AsiaInfo Works with China Mobile and Other Industry Partners to Release the Industry Chain Integration Action Plan for 5G-Advanced Innovation Chain

2021-08-08 AsiaInfo

Recently, the 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference - “5G+ Innovation and Development Forum” was grandly held in Beijing. At the Conference, AsiaInfo released the Industry Chain Integration Action Plan for 5G-Advanced Innovation Chain (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan) jointly with China Mobile, CBN, Huawei and other industry partners. Meanwhile, AsiaInfo, China Mobile, ZTE, THUNISOFT and Zhongguancun Institute for Innovation have reached a strategic cooperation to carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields such as 5G network construction and 5G applications.


The release of the Industry Chain Integration Action Plan for 5G-Advanced Innovation Chain aims to clarify the action goals and key measures of the industry chain integration for 5G-Advanced innovation chain, deepen the degree of integration, lower the industry threshold, and provide continuous momentum for promoting the healthy development of the industry and promoting the digital intelligence transformation of the society. In the Action Plan, China Mobile proposes three major action goals - Advanced Capable Network, Advanced Intelligent System, and Advanced Energy-efficient Industry.

“Advanced Capable Network” is the foundation of a powerful network, that is, to achieve the ubiquity outstanding performance and abundant capabilities of 5G through such means as flexible spectrum use, deterministic quality assurance, ultra-large uplink, multicast and broadcast enhancement, convergence, Space-earth integration, and integration of mobile/fixed/home networks.

“Advanced Intelligent System” is to accelerate network intelligence and capability openness, reduce 5G construction and operation costs, provide 5G convenient services, and enable rich applications and R&D. It will match multi-scenario networks of various industries through more flexible and simpler network architecture and capability configuration, diversify the terminal needs, and accelerate the penetration of 5G in various industries.

“Advanced Energy-efficient Industry” refers to the construction of “Green 5G”, which uses smart energy-saving technologies, new materials, and new energy technologies to improve the energy efficiency of 5G equipment sites and networks, and empowers low-carbon and energy-saving initiatives of various industries with 5G to help the society achieve the dual goal of carbon neutrality and peak carbon dioxide emissions.


As an important participant and promoter of 5G innovation and development, AsiaInfo has combined 5G with technologies such as AI and cloud computing in recent years to build a core product system and global domain products and solutions of AsiaInfo, including the establishment of an industry-leading 5G cloud network product system, data and AI product system, continuous evolution of middle-ground system, and establishment of a series of innovative product sets, so as to contribute to the digital intelligence transformation of various industries.

While enhancing technological innovation, AsiaInfo has established an innovative closed-loop model from standardization to commercialization, and actively participated in 19 international/domestic technical standards organizations such as 3GPP, ITU, ETSI, IEEE, TMF, O-RAN, etc. to jointly discuss the formulation of standards and specifications for the communications industry with world-renowned companies and institutions. AsiaInfo organized the formulation of the first 3GPP 5G international standard for autonomous network federated learning and the international standard for 3GPP SA5 autonomous driving network level, helping China improve its international technological influence. In addition, AsiaInfo cooperated with Tsinghua University to establish THU AIR-AsiaInfo Joint Lab of 5G Intelligence, aiming to jointly build a national AI research center and promote the “industry-university-research” collaboration.

Continuous evolution of 5G keeps innovation moving. The prosperity and development of 5G’s commercial use are inseparable from a unified standard system. AsiaInfo will sincerely cooperate with partners in the innovation chain and industry chain to jointly promote the formation of a unified global standard for 5G-Advanced, provide sustained driving forces to the technical research, standard formulation, and industry upgrading of 5G networks, and promote the digital intelligence transformation and high-quality development of economy and society.