Industry-leading! AsiaInfo Helps China Mobile Zhejiang Branch Take the Initiative to Implement the Industry-wide 5G Multi-Dimensional Billing System

2021-01-15 AsiaInfo

Recently, in order to thoroughly implement “5G+” strategy of China Mobile Group and respond to the BAF business model for government-business 5G private network of the Group, AsiaInfo assisted China Mobile Zhejiang Branch to take the initiative to implement the industry-wide 5G “multi-dimensional” billing system to provide strong support for empowering 5G business development in four major markets of “CHBN” (C-customer market, H-household market, B-business market, N-new market).




Multi-dimension is the “weights and measures” of the new era and the valuable key to the “commercial success” of 5G

Derived from physics, the term “dimension” refers to the basic attributes of “physical quantities”, such as length (m), mass (kg), time (s), while traffic (MB, GB) and call length (min, h) are dimensions commonly used in the field of communications.

In the past few years when “4G changed life”, entertainment needs including film and television, games and reading, and life service applications including e-commerce, food delivery and travel dominated the lives of ordinary people. Communication operators focused on traffic and call services and adopted relatively simple ways of billing such as the traffic amount and the call length of users. 5G is not the case. The core audience it serves will extend from individuals to enterprises and institutions in various industries, and the subjects it connects also expands from human to things. With the gradual maturity of network construction, industry standards and technological evolution, it will step into the new stage of empowering vertical industries - “5G changes society” is happening.

Technology, network, and services are the media through which 5G changes society. Enterprises and organizations in various industries are the “subjects” that change the society. These subjects include both “providers” and “demanders” of 5G network and services. With the continuous emergence of 5G application scenarios such as HD video, remote education, telemedicine and autonomous driving, a single billing model is obviously no longer suitable for increasingly segmented industry scenarios and business needs. Transactions between providers and demanders require new and effective measurement dimensions to unify standards, quantify value and promote 5G to achieve “commercial success”. In this way, “multi-dimensional billing” appears.


AsiaInfo helps China Mobile Zhejiang Branch build a “multi-dimensional billing” system that fits industry scenarios

Enable 5G to achieve “commercial success”

As early as 2019, China Mobile established a development strategy driven by the “four-wheel” of CHBN, positioning the customer market (C), household market (H), business market (B), new market (N) as the four major 5G business markets.

China Mobile Zhejiang Branch, as a leading and pilot provincial company in 5G construction of China Mobile Group, not only started early in network construction, but also led the industry in its exploration of 5G business support. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of 5G network, the foresight of the development of the industry, and the analytic demonstration of the 5G network product model, AsiaInfo assisted China Mobile Zhejiang Branch in establishing a dimension system consisting of “products, specifications, accounts and prices” on the basis of clarifying the main problems and difficulties. Later, starting with four levels of product, billing, acceptance and provisioning, it took the lead in implementing a multi-dimensional billing system for “CHBN” market that fits industry scenarios:

1. Product model upgrading

As mentioned earlier, the business model and product attributes of 4G are relatively single, while new business models and products will be formed for 5G in response to multiple network indicators and attributes. China Mobile Zhejiang Branch has upgraded the product rate model by establishing the relationship between dimensions and rates, which lays a product foundation for the implementation of “multi-dimensional billing”.

2. Capability construction of multi-dimensional billing

In response to the billing requirements of typical multi-dimensional products such as 5G private networks, based on the rate calculation form of multiple parameter combinations of network dimensions, the AsiaInfo’s 5G billing product AISWare Billing was introduced to build multi-dimensional billing and enquiry capabilities.


Features of AsiaInfo’s billing product AISWare Billing

3. Build the capability for “one-stop” business acceptance

5G multi-dimensional billing must be able to support the selection of product network parameters at front-office, support customers to conduct quick enquiries and convenient order placement, and change individual network parameters. China Mobile Zhejiang Branch has realized the full channels of centralized acceptance and opening capability for 5G services by building a “one-stop” acceptance capability.

4. Transformation of service provisioning capabilities

In terms of service provisioning, the linkage relationship between complex network parameters and front-office user requirements, and between back-office rule translation and network side is established to finally realize 5G service provisioning under multi-dimensional conditions.
At present stage, China Mobile Zhejiang Branch has completed 5G network coverage in key cities and regions within the province, and has the ability to support key businesses in vertical industries - the implementation of 5G private networks in medical industry and other industries and the successful migration of industrial large video services signify that the multi-dimensional billing for enterprise services has entered the production and application stage in Zhejiang.

In the future, 5G, as the engine of digital economy development, will unlock unprecedented value in the upsurge of digital transformation in various industries. AsiaInfo will also cooperate with China Mobile Zhejiang Branch to continue to optimize the support capabilities for multi-dimensional business, and provide “end-to-end” 5G products, solutions and differentiated services for various industries in order to contribute to the construction of Zhejiang’s digital economy and the development of China’s 5G industry.

Note: BAF business model: Based on 5G’s reliable and high-quality basic network (Basic), superimposed with rich and diverse value-added functions (Advanced), to provide customers with personalized service portfolio which is convenient, flexible and considerate (Flexible).