AsiaInfo Participated in the China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2021, Aiming to Empower Various Industries and Achieve a Win-win Situation with Digital Intelligence!

2021-11-03 AsiaInfo

From November 1st to 3rd, the China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2021 themed “Digital Technology is Everything, Intelligence Computing Creates the Future” was held in Guangzhou. As a leading software product, solution and service provider, as well as a strategic partner of China Mobile, AsiaInfo participated in the exhibition with its 5G, AI, digital operation, and dozens of products and solutions for vertical industries such as government affairs, energy, transportation, and medical care, fully demonstrating the “digital intelligence” capabilities that empower the transformation and upgrading of various industries.



The booth of AsiaInfo

AsiaInfo’s systematic capability of “product + operation + service”

Empowering various industries to achieve a win-win situation with digital intelligence

The booth of AsiaInfo was divided into three major exhibition areas: “Overall Capability”, “Industry Empowerment”, and “Technology Empowerment”, which was visited by Dong Xin, China Mobile’s General Manager, Gao Tongqing, China Mobile’s Deputy General Manager, and leaders of China Mobile’s professional companies and provincial branch.


Dong Xin, China Mobile’s General Manager, visited the exhibition area of AsiaInfo


Gao Tongqing, China Mobile’s Deputy General Manager, visited the exhibition area of AsiaInfo

In the “Overall Capability” exhibition area, AsiaInfo MegaMap uses 3D visualization, interactive multimedia and other technologies to display AsiaInfo’s capability system of “industry capabilities, scenario solutions and product stacks” for communications, government affairs, finance, energy, transportation, postal service, broadcast and other fields in an intuitive, all-around and thorough manner; and the middle-ground system, which uses power of products to help customers build “large middle-ground and small foreground”, promote businesses to be swift, and respond to competition challenges.


“Overall Capability” exhibition area

In the “Industry Empowerment” exhibition area, “Digital & Intelligent Government”, “Digital & Intelligent City”, “Digital & Intelligent Energy”, “Digital & Intelligent Transportation”, “Digital & Intelligent Medical Care” and other product solutions revealed AsiaInfo’s solutions and business practices contributing to the transformation and upgrading of vertical industries. Among them, the “Digital & Intelligent Government” section contained government affairs big data platform, industrial monitoring and study and judgment, demographic analysis and statistics, human society analysis and supervision, real-time collection of petrol station tax control data, etc.; the “Digital & Intelligent City” section integrated solutions of smart communities, smart parks, smart cultural tourism, smart fire protection, and smart emergency into one screen; the “Digital & Intelligent Energy” section contained industrial Internet identification resolution, integrated energy control and application; the transportation and medical care sections mainly presented the big data applications and cases of these industries.


“Industry Empowerment” exhibition area

The “Technology Empowerment” exhibition area fully displayed AsiaInfo’s leading 5G network intelligent products such as 5G industry private network and 5G network slicing, AI products such as AISWare AI² Edge, AISWare AIOps, intelligent edge IoT platform and AIPA, DSaaS digital operation products such as “ZhiWeiGuanJia”, “ZhiXinXiaoDian” and precision marketing, and DevOps R&D products and blockchain products that assist in the digital transformation of government and enterprise customers; the database and middleware products for “information innovation” industries; and the products empowering vertical industries, including PaaS platform, big data platform, AI middle-ground, and the comprehensive capability system of middle-ground containing 5G+ digital twins and digital operation services — “the brain of the digital intelligence industry”.


“Technology Empowerment” exhibition area

Taking “digital technology” as media and “intelligent computing” as path

Ecological collaboration empowers transformation

At this conference, China Mobile took “digital technology and intelligence” as the core to outline a blueprint for a new era in the future digital world where the network reaches everywhere, computing power is omnipresent, and intelligence is ubiquitous”, hoping to work with partners to empower and achieve a win-win situation in the future.

Gao Nianshu, the Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo, said that AsiaInfo has developed a To B and To G business capabilities featuring “excellent products, strong services, and skilled operations” in the process of serving large enterprises and government agencies in the past 30 years. In the context of “digital intelligence” of the transformation and upgrading of vertical industries and the whole society, AsiaInfo is willing and able to work with partners such as China Mobile, and will contribute more scientific and technological strength to the transformation and upgrading of various industries and the development of the “information innovation” industry with its “carrier-grade” products, services, operations and integration capabilities.

Index of other events of the Conference

With abundant forms and fabulous contents, the China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2021 consisted of offline exhibitions, forums, signings, and a series of special events. In addition to exhibitions, AsiaInfo also organized or participated in other events”



November 1

Asiainfo x New Vision Launch Event of “Digital Construction Site Edge AI”Product and Solution

November 2

Main forum of the Conference

Network Forum on Industry Chain Innovation and Computing 


November 3

Forum on Innovative Development of Smart Middle- ground Ecosystem

Autonomous Networks Forum