AsiaInfo Launches 5G Smart Energy Solutions to Support New Infrastructure in Energy Industry

2020-03-16 AsiaInfo

On March 4, the meeting of Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC proposed to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G and data centers. As China accelerates the pace of new infrastructure construction, 5G application solutions will impel the digital transformation for various industries.

As one of a few industry software and service providers in China that are capable of providing a full life cycle service model of IT planning, construction and operation, AsiaInfo has launched 5G smart energy solutions to support the new infrastructure of the energy industry and accelerate industrial digital transformation by relying on its “carrier-grade” products, services, operation and integration ability.

Featured by complex and diverse industrial application scenarios, the energy industry is confronted with many difficulties in digital transformation. For example, the end of communication is unreachable and data collection capability is limited; there is not a successful way to coordinate with internal and external sources in real time and the communication cost is high; all-round visual supervision on safe production has not yet been achieved; operation and maintenance efficiency needs to be significantly improved; emergency command and major repair methods are limited. All of these greatly impede the progress of industrial digital transformation.

The 5G smart energy solutions of AsiaInfo consist of three types of products: 5G network-wide integration solution, smart operation and control, and smart production, which solve the problem of end network access and open up the data acquisition and transmission layer via 5G, AI, big data, cloud computing, and edge computing. With the help of smart data in the middle-ground, smart operation and smart production will be created to enable technology to empower management with wisdom, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

助力能源行业新基建 亚信科技推出5G智慧能源解决方案.png

The 5G network-wide integration solution adopts the operator-authorized wireless spectrum with rich spectrum resources. It can reduce the number of network construction nodes, quickly achieve wireless coverage and access in various scenarios of energy companies, and meet the basic wireless network communication needs of the global scenario of the energy industry. Meanwhile, the intelligent network operation and maintenance management platform is provided to reduce network operation and maintenance costs in later stage

In terms of smart operation and control, AsiaInfo applies technologies such as industrial Internet, intelligent robots and 3D visualization to realize the interconnection and data flow of people, equipment, enterprises and all links in the industrial chain, forming a “blood circulation system” for energy digitalization. As one of its products, the joint operations command center is a comprehensive life-cycle management platform for emergency or major incidents in the energy industry. It enables the full control of incident, visible procedure, controllable process, efficient collaboration, data fusion and sharing, and traceable history. The application of big data and AI technology improves the rapid response, decision-making and collaboration capabilities for major incidents and activities. This solution can help enterprises to quickly build joint operation command centers for various scenarios (maritime infrastructure, overhaul management, production operation and maintenance, natural disaster prevention and control, accident handling, etc.), and realize operation detection, operation strategy establishment and impact assessment, and joint operation performance, coordinated response of various operational resources, operational communication support, panoramic view display and other functions

The smart production platform tracks equipment status and performs real-time analysis through the big data technology of industrial Internet of Things, comprehensively controls the operation status of production equipment of the enterprise, discovers unusual actions and hidden dangers in production activities in time and gives early warning of failure trends, which improve the effect and life of equipment so as to help enterprises reduce costs and provide data support for production decisions

助力能源行业新基建 亚信科技推出5G智慧能源解决方案.jpg

Currently, AsiaInfo is assisting the implementation of emergency production management platform of China’s nuclear power. It helps customers build a comprehensive information management system based on production operation management and centered on emergency management. By exerting the platform’s advantage in data processing and analysis, customers can access the emergency and operation management information of its nuclear power plants in a timely manner, and strengthen the scientific, standard and prescriptive emergency drills, rehearsals, and training management to rationalize the emergency decision-making.