Asiainfo Won the Bid of Data Governance Project of China UnionPay to Revitalize Data Assets and Boost Financial Digital Transformation

2021-07-02 Asiainfo

Recently, with the leading big data products, solutions and rich practical experience in the financial industry, AsiaInfo (stock code: 01675.HK) successfully won the bid of big data governance project of China UnionPay Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: China UnionPay) to assist it in building a full data governance platform, improve the level of data application, and facilitate efficient business processing.


Build a unified and efficient data governance platform to solve the “three nots” problem of big data

Approved by the People’s Bank of China, China UnionPay is a financial service organization initiated and established by nearly 100 financial institutions such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, and China Construction Bank. It is at the core of China’s bank card industry, so that the accuracy and completeness of its business data are critical. AsiaInfo will assist China UnionPay in building a “data governance platform” as a unified portal for big data development and governance to sort out data assets, improve data quality, and efficiently support business development.

The platform will obtain various data field information of China UnionPay headquarters and branches through the information collection module, and utilizes AI, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and other technologies to intelligently make an inventory of data assets and precipitate data assets to create a normalized, systematic, standardized, and automated data quality management system. Through micro-services, it will embed data governance capabilities into various business platforms of China UnionPay to realize the full life cycle governance of big data, and effectively solve the problems of “data cannot be found, cannot be read, and cannot be standardized”.

A “Gold Steward” of enterprise data assets – AsiaInfo’s AISWare DataGo data asset management platform

The financial industry represented by banks is a place where big data is concentrated. The sorting, development, and utilization of data assets are pertinent to all aspects of business operations, customer experience, and corporate management of financial institutions. Only when data has application value after being structured and standardized, can it become an “asset”.

Guided by DAMA theory and combined with a wide range of business practices, AsiaInfo has independently developed AISWare DataGo, a data asset management product. The product adopts AI, NLP, knowledge graph and other technologies, and has the characteristics of integration, intelligence, and microservices to realize automatic data inventory, and complete the full life cycle management of data through embedded tools. It builds a unified operation platform for front-line business personnel, data management and operations personnel, data analysts and decision makers, helps government and enterprise customers to build data portals, and provides “steward services” such as metadata governance, data quality control, and data resource sharing.



Globally controlled data portal

Data is intelligently discovered, analyzed and managed, the scale, quality, correlation and distribution of data resources of enterprises and institutions are demonstrated in an all-round way, and data retrieval functions similar to search engines is provided.

 Well-defined metadata governance

Data tracking and impact analysis are completed based on the technology of “end-to-end” data relationship construction, and data charts, views, domains and related reports are quickly created and identified.

Catalog system with strong correlation between data and business

By associating business with data assets, a data catalog and index is formed to implement integrated calls for data capabilities.

Whole-process data quality control

By virtue of automated data quality rule deployment, quality monitoring and auditing, closed-loop process management and other means, data integrity, timeliness and consistency are improved to achieve whole-process data quality control.

Secure and convenient data sharing

Standardized and quality-guaranteed data resources and APIs are provided; with the help of data sharing labeling technology, the security control on the objects, scopes and forms of data usage is realized.

At present, AsiaInfo’s AISWare DataGo data asset management platform and corresponding solutions have been widely applied in the industries such as communications, finance and steel, and are shortlisted in the “Independent Innovation Achievements” list of China International Software Expo 2020. Besides, a project jointly implemented with a communications operator has also been awarded the annual benchmark case for data asset management.