AsiaInfo Won Three Catalyst Team Awards of TM Forum 2021

2021-10-18 AsiaInfo

On October 14, the 2021 Catalyst Team Award ceremony was held at the “Digital Transformation World Series 2021” of the TM Forum. AsiaInfo stood out from many contestants and won three awards of “Industry Influencer”, “Sustainability Innovation” and “Sustainability Impact”, becoming the most awarded Chinese exhibitor. Among them, the catalyst project “Open Digital Twin Framework for Smart City Ecosystem” created based on “AISWare Digital Gemini” alone won two awards of “Industry Influencer” and “Sustainability Innovation” 



Photo 1: The scene of annual catalyst team award of TM Forum 2021

AsiaInfo’s 5G digital twin, AI and AIOps products

empower catalyst projects

The TM Forum Annual Catalyst Team Award aims to recognize the most revolutionary organizations that have effectively promoted the innovation of global telecom industry, the industry standard proof of concept, and made great contributions to the impact on the global sustainable development goals, and the acceleration of the entire industry’s digital transformation. As a neutral non-profit organization, the TM Forum Catalyst Award has consistently been widely recognized by the global communications industry for its prestige and fairness.

In 2021, more than 500 project team members from 151 TM Forum member units around the world develop cooperation through the catalyst project platform, and the solutions presented covered artificial intelligence, sustainability, cross-industry 5G services, smart cities, market and platform innovation, among them:

the project “Open Digital Twin Framework for Smart City Ecosystem” created based on “AISWare Digital Gemini”, which is led by AsiaInfo in cooperation with CAICT, China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, won two awards of “Industry Influencer” and “Sustainability Innovation”;

The project “Smart IDC-Intelligent Energy Saving for Data Centers AI empowered 5G intelligent operations” jointly submitted by AsiaInfo, China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom based on AsiaInfo's AI and AIOps products won the award of “Sustainability Impact”.





Photo 2: AsiaInfo won the “Industry Influencer”, “Sustainability Innovation” and “Sustainability Impact” of Catalyst Team Award at TM Forum 2021

Focusing on the concept of “sustainable cities and communities”

to seek the realization of both economic development and social benefits

In the application for this Catalyst Team Award, AsiaInfo adheres to the concept of “Sustainable cities and communities” and relies on “carrier-grade” products, services, operation and integration capabilities to provide realistic paths to help urban managers boost urban development better and faster, and drive the entire industry to accelerate the digital transformation.

AISWare Digital Gemini, which is applied in “Open Digital Twin Framework for Smart City Ecosystem”, is a set of digital creative design and virtual building tools for physical world, and is a universal digital base that empowers scenarios and takes the vision to new extremes. With “real-time simulation, feedback and interaction based on operating data” as the concept, and “data, model, software” as the key technology path, the product deeply integrates big data, Internet of Things, GIS, 3D visualization, new surveying and mapping, BIM, AI and other technologies to provide one-stop digital creation, scenario editing, and service operation capabilities for professional fields such as digital twin cities and digital twin networks.

In the project “Smart IDC-Intelligent Energy Saving for Data Centers AI empowered 5G intelligent operations”, AsiaInfo combines the operator’s service needs and practical experience of existing network with technologies such as AI and AIOps to propose the IDC smart energy-saving solution with a three-level collaboration of cloud, edge and terminal. The energy consumptions of power supply system, refrigeration system, and ICT equipment are reduced at the maximum efficiency by the integration of AI technology; the resource utilization of ICT equipment to carry service applications is improved by the integration of AIOps technology; at the same time, digital twins and simulation are combined to build a data center simulation model to verify AI strategies and avoid local hot spots. After the solution is applied, in terms of economic benefits, it is estimated to save 18 billion kWh of electricity and 10.8 billion yuan in electricity bills; in terms of environmental protection benefits, the carbon emissions can be reduced by 13.5 million tons per year, which is equivalent to planting 590 million trees.

Other award-winning projects of this summit are as follows:

1. Best Innovation: Telco data space



The project was jointly initiated by Orange and Vodafone, which demonstrates new best practices of data sharing to ensure credible and dynamic end-to-end service guarantees.

2. Best Use of Open Digital Framework: 5G Chargers and 5G digital marketplace - Phase 2



The 5G digital marketplace project is initiated by Verizon, which applies the 5G edge cloud to the integrated platform that combines cross-industry digital services.

The 5G Chargers project was jointly initiated by Orange, Telenor and Vodafone, which instantly provides individual customers with tailor-made products based on the results of usage and behavior analysis.

3. Best Ecosystem Design (CurateFX modeling): Supercharge 5G monetization with a B2B2X marketplace



The project was jointly initiated by M1 and Verizon, which enables CSPs (communication service providers) to use core assets and capabilities to generate new revenue flows through marketization.

4. Visionary Impact: Cross-industry marketplace for CSP collaboration Phase 3



The project was jointly initiated by Axiata Group Berhad, Axiata Digital Labs, Dialog Axiata, Robi Axiata, and Smart Axiata, which demonstrates how CSPs (communication service providers) can benefit from cross-industry collaboration to innovate their business models and create new services for enterprises.

5. Sustainability Leadership: Measurements of trust in AI environment



The project was jointly initiated by Axiata Digital Labs, Dialog Axiata, and Ncell, which guarantees the safety, technical robustness, transparency, non-discrimination of artificial intelligence systems, as well as reduces prejudice and forms accountability system.

6. Best Implementation of Innovative Technology Solutions: Leveraging AI/ML to drive CX business outcomes proactively



The project was jointly initiated by China Mobile, China Unicom, HKT PCCW Global, Telecom Argentina, and Saudi Telecom Company, which uses AI/ML insights to guide customer to experience investment and track return on experience (RoX).