AsiaInfo and Huadian Tianren, a Subsidiary of China Energy, Reached a Strategic Cooperation

2020-05-22 AsiaInfo

On May 21, 2020, Beijing AsiaInfo Xingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (“AsiaInfo Xingyuan”), a subsidiary of AsiaInfo Technologies Limited (“AsiaInfo”, stock code: 01675.HK) and Beijing Huadian Tianren Power Control Technology Co., Ltd. (“Huadian Tianren”), a subsidiary of China Energy, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing.

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In the witness of Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo, and Gao Yanchao, Chairman of Huadian Tianren, Chen Haixia, Vice President of AsiaInfo, and Yu Kang, General Manager of Huadian Tianren, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. Wang Liping, Vice President of AsiaInfo, and others attended the signing ceremony.

A Powerful Alliance in Era of 5G and the Context of “New Infrastructure Construction”

The 2018 Central Economic Work Conference explicitly proposed to “accelerate the pace of 5G commercialization and strengthen the construction of new infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and Internet of Things.” Since 2020, the central government has deployed tasks related to “New Infrastructure Construction” many times. As a basic industry of the national economy, the energy industry shoulders a great responsibility in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the energy structure, boosting the conversion of old and new economic momentum, and satisfying the people’s longing for a better life. For energy companies, digital information construction and digital empowerment can greatly improve the level of refined operations and lean management, drive industry technological innovation, and promote economic and social development.

Subordinate to China Energy (one of Fortune 500 companies), Huadian Tianren is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Limited (a H-share listed company), and the earliest high-tech enterprise engaged in energy information business in China. In the market of wind power pitch control system, Huadian Tianren holds the top position in China in terms of occupation rate. Committed to the field of control and information in the power generation industry, with the mission of developing a safer, more efficient, and more intelligent power industry, the Company has strong technical research and development, engineering implementation, and operation and maintenance capabilities by deep integration of information network technology, forming two major core businesses of new energy and information technology. In compliance with the reform of the power system, the Company took the lead in building an information service team in the power industry, utilizing Internet information + control and core information technology to build smart enterprises, providing customers with customized solutions to promote the transformation and upgrading of the power industry.

In recent years, AsiaInfo has determined the strategy of “One Consolidation and Three Developments”, actively embracing new technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things and relying on products, services, operations, and integration capabilities, to enable the digital transformation of large enterprises. As a subsidiary of AsiaInfo, Beijing AsiaInfo Xingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. undertakes the AsiaInfo’s missions of expansion and service in the energy industry.

In order to actively respond to the China’s call for “New Infrastructure Construction” and the innovative development of the industrial Internet, the two parties have reached this strategic alliance based on the principle of “friendliness, pragmatism, consultation, and mutual benefit”. According to the agreement, the two parties will make full use of their respective capabilities and resource endowments to focus on energy, power and environmental protection industries, and utilize 5G, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other emerging information processing technologies to jointly promote the rapid development of information technology construction of China Energy, in order to provide comprehensive information system solutions for domestic energy companies at all levels and advantageous markets in related industries, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the energy industry.

Focus on Energy and Environmental Protection to Develop the National Market Together

According to the agreement, Huadian Tianren and AsiaInfo Xingyuan have formed important strategic partnership in the field of wireless private network of power of China Energy. The two parties will rely on AsiaInfo Xingyuan’s advantages of research and development, construction, operation and maintenance in power communication and other aspects to jointly focus on the related fields and key projects of the wireless private network of power of China Energy, so as to provide Huadian Tianren with related products, technical support and operation and maintenance guarantee.

At the same time, the two parties will cooperate to develop the domestic market to jointly provide comprehensive power communications and informatization products, solutions and services for domestic energy companies at all levels, environmental protection industry and so on. The two parties will jointly set up a special project team to cooperate to provide relevant solutions under the guidance of the leading departments of the two parties, and push forward the follow-up work of the project.

Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo, said, “I hope the cooperation of two companies will make an impact under the great wave of 5G and ‘New Infrastructure Construction’ to help and empower the digital transformation of the energy industry.”

Gao Yanchao, Chairman of Huadian Tianren, said, “We hope to build a professional information service team in the power industry in the 5G era with the mature data middle-ground and business middle-ground technologies to create a smart enterprise and provide customized solutions for customers so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the power industry.”