Dr. Li Hui, Vice President of AsiaInfo, Attended the OTT/IPTV Asia Summit and Delivered a Speech: Digital Intelligence Drives the Value Operation of Radio and Television

2021-04-01 AsiaInfo

On March 25, the 2021 “OTT/IPTV Asia Summit” was held in Beijing. The conference is a professional event with widespread influence in the field of radio and television. Taking the “new life with large screen” as the core and focusing on professional topics such as 5G + Ultra HD, home entertainment, large screen marketing, online education, e-commerce for content, and online medical care, this conference invited the leaders of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the seven major OTT licensees, IPTV new media companies and the upstream and downstream partners of the industry chain to jointly explore new scenarios for large screens and create a better and smarter life for large screen users. Dr. Li Hui, Vice President of AsiaInfo, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech on Deep Analysis, Accurate Insight, Scenario-based Marketing, Value Management - Building a Home Operation Capability System.


Integration of data, scenario, and business builds a “large screen” business operation capability system 

for homes with radio and television

Dr. Li Hui focused on the topic of home “large screen” business operation of OTT/IPTV, starting from three aspects of “data, scenario, and business”, and analyzed the whole data-driven process of the large-screen service for homes with radio and television, which covers networks, products, touch points, services, and operations, and provided AsiaInfo’s solution of “digital and intelligent operation to drive business value growth”.


“In this regard, AsiaInfo has done a lot of work”, Dr. Li Hui said, “in terms of network, we have cooperated with operators to ‘expand connections’ to create high-quality broadband, 4/5G and other network environments; in terms of products, we have formed communication business products integrating broadband and mobile network, accumulating products and solutions for smart homes and home rights and interests operation; in terms of services, we help radio and television operators of OTT/IPTV to open up full-touch service information and achieve a double closed loop for full-process service interface; in terms of application, we help customers realize the visualization and commercialization of internal assets, exchange industry resources, develop collaborative products, and continuously enrich the supply of consumer applications.” BOSS systems, stores, terminals, strategy centers, and marketing platforms of radio and television operators are connected to realize the ability integration, and accelerate the process of “data-based business and business-based data” to ultimately promote the upgrading of home large-screen business operation.

Data: Multi-domain integration and deep insight

AsiaInfo helps radio and television operators of OTT/IPTV to connect the three domains of B, O and M (i.e., business domain, operation domain and management domain), obtain data sources from the “three domains”, and integrate data information of the business side, process side, network side, monitoring side, resource side, and terminal side from users, customer service, external personnel, and infrastructure (such as BRAS, OLT, ODN, set-top boxes, cables, video websites, etc.) to establish a data convergence system, which is divided according to different data capabilities to support the construction of scenario model. And the front-end applications are empowered through the label service.

The cross-domain data convergence system uses the aggregation and processing of data indicators as a medium to establish a bridge for the analysis between operators and network element equipment. The collection, processing and analysis of data of different sources and different types help business operators to perform secondary processing, output API and data, reduce the threshold of data analysis, improve working efficiency, and evaluate the operation effect through self-analysis within the platform, which achieves good home business operations.

Scenario: Accurate model and smart scenario

Regarding the full-scenario coverage, Dr. Li Hui mentioned that it is precisely based on the above data capabilities that AsiaInfo helps radio and television customers build accurate home business models - creating potential customer identification models to assist in attracting new users; upgrading user identification models (such as user attributes, business preferences, relationship recognition, etc.) to enhance value operation capabilities; establishing an identification model for expiry and renewal to maintain user retention; forming an off-grid loss recognition model to realize user loss warning. With the user as the core, the process management and control of the “full-life-cycle” scenario coverage is achieved.

Taking an operator’s IPTV operation as an example, AsiaInfo assisted customers to achieve a 25% increase in user scale and 22% increase in monthly income through daily/weekly report output, special analysis output, Internet data collection and analysis, mini program reports, daily user group marketing and other operational capability outputs, as well as scenario-based operations that fit user behaviors.

Business: Data-driven approach and value management

In the process of business operation, AsiaInfo helps radio and television operators of OTT/IPTV to complete the “collection and processing of large screen data for home users, and data analysis based on the large screen home business”, and analyzes them through intelligent algorithms to achieve accurate insight of users, find out the business and products that users are really interested in, and build a data-driven and complete home business operation capability, so as to realize O2O marketing collaboration, one policy for one customer and precision marketing, and promote value growth of OTT/IPTV business with “smart operation”.

AsiaInfo helps the digital transformation of radio and television industry with “TBO business model”

“It is not just big data and operational products that support AsiaInfo in providing customers with the above services”, Dr. Li Hui said, “The full life cycle service capability of ‘TBO’ that AsiaInfo has accumulated over more than 20 years matters (Think (Consulting & Planning) - Build (R&D delivery) - Operation (operation and maintenance)).”

Think: AsiaInfo’s consulting business covers many fields including strategy, market, technology and operation. Relying on a comprehensive, professional and scientific consulting management system, AsiaInfo provides digital transformation consulting services for large enterprises in various industries.

Build: AsiaInfo has formed an AISWare product system including CRM, billing and accounting, big data, AI, digital operation, PaaS platform, 5G network intelligence, integration of R&D and operations, Internet of Things products, etc., as well as solutions for industries such as communication, radio and television, finance, energy, transportation, postal service, and government affairs, which can meet the complex and personalized business needs of large enterprises.

Operation: In addition to providing customers a “turnkey” project of system launching, AsiaInfo needs to guarantee that the system is usable, easy to use and effective. Based on our deep understanding of customer needs and business scenarios, we have formed mature business operations capabilities through our own products, solutions, and team advantages to help large enterprise customers improve operational efficiency, optimize business value, and boost digital transformation.

Finally, Dr. Li Hui said, “Having more than ten years of experience in broadcasting industry, AsiaInfo has established services in over 30 provinces, with a market share of more than 50% in some areas. In recent years, it has relied on ‘carrier-grade’ products, services, operations and integration capabilities to work with customers to explore new growth opportunities. ‘Sincere cooperation, co-construction of ecology, and continuous creation of common value’ is our principle for win-win cooperation with industry partners.”