AsiaInfo Won the Bid for “Data Management Platform” Construction Project of Aeon Life, Helping realize Successful Transformation of Insurance Companies with Big Data Product System

2021-08-04 AsiaInfo

Recently, with the complete big data product system, mature solutions and rich practical experience in the financial industry, AsiaInfo (stock code: 01675.HK) successfully won the bid for “data management platform” construction project of Aeon Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Aeon Life) to help the company build an efficient data management and governance system, respond to market competition, and promote transformation and development.


An efficient, standardized, and fully functional “enterprise-level” data management platform

will make data assets “run smoothly, well-applied, and valuable”

As a fast-growing insurance company, Aeon Life has established hundreds of branches to provide life insurance and asset management services across the country. With the growing business and intensified competition, the demand of big data-based “internal efficient operation and governance, external precise customer expansion and potential tapping” is becoming increasingly prominent. Based on the needs to improve the internal system of the company, unify data standards, enhance data integrity, and strengthen data management and operational analysis capabilities, Aeon Life cooperates with AsiaInfo to build a “data management platform”.

AsiaInfo adopts distributed hardware architecture and loosely coupled software architecture for insurance business scenarios to help Aeon Life integrate total data and discrete data analysis and application functions; establish unified data processing rules, access standards and application specifications; form a unified data collection, processing, and operations system; build an enterprise-level data management platform, and form a unified value index system based on insurance business and operating data as well as income and cost data, so as to provide supports for big data-based batch processing, real-time query, statistical analysis, and mobile analysis and large-screen display, play a valuable role in business transformation, business decision-making and management, and daily operations, efficiently support data asset management, business application and market expansion of Aeon Life, and help enhance the core competitiveness of Aeon Life.

With a complete big data product system,

AsiaInfo promotes the insurance industry to “grow based on data”

In the process of platform construction, AsiaInfo’s big data product system (including big data infrastructure platform, data middle-ground operating system, data asset management platform and data exploration and analysis platform) and self-developed distributed database products are fully applied. With a complete product system is used, it will effectively ensure the capacity building and rapid delivery of the platform.


1AISWare Data Infrastructrue Big data infrastructure platform

A complete Hadoop ecological environment of technology, and the basic platform function of big data of integration of storage, calculation, analysis, processing, management and control, and operations have been provided to help customers create enterprise-level big data technology platforms that are low-cost, highly efficient, stable and secure.

2. AISWare Data OS data middle-ground operating system

Relying on the standardized workflow of the entire link of data collection, development, service and asset management, the information barriers of government and enterprise customers are broken, data islands are connected, and data integration and ecological opening are promoted, which helps enterprises build agile data middle-ground capabilities.

3. AISWare Data Go data asset management platform

The product adopts AI, NLP, knowledge graph and other technologies, and has the characteristics of integration, intelligence, and microservices to support automatic data inventory and the full life cycle management of data. It builds a unified operation platform for front-line business personnel, data management and operations personnel, data analysts and decision makers to realize metadata governance, data quality control, and data resource sharing.

4. AISWare Data Discovery data exploration and analysis platform

Through the data discovery and analysis capabilities which are easy to operate, visualized and integrates parsing algorithms, business analysts are provided with low-threshold big data understanding and analysis tools to fully explore the values of data.

5. AISWare AntDB distributed database

It is a distributed database product independently developed by AsiaInfo. It adopts MPP architecture and integrates transaction processing and online analysis operations, and has “enterprise-level features” such as online second-level capacity expansion, financial-level data security, parallel execution engine, bionic self-healing, and multi-model SQL analysis engine, etc., which is capable of supporting billions of users, possesses PB-level data processing capabilities, and provides safe and efficient guarantee for data storage and application.

As the insurance industry is enriched with data, efficient development and utilization of data assets will greatly improve the operation and management efficiency of enterprises, and promote business expansion and value growth. AsiaInfo’s big data product and solution system has been widely applied in large financial institutions and enterprises such as China UnionPay, China CITIC Bank, PICC Life Insurance, and industries including communications, transportation, steel and so on, with relevant projects having been rated as industry benchmark cases for many times.