AsiaInfo, China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., China Mobile Beijing Branch and CMRI Jointly Build the 5G Smart Nuclear Industry

2020-05-29 AsiaInfo

On May 26, 2020, China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as “China Nuclear Power Engineering”) signed a cooperation framework agreement with AsiaInfo (stock code: 01675.HK), China Mobile Communications Group Beijing Co., Ltd. (referred to as "China Mobile Beijing Corporation”) and Research Institute of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “CMRI”) in Beijing. The four parties will jointly build a 5G-oriented smart nuclear industry, further accelerate the digital transformation of the nuclear industry, and jointly promote the application of 5G technology in the nuclear industry. Through mutual support, complementary resources, and business cooperation, they will jointly develop international and domestic smart nuclear industries and apply 5G technology in the nuclear industry.


A cooperation agreement was signed by Gao Nianshu, AsiaInfo CEO, Jing Chunning, Deputy General Manager of China Nuclear Power Engineering, Xia Bing, General Manager of China Mobile Beijing Branch, and Huang Yuhong, Vice President of CMRI. The signing ceremony was attended and witnessed by Chen Xueying, Deputy General Manager of China Nuclear Power Engineering, Wang Wenming, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Beijing Branch, Chen Wu, AsiaInfo’s Senior Vice President, Wang Liping and Chen Haixia, VPs of AsiaInfo.

Mutually Beneficial and Win-Win Cooperation Boosts 5G Empowerment for Digital Transformation of Nuclear Industry

China Nuclear Power Engineering, AsiaInfo, China Mobile Beijing Branch, CMRI will adhere to the concept of “openness, inclusiveness, cooperation, mutual benefit, complementarity, and win-win” to give full play to the resources and technical advantages of all parties in the field of communication and information planning and construction, carry out technical researches and verifications of wireless communication technology in the nuclear industry, and participate in the formulation of wireless communication standards, industry business and applications in the nuclear industry; to develop business applications suitable for the 5G nuclear industry sector, study IoT products in specific production environments of the nuclear industry and the design of related technology and application products; to carry out the design, research and development, construction, implementation and promotion of relevant products, technologies and applications such as industrial big data, business clouding and cloud computing for the needs of smart nuclear industry production; to carry out innovative research and implementation of related technologies and applications such as management and control of smart production of nuclear industry.

According to the agreement, led by China Nuclear Power Engineering, participated by China Mobile Beijing Branch, CMRI and AsiaInfo, the four parties jointly establish a “strategic cooperation leadership group” which will conduct further work planning, establish a system of irregular meetings of the leaders of the four parties to solve major issues of strategic cooperation, formulate strategic cooperation plans, organize and manage various tasks, coordinate major issues in cooperation among all parties, study and resolve major problems in cooperation in order to ensure smooth progress of various tasks.

Nuclear Industry of China: “New Infrastructure” is at the Right Time with the Speeding-up Digital Transformation

The nuclear industry is a comprehensive high-tech strategic industry for the development and utilization of nuclear energy. A country’s development level of nuclear industry also intensively reflects the entire industrial foundation and scientific and technological standards of that country.

In the 1950s, the Party Central Committee made a decision to develop the nuclear industry of China, thus tens of thousands of pioneers started the great journey of China’s nuclear industry in the Gobi Desert. The past 60 years witnessed the development from the explosion of the first atomic bomb to the launch of the first nuclear submarine, from the first nuclear reactor to the third-generation nuclear power brand “Hualong No. 1”, the struggle of several generations of nuclear industry workers has achieved a path of chasing dream for China’s nuclear industry to grow out of nothing and change from weak to strong. In recent years, China’s nuclear power installations have grown rapidly, ranking first in world in term of installed capacity of nuclear power under construction. With the steady progress of the construction of independent advanced nuclear power demonstration projects, the technological innovation capability, safety and economy of nuclear energy have continued to improve, and the applications in the fields of medical care, industry and agriculture have also developed rapidly. From independent innovation to industrial application, and then to the improved competitiveness, China’s nuclear industry is ushering in a “development window of opportunity” of strengthening and expanding. With the unfolding of the strategic layout of “new infrastructure”, the development of high-quality innovation with digital transformation as its main feature is precisely the only way for China’s nuclear industry to be among the world’s best.

Jing Chunning, Deputy General Manager of China Nuclear Power Engineering, said, “The survival and development of the nuclear industry are inseparable from the application of digital and intelligent technologies. I hope that we will further promote in-depth cooperation among all parties in the fields of digital design, smart operation and maintenance and smart nuclear through the integration and innovation of 5G and nuclear industry technologies, so as to propel the development of digital power stations for China Nuclear Power Engineering and the implementation of strategic planning for the intelligent design of nuclear power projects.”

Xia Bing, General Manager of China Mobile Beijing Branch, mentioned, “5G is not a monodrama, but a grand drama that requires the participation of all parties in society. China Mobile Beijing Branch will work along with AsiaInfo, CMRI and China Nuclear Power Engineering to create an international standard industry benchmark for the large-scale application of 5G in the nuclear industry and contribute to the smart nuclear industry, which is bound to be fruitful.”

Huang Yuhong, Vice President of CMRI, said, “The implementation of 5G in the nuclear industry requires a lot of technological innovation and application innovation. The four-party cooperation is an innovation cooperation, through which CMRI will actively contribute its technological advantages, rich expert resources and standardization experience in forward-looking technology research and application, and play an active role in innovation cooperation to contribute to national nuclear industry.”

Gao Nianshu, CEO of AsiaInfo said: “AsiaInfo will actively play a role as a link and bridge in the four-party cooperation, and actively provide its accumulation of technology, products, services and operations in 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, etc., and cooperate with China Nuclear Power Engineering, China Mobile Beijing Branch and CMRI to accelerate the implementation of the new infrastructure of 5G in the nuclear industry and promote the digital transformation of China’s nuclear industry. On the one hand, we must explore and formulate the industrial standards and specifications. On the other hand, we must ensure that 5G applications can be implemented and generate benefits in nuclear power business, and use 5G and digital technologies to help the nuclear industry reduce costs and increase efficiency, thereby promoting China’s nuclear industry to achieve world-class levels.”