AsiaInfo Assisted JSCN to Launch “Cloud BOSS” to Take the Lead in Supporting 5G Services among China’s Provincial Broadcasting System!

2021-03-18 AsiaInfo

On March 2, with the support of AsiaInfo, Jiangsu Broadcasting Cable Information Network Corp. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JSCN) launched the “Cloud BOSS” service operation support system in its Jiangyan branch, which marks that JSCN has been the first to have the ability to support 5G services in China’s provincial broadcasting system.


JSCN takes IT system upgrade as the core to promote business transformation and reshape competitive advantage

Currently, the broadcasting ecosystem in China is undergoing profound changes. Changes in media habits and consumption patterns of users and the impact of emerging Internet media, IPTV, and OTT TV have challenged the traditional model of “content + advertising” and market share of cable TV. TV-based content and services need to rely on “technology empowerment, media convergence, and smart operation” to accelerate the pace of digital transformation to meet the individual needs of the public.

Traditional cable TV operators generally are confronted with aging IT architecture, closed capability, difficulty in monolithic application expansion, lack of visualization and intelligence in operations, system redundancy, low agility, and new services and marketing activities such as 5G, IP live streaming, e-commerce, etc., insufficient support for product and commodity management and other issues. Based on “technical architecture iteration”, JSCN promotes the transformation of business capabilities and establishes a three-year IT plan. The introduction of AsiaInfo’s “Cloud BOSS” system is one of the key projects of the plan. The successful launch of “Cloud BOSS” will effectively solve problems in both technology and business aspects.

In terms of technology, “Cloud BOSS” adopts distributed microservice architecture, containerized deployment, upgrades from a monolithic architecture to a new cloud native architecture, supports elastic expansion, system capabilities opening and agile DevOps development, improves automated operations capabilities and evolves to intelligent operations...

In terms of business, the operation and management authority is delegated and business acceptance is simplified through the transformation of the core model, such as the introduction of decoupling of natural persons, products and commodities, and the introduction of Internet-based orders, in order to enhance the support for convergence business, realize billing support for new businesses such as 5G, capability opening, etc.; implement refined accounting management, support provincial and municipal multi-level product and commodity control; achieve flexible marketing integration to make market strategies more in line with the needs of competition... Launch of the “cloud BOSS” system of JSCN not only conforms to the development trend of 5G business, but provides a reliable IT capability guarantee for the implementation of “4K Jiangsu, Smart Broadcasting”, the development of new services, and the response to market competition.

AsiaInfo’s “Cloud BOSS” A new generation of enterprise-level cloud platform for full-service operation support

“Cloud BOSS” is a new generation of enterprise-level cloud platform for full-service operation support independently developed by AsiaInfo. Characterized by cloud native, platformization, centralization, containerization, microservices, etc., it adopts the architecture design concept of “thick PaaS, thin application” to build enterprise-level middle-ground for technical capability (I-PaaS) and business capability middle-ground (A-PaaS, D-PaaS), which can effectively enhance the elastic expansion capability of the IT architecture of broadcasting enterprises, and improve the agility of its application access and demand response. At the same time, “Cloud BOSS” can carry ecological services such as 5G, Internet of Things, e-commerce, and IP live streaming, which realizes full-service support for “smart broadcasting and ecological broadcasting”, and helps customers fully optimize technological and business capabilities.

In terms of technology:

  1. The separation of application and service is realized: Capability opening, service governance and orchestration, and microservice development architecture are supported;

  2. Service and data are separated: Distributed data access supports heterogeneous data sources, and realizes vertical and horizontal segmentation;

  3. Elastic expansion of deployment capabilities is realized: Containerized deployment, visual monitoring, and intelligent operations are supported

In terms of business:

  1. Customer convergence: The relationship between addresses and customers is weakened for unified management of digital TV customers, Internet customers, and industry application customers;

  2. Product convergence: The convergence of digital TV and OTT services, the convergence of physical and non-physical items, and the convergence of self-owned and cooperative services are supported;

  3. Channel convergence: Unity of orders is implemented, and channel coordination is enhanced to fully integrate self-owned channels with social channels;

  4. Smart marketing: Scenario-based real-time marketing capabilities and data marketing capabilities are constructed;

  5. Capability opening: Ecological applications are built quickly and standardly.

Having more than ten years of experience in broadcasting industry, AsiaInfo has established services in over 30 provinces, with a market share of more than 50% in some areas. In recent years, it has relied on “carrier-grade” products, services, operations and integration capabilities to work with customers to explore new growth opportunities and create new values. A new generation of enterprise-level cloud platform for full-service operation support - “Cloud BOSS” will become a booster for the construction of “smart broadcasting”, helping platforms and network operators such as cable TV, digital TV, IPTV, and OTT TV to create flexible and efficient digital production and operation support capabilities and rapidly transform into “integrated information service operators”.