of “long-term service, value service” to drive smart cities to move forward from infrastructure construction to deep and vertical layers of industry and operation value-added. In the context of the “digital and intelligent transformation” of the whole society, AsiaInfo hopes to join hands with INESA Intelligent Tech to facilitate the construction of smart cities in various regions and promote the transformation and upgrading of various industries.


Photo: Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo

Huang Jingang said that INESA Intelligent Tech is committed to promoting the construction and development of smart cities in China, and has extensive practices and achieved certain results in driving urban “digital life, digital economy, and digital governance”. AsiaInfo is domestically leading in terms of information construction and digital operation. As the businesses of both parties are highly fit, the strategic cooperation will present new opportunities for deeper and broader business collaboration between both parties.


Photo: Huang Jingang, Party Committee Member and Vice President of INESA Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. and Chairman of INESA Intelligent Tech

Taking “cloud accessing and use” as support to motivate the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises

According to the agreement, both parties will also play to their respective advantages in order to provide strong support for state-owned enterprises to access to and use the cloud, and jointly motivate the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises based on the cloud resource facilities of INESA Intelligent Tech, and in combination of AsiaInfo’s technology, product and service advantages in multi-cloud management, big data, database, middleware, microservices and AI as well as the cloud business capabilities that run through the “full life cycle” of consulting and planning, application construction, migration deployment, and operations monitoring.

In addition, the two parties will cooperate in the government big data center business on the basis of the products of big data, operations integration, AI, billing, CRM and database.

Chen Jianchun, Deputy General Manager of AsiaInfo Mobile Division, Chen Zhengwei, Chief Architect of INESA Intelligent Tech, Zhao Haihong, Deputy General Manager of INESA Intelligent Tech, and Zhu Zhengwen, Chairman and General Manager of Shanghai Nanyang Wanbang Software Technology Co., Ltd. under INESA Intelligent Tech, attended the signing ceremony.