Technology for Social Good: AsiaInfo’s AISWare AIRPA Creates a Digital Employee for Flood Prevention

2021-08-20 AsiaInfo

“As the saying goes: ‘floods and fires have no mercy for anybody’. In the flood seasons of previous years, we front-line flood control personnel really dare not sleep for the whole day!” Wang Xun, who is a water level surveyor of an agricultural and water bureau in Zhejiang Province, takes the timely and early grasp of flood information as the top priority of his work.

In recent years, with the popularization of cameras in reservoir and river channel monitoring, flood control personnel are able to see the water level, flow and dangerous situations of hydrological stations within their jurisdiction in real time. However, as the number of cameras is increasing, manual checking of online status of cameras becomes time-consuming and labor-intensive. How to ensure a high rate of online status of cameras has been the key to flood prevention.

AsiaInfo works with China Mobile (Zhejiang) Institute of Innovation and Research

to create a “digital employee” based on AIRPA to implement flood prevention and control

This year, Wang Xun’s “7x24-hour sleepless comrade-in-arms” officially took office, which resolved their worries. This “comrade-in-arms” is a “digital employee for flood prevention” comes from the in-depth cooperation between AsiaInfo and China Mobile (Zhejiang) Institute of Innovation and Research based on AsiaInfo’s robotic process automation product AISWare AIRPA.


After this flood prevention digital employee is put into operation, the “minute-level” automatic check of all flood prevention cameras for reservoirs and river channels in the area can be realized. Once the equipment is offline or abnormal, the maintenance personnel will be immediately notified for emergency repairs, which not only relieves the monitoring pressure of the frontline flood control personnel, but also reduces the possibility of monitoring omissions caused by personal negligence, thus greatly improving the timeliness of flood prevention.

“With 7x24-hour sleepless comrade-in-arms, we can have a sound sleep despite of large amount of precipitation this year.”

Flood prevention is just one of the many application scenarios of “RPA digital employee”. In Zhejiang, “RPA digital employee” has been applied in more than 200 business scenarios, which has significantly boosted business efficiency.

AsiaInfo’s robotic process automation R&D platform

helps government and enterprise customers reduce costs and increase efficiency with AI+RPA

The combination of the need to improve work efficiency and the need to reduce labor costs makes it an inevitable trend for “digital labor” to replace “manual labor” in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. As an emerging digital labor force, RPA can replace or assist manual labor to complete low-threshold repetitive work, reduce the risk of mistakes introduced by manual operation, and improve business efficiency.

Characterized with light weight, non-invasion, intelligent process, security and controllability, and adaptability to a wide range of businesses, AsiaInfo’s AISWare AIRPA can provide customers with simple, efficient, flexible and intelligent robotic process automation solutions, which has been widely used in the transformation process of reducing costs and increasing efficiency for government and enterprise customers in various fields. Based on the “digital employee” kit created by AISWare AIRPA consists of the robot designer, robot steward, robot execution engine, robot intelligent service, and a complete ecosystem.

1. Robot designer

Provide graphical drag-drop process development tools as well as the visual and componentized RPA development environment, help customers improve robot development efficiency and reduce the threshold of process production in an autonomous, easy and flexible way.

2. Robot steward

Able to manage components, robot installation packages and node resources, establish execution plans based on business rules, provide unified management of task status, execution results and other information, support data chart display and visual centralized management and control.

3. Robot execution engine

Achieve the access effect of business systems in exactly the same way as manual operations based on the execution plans and through non-intrusive business processes to avoid human errors and record the execution log.

4. AI service components

Provide out-of-the-box AI capabilities such as OCR, NLP, and CV, support rapid access in the form of components, build intelligent data processing capability, and be able to link and integrate the AI capabilities owned by users.

5. RPA ecology

Provide users with the ecological resources of a “community” for learning and communication in the way of “portal + mall”, and assist users to quickly use AIRPA, which efficiently build “digital intelligence” productivity.

Since its launch, AsiaInfo’s robotic process automation R&D platform AISWare AIRPA has been widely applied in government affairs, communications, finance and other industries. The product has also recently passed the first batch of highest-level capability assessment certification of RPA of CAICT, and the intelligent collection project of financial risk control data implemented by the product has won the “2021 ‘Zhi Jiang’ Outstanding Case”.


Product qualification of AsiaInfo’s AISWare AIRPA

In the first “2China RPA+AI Developer Competition” in July of this year, the joint team of AsiaInfo and Tsinghua University used this product to realize the typical application of “intelligent quality inspection of 5G base station construction” for China’s 5th generation mobile communication network, winning the national champion and grand prize of the competition.


AsiaInfo won the national champion and grand prize of “2021 China RPA+AI Developer Competition”