Power 5G New Infrastructure and Accelerate Industry Digitization,AsiaInfo Attended GSMA Thrive Online Summit

2020-07-01 AsiaInfo

On June 30, “Thrive ? All Things Flourish”, the 2020 large-scale online summit and exhibition newly created by GSMA, was officially held. AsiaInfo was invited to participate in the summit and showcased more than 40 products, solutions and industry application practices in such fields as 5G, AI and cloud computing. Dr. Tian Suning, co-founder and Chairman of AsiaInfo, was present and made a speech at an important part of the summit.

Due to the epidemic this year, the national economy has been greatly affected, while the digital economy has reported strong results, becoming a “stabilizer” and “multiplier” for economic development and social employment. Under the situation where the epidemic becomes normal, the new infrastructure has turned into the backbone of stimulating the growth of the digital economy, counteracting the downward trend of the economy due to the epidemic and stabilizing and driving economic growth. As a leading enterprise in software products and related services in China, AsiaInfo displayed three major points at this exhibition: “5G+AI”, “Digital Transformation and Enterprise Cloud”, and “Industrial Smart Practice” which boost the new infrastructure construction and empower lots of industries through emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things.

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Assisting in New Infrastructure, 5G+AI Promotes the Digital Transformation of Enterprises

As the “infrastructure in the new infrastructure", 5G has achieved great development in the scale of infrastructure, user base and industry applications. AI, the best partner of 5G technology, will go deep into industry business scenarios along with 5G to accelerate industry transformation.

In 2019, AsiaInfo took the lead to propose the 5G strategy with “global virtualization, global intelligence and global perception” as the core, and comprehensively built and launched the 5G BOM three-domain integrated core product capabilities and scenario solutions. AsiaInfo will be the arranger of operator networks and business in terms of technology and be the enabler for operators and vertical industries in terms of business model in order to achieve business neutrality and network neutrality for operators as well as assist and support 5G in the transition of “from traffic to value”.

The content of this online exhibition provided targeted scenarios and program descriptions for the network planning, construction, maintenance and optimization of operators’ 5G construction at early stage, and covered intelligent network optimization and slicing, and marketing, sales, service, experience, billing and other business processes, which fully support the 5G construction of telecom operators and sustain lots of industries to “use 5G as a starting point to accelerate digital transformation”.

Integration of Cloud and Network, AsiaInfo Cloud Boosts Enterprise Cloud

After years of development, cloud computing is becoming the mainstream IT infrastructure. Besides, with the development of 5G, government and enterprise cloud has entered a regular stage. How to enter into the cloud, use the cloud, and how to carry out planning, migration and operation management. The lack of basic capabilities makes the road of the enterprises to the cloud difficult.

AsiaInfo has accumulated rich and reliable cloud computing products and service management (cloud MSP) experience from telecom operators and large enterprises. Through in-depth cooperation with mainstream cloud vendors, AsiaInfo has built a one-stop service platform for AsiaInfo’s cloud products. With the help of its deep accumulation in emerging technologies such as 5G AI and big data, it assists customers in developing upper-layer applications quickly and flexibly to meet the demands of enterprise cloud, hybrid cloud construction, cloud resource management, public cloud customization and cloud ecology operation.

At this exhibition, AsiaInfo demonstrated cloud-native technical service, cloud professional services, cloud MSP (Managed Service Provider) service and digital transformation solutions for B-end, G-end and C-end customers, providing four steps of cloud service of cloud consulting, cloud migration, cloud management and cloud value-adding and covering the entire IT life cycle to help customers enter into, manage and use the cloud.

Empower Vertical Industries and Boost Digital Implementation

After more than 20 years of hard work, AsiaInfo has four core capabilities of excellent “carrier-grade” products, operations, services and integration, and constantly embraces emerging technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, AI, Internet of Things and big data. The profound business understanding, excellent project management capabilities and rich software product system have continuously expanded the precipitation and accumulation in the telecommunications industry to the large enterprise market.

In the process of assisting the digital transformation of enterprise, AsiaInfo integrates the strictly desensitized public data, customer data of enterprises and third-party data to innovatively launch DSaaS (data-driven SaaS service) products and services, which uses operation mode of “solution + scenario SaaS application + operation platform + expert service” to help enterprises achieve “digital operation”.

In this exhibition, AsiaInfo showcased the implementation and practice of product solutions in smart communities, smart energy, smart transportation, smart government affairs, smart campus, smart broadcasting, smart business and other industries.

Confronting with the epidemic and the future, AsiaInfo will continue to root in the industry, continue to embrace emerging technologies, combine the wave of 5G, AI, big data and cloud computing with the digital transformation of enterprises, and accelerate the construction pace of “new infrastructure”, in order to contribute to the realization of “Digital China”.