AsiaInfo Donated Books to Luozhentian Primary School

2021-09-23 AsiaInfo

On September 19, 2021, the book donation ceremony was held at Luozhentian Primary School in Tunpu Township, Enshi City. At the ceremony, CSISIN, on behalf of AsiaInfo and other 9 award-winning companies of the “2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Award of Software and Information Service of China”, donated books and materials worth more than RMB 45,000 to Luozhentian Primary School.


Luozhentian Primary School in Tunpu Township, Enshi City is located in Luozhenji Town nestling among the hills of the west of Enshi City. Founded in the spring of 1946, the school is boasted with a long history and profound culture. The campus covers an area of 16,595m2., with a construction area of 6,032m2. Consisted of a full-time primary school and an affiliated kindergarten, the school is a semi-boarding school with 637 teachers and students. Compared with developed areas, educational resources in mountainous areas are weak, and children have shortcomings in reading ability, knowledge and vision. The books donated this time include a large number of out-of-class reading materials, which will effectively help the students of Luozhentian Primary School to acquire new knowledge and expand horizons.


This public benefit activity was initiated by CSISIN and participated by 9 companies listed in the “2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Award of Software and Information Service of China” to jointly donate books and materials to children in remote areas.  

On December 3, 2020, AsiaInfo was awarded the “2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Award of Software and Information Service of China”. The award is intended to recognize the contributions of enterprises to consumers, the environment, and society during development in order to encourage more enterprises to actively participate in social welfare activities.

Over the years, AsiaInfo has been actively practicing corporate social responsibility and contributing to public welfare activities. During the outbreak of COVID-19, AsiaInfo applied its own products and solutions to the battle against the epidemic, playing an important role in China’s epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic efforts and the resumption of work. A number of products/solutions and related services, such as such as crowd flow and situation awareness products for epidemic areas, 3D immersive data visualization solutions for sensitive areas, public health emergency response plans for COVID-19, have been implemented in multiple national ministries and commissions as well as in many provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hebei, Chongqing, Guizhou, Gansu, Tibet, and have been recognized and promoted by relevant departments and industry organizations.

Moreover, AsiaInfo actively responds to the proposal of “deploying activity to popularize the scientific knowledge of artificial intelligence widely” in the Development Planning for a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence released by the State Council. Last year, it cooperated with IBM in the “AI Enlightenment Season” to conduct an annual large-scale public welfare action on science and technology for 2 months. A volunteer team composed of more than 50 AI engineers from AsiaInfo came to the classrooms of primary and secondary schools to teach children the knowledge about AI.