5G and Digital Intelligent “Products + Solutions” of AsiaInfo Appeared at 2020 Digital Conference of China Mobile Liaoning Branch

2021-07-30 AsiaInfo

From July 22 to 25, under the guidance of Cyberspace Administration of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the Communications Administration, hosted by China Mobile Communications Group Liaoning Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Liaoning Mobile), the “Fourth Digital Conference of Liaoning Mobile” was held in Shenyang. Jiang Youwei, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, attended the conference and delivered a speech. In the form of “exhibition + forum + cloud display”, the conference presented the technological scene of “digital and intelligent” transformation promoted by 5G + digital technologies in the land of Liaoning and Shenyang, gathering all sectors of industry and domestic leading enterprises from Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. As a leading software product, solution and service provider, AsiaInfo appeared at the conference with its products and solutions in 5G, big data, and digital operations.



In the 5G exhibition area, AsiaInfo demonstrated the 5G private network operation platform AISWare ANOP, private network solutions for vertical industries and related cases. Based on the concept of “ smart service, smart operations, and smart running”, 5G private network operation platform helps communication operators expand the vertical industry market and provide industry customers with “one-stop” 5G private network operations services, and has been implemented in multiple provincial-level branches.

In the digital operation exhibition area, solutions starting with “digital or smart” leaped to the eyes, such as digital cultural tourism, smart finance, smart parks, smart fleets, and smart emergency response.

Liaoning, which is boasted with mountains and rivers and is near both the sea and the border, is a masterpiece of “black soil culture”. With rich natural resources and a long history and culture, how can “science and technology + cultural tourism” promote its economic development? AsiaInfo’s “digital cultural tourism” solution converges global cultural and travel data through platform-based integrated access and unified management and control to realize “asset-based” data, and provides production services and application support for industries, scenic spots, enterprises, and the public to help turn “lucid waters and lush mountains” into invaluable assets.

“Smart finance” marketing cloud is a product created by AsiaInfo for user insights and precision marketing of the financial industry based on big data technology and resources and combined with typical application scenarios; “smart park” is an one-stop solution in the form of “1 platform (smart park digital platform) + 1 center (operation center) + N applications” based on the Internet of Things, big data, AI, GIS and other technologies, empowering the planning, construction, investment attraction, and comprehensive digital operation of park; “smart emergency response” is a full-process solution of “prevention first, combination of prevention, resistance, and rescue” launched by AsiaInfo to deepen its communications big data emergency services for disaster response, public affairs, and production safety, which provides accurate and timely, refined and visual emergency response services to assist relevant departments in improving emergency response capabilities, and protecting the safety of life and property of the public.

In the big data exhibition area, AsiaInfo’s data middle-ground operating system AISWare DataOS and big data application cases of smart cities were displayed. Relying on the standardized workflow of the entire link of data collection, development, service and asset management, AISWare DataOS breaks the information barriers, and drives data integration and ecological opening, which helps enterprises build agile data middle-ground capabilities and enables data to become an important engine to promote transformation and development.

In recent years, the “digital revolution” has been brewing in Liaoning and Shenyang. With 5G+digital technology, Liaoning has given full play to the advantages of application scenarios of “industrial digitalization” and data resources of “digital industrialization” to promote innovation and upgrading of various industries, which has become a consensus on transformation for Liaoning and Shenyang.

Zhao Lei, General Manager of Northeast Region of AsiaInfo’s Mobile Division, said, “Looking at the future, we hope to work hand in hand with Liaoning Mobile to widely apply cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, AI, big data, and IoT in the land of Liaoning and Shenyang, and empower various industries, so as to give back to the society’s ardent expectations for the development of Liaoning and even the revitalization of the Northeast China.”