AsiaInfo’s “Cloud BOSS” Helps CBN Chongqing Branch to Evolve IT and Business Systems in order to Build Smart Broadcasting

2021-10-11 AsiaInfo

Recently, AsiaInfo assisted CBN Chongqing Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: CBN Chongqing Branch) to launch a new generation of “Cloud BOSS” full-service operation support system, which lays a solid foundation for fostering market competitive advantages for CBN Chongqing Branch and promoting the construction of “smart broadcasting” and digital transformation.


Led by the construction of “three feature-based” system

to strengthen business support internally and win market competition externally

With the changes in user habits, the intensified impact of Internet media and the growth in demand for emerging services such as 5G, the reform of broadcasting industry continues to deepen. Most broadcasting companies are confronted with the problems appearing gradually: such as aging IT systems, redundant architecture, and low agility; lagging visualized operations and automation; relatively closed ecology, and insufficient support for new businesses such as 5G, IP live streaming, e-commerce, marketing activities, and product and commodity management.

As a pioneer in industry reform, CBN Chongqing Branch has introduced AsiaInfo’s “Cloud BOSS” full-service operation support cloud platform, and built a business and operation support system featuring “platform-based technology components, centralization-based business capabilities, and service-based business processes” under the guidance of “platform + application”, which has evolved both technology and business, strengthened business support internally, and benefited market competition externally.

In terms of technology, the new system presents four major highlights: 1. adopting an all-cloud infrastructure architecture to build a middle-ground capability system; 2. having the characteristics of cloud native, platform, centralization, containerization, and micro-services to improve application access and demand response agility; 3. realizing the separation of applications and services, separation of services and data, and flexible expansion of deployment capabilities; 4. introducing the Internet architecture and participant models to fully optimize core data models such as customers, products, orders, resources and billing.

In terms of business, greater capacity improvement has been achieved: 1. better meeting the needs of different customer groups for individual broadcasting businesses; 2. supporting more flexible accounting management rules; 3. providing online and offline services such as more convenient business inquiries and products ordering; 4. full integration of BOM domains for government and enterprise businesses, realizing the integrated support and management capabilities of pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services for “business-finance networks”; 5. strengthening of monitoring, analysis, and operations capabilities to achieve a more agile service provisioning.

AsiaInfo’s “Cloud BOSS”

an “enterprise-level” full-service operation support cloud platform for broadcasting

“Cloud BOSS” is a new generation of “enterprise-level” full-service operation support cloud platform independently developed by AsiaInfo in order to meet the needs and solve business pain points of the broadcasting industry. It adopts the architecture design concept of “thick PaaS, thin application” to help enterprises build a “smart middle-ground system” containing technical capability middle-ground and business capability middle-ground. The improvement of system performance drives the enhancement of business capabilities, which can carry emerging broadcasting services such as 5G, Internet of Things, e-commerce, and IP live streaming.

In terms of technology, “Cloud BOSS” adopts a cloud-based architecture with cloud-native features; realizes the separation of applications and services, supports open capabilities, service governance and orchestration, and micro-service development architecture; separates services and data for supporting distributed data access and heterogeneous data sources, realizing vertical and horizontal segmentation; provides flexible expansion of deployment capabilities, and supports containerized deployment, visual monitoring, and intelligent operations. Based on this, in terms of business, “Cloud BOSS” has helped broadcasting users to achieve “customer integration”, “product integration”, “channel integration”, “smart marketing” and “open capability”, and built an “enterprise-level”, full-customer and full-service operation capability.

The decades of accumulation in the broadcasting industry and business practice in more than 30 provinces have endowed AsiaInfo with product and service capabilities to empower the transformation and upgrading of the broadcasting industry. As a competitive product, AsiaInfo’s “Cloud BOSS” enterprise-level full-service operation support cloud platform will become a booster for the construction of “smart broadcasting”, facilitate customers in the broadcasting industry such as digital TV, IPTV, and OTT TV to build efficient production and operation support capabilities, and provide professional support and efficient services for the digital transformation of enterprises.