Good news! AsiaInfo and CEO Gao Nianshu Have Respectively Won Authoritative Awards in Digital and Software Service Industries!

2021-08-06 AsiaInfo

Co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Liaoning provincial people's government, the 2021 China International Digital and Software Service Trade Conference (hereinafter referred to as: DSSTC) was held in Dalian recently. Wang Bingnan, Vice Minister of Ministry of Commerce, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech. AsiaInfo was invited to participate in the exhibition. The conference announced a series of important awards in the field of digital and software services in China, and AsiaInfo won the “Most Innovative Enterprise of China’s Digital and Software Services”, and Gao Nianshu, the Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo, was awarded the “Leading Figure” of the industry.




Independent innovation boosts the transformation of digital intelligence

Stay close to scenarios to empower various industries

As the only national-level exhibition for China’s software industry approved by the State Council, DSSTC has become a national-level exhibition and exchange platform that ushers in open cooperation in the digital field and promotes the high-quality development of the digital economy in China. The series of awards selected based on the perspective of the entire industry not only represent the highest honor of the industry, but also set a benchmark for China’s digital and software service industry in the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan”.

In recent years, AsiaInfo has firmly implemented the corporate strategy of “One Consolidation, Three Development”, continued to increase R&D investment, and promoted the development of the company with independent innovation and ecological cooperation. Relying on its nearly 30 years of “carrier-grade” product, service, operation and integration capabilities, AsiaInfo stays close to application scenarios, and extensively empowers government and enterprise customers in various fields such as government affairs, communications, finance, transportation, energy, broadcasting and television, and postal services, so as to contribute scientific and technological power to the transformation and upgrading of various industries, the construction and operation of smart cities, and the vigorous development of “new infrastructure” and “information innovation” industries.

The two great honors of “Most Innovative Enterprise of China’s Digital and Software Services” and “Leading Figure” demonstrate the industry’s affirmation of AsiaInfo’s innovation and development in the past, which is bound to encourage us to carry out innovative practices in a wider range of fields and at a deeper level. Standing at the historical intersection of the “Two Centenary”, AsiaInfo, as a high-tech enterprise, will drive “national innovation” by the efforts of “enterprise innovation” and continue to contribute the energy of “digital intelligence” to the overall economic and social transformation.

“Full-cycle service” helps the government and enterprises to make a difference

“Systematic products” guarantee high-efficiency empowerment

The 2021 DSSTC gathered more than 500 leading companies in the advanced fields of 5G, big data, cloud computing, IoT and AI to display digital technology achievements and exchange cutting-edge opinions. AsiaInfo, which has capabilities throughout the “full life cycle of ICT projects” such as consulting and planning, construction and delivery, and operations, participated the exhibition with its self-developed 5G urban digital twin platform, robotic process intelligent R&D platform, database all-in-one machine, edge AI recorder, and smart access all-in-one machine and other software and hardware products, sharing the experience and results of technological innovation and project practice with industry colleagues.

Oriented to the needs of smart city construction, AISWare Digital Gemini 5G urban digital twin platform, based on the construction and operation capabilities of twin scenarios, can quickly realize the construction of urban space, virtuality & reality interaction, intelligent simulation, and empower urban management and operation platform product through lightweight platform and online applications. It empowers the transformation and upgrading of vertical industries under the One City ecosystem by “depicting, perceiving, twinning and operating” cities.

AISWare AIRPA, the robotic process intelligent R&D platform, combines RPA technology and AsiaInfo’s “smart brain” to provide cross-platform, cross-system and cross-application process capabilities, and reduces highly repetitive, low-threshold and low-efficiency routine work for customers through automation.

AISWare AntDB database all-in-one machine is product integrating the software and hardware of the distributed database product and storage device independently developed by AsiaInfo. It has “enterprise-level features” such as online second-level capacity expansion, financial-level data security, parallel execution engine, bionic self-healing, and multi-model SQL analysis engine, etc., and possesses PB-level data processing capabilities.

AISWare AI² Edge AI recorder is an intelligent edge-side product that integrates software and hardware with AI analysis capabilities. It can analyze video content in real time, automatically detect abnormal information, and proactively prevent and control risks, and make the production, life, operation and management more intelligent in the scenes including communities, parks, hospitals, schools, factories, shopping malls, construction sites, and mines.

Based on AsiaInfo’s facial recognition, live detection and other AI algorithm capabilities, AISWare AI² GateKeeper smart access all-in-one machine provides real-time personnel information identification and comparison, real-time dynamic capturing of multiple persons, identity verification, human traffic counting, real-time trailing alarms, online applications and approvals for visitors and staff on a business trip, etc., thus providing smart access solutions integrating software and hardware for the access management to parks, communities, factories, mines, buildings and other environments.

At present, the curtain of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is going up. Accelerating the integration of new technologies and industries is the only road we must take to promote the vigorous development of the digital economy, and high-tech enterprises are an important force in boosting industry empowerment. In the context of “new infrastructure” and “information innovation”, AsiaInfo has explored a mature path from product standardization to commercialization by actively promoting the R&D of autonomous and controllable products and technical accumulation. CEO Gao Nianshu stated that the continuous technological innovation, rich practical experience, and flexible business model have contributed to AsiaInfo’s To B and To G business capabilities of “excellent products, quality services, and good operations”. The company will continue to empower various industries to transform and upgrade in the industrial transformation period dominated by 5G + cloud computing.