AsiaInfo Helps "Woleju" Prevent and Control Covid-2019 Epidemic in Hebei

2020-02-28 AsiaInfo

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, AsiaInfo has always stayed in the front line and fully supported the safe, stable and efficient operation of major telecom operators' IT systems, effectively ensuring the smooth and stable communication services during the epidemic. Meanwhile, based on the needs of the government's epidemic prevention and control work, as well as the emergency service requirements from our customers, AsiaInfo quickly set up a wartime task force headed by CEO Gao Nianshu and organized a national team of experts and the local service telecom operators to respond to the needs of local governments; With our perfect system and agile process, a big data emergency service guarantee system has been formed for the epidemic prevention and control

In Hebei, AsiaInfo fully supports and assists Hebei Unicom, makes full use of and gives full play to the advantages of big data technology, and assists operators to fully support the government's intelligent and accurate prevention and control of the epidemic.

According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, AsiaInfo, under the leadership of Hebei Unicom, has developed and launched a "Waleju" platform that supports the two entries - applet and WeChat official account, providing access management for all residential areas and buildings in the cities in Hebei.

"Woleju" supports multiple functions such as community creation, generation of community QR codes, registration of community residents, application for access to the residential communities, examination of property personnel, inquiry of residents' data of coming in and out of communities, etc. It not only provides a convenient and quick management tool for community management personnel, but also can trace and recall the information of target personnel's flow track and body temperature. The "Woleju" was originally designed to meet the needs of residential areas in Shijiazhuang City. After the platform was launched, it was well received by customers and has been promoted in Hebei Province.

In the past week since the promotion by "Woleju" in the whole province, there have been more than 2,600 communities and more than 45,000 residents registered on the platform, providing information-based tool support for epidemic prevention and control in communities and accurately and effectively assisting communities in epidemic prevention and control.

At present, "Woleju" has released version 2.0. On the basis of supporting community management, it provides information management tools to support intelligent access management of factories, parks and office buildings in view of the current large-scale resumption of work in various units. It can timely monitor the access information and body temperature of employees in various units and ensure the normal production and operation of various enterprises and institutions.


In addition, at the request of epidemic prevention and control departments at all levels, AsiaInfo relies on the open big data platform to assist Hebei Unicom's response to the data needs of all parties in a timely manner and provide data support for scientific decision-making. Now we can accurately identify the user's area and send epidemic prevention and control publicity messages; On the premise of strengthening the data security management related to epidemic prevention and control, we will provide customers with data intelligent technology services including population flow, risk prevention and control, smart short messages, smart advertisements, etc. All the citizens can use for free the travel inquiry assistant APP and the city dynamic inquiry assistant APP developed for the epidemic prevention and control, which support users to inquire about the relevant information of whether they have reached the epidemic-stricken areas during the outbreak , the number of travellers returning to cities , the urban travel intensity and other information, so as to help people accurately judge the epidemic development in their locations, and thus reduce the risk of cross infection.

As of February 23, Hebei Unicom has opened its platform to support the demand for epidemic publicity and prevention short messages in 9 cities and counties across the province, sent more than 31.7 million short messages, submitted 20 epidemic prevention and control reports and lists, 21 work resumption reports and lists, 16 personnel movement reports and 14 flow monitoring reports in tourist attractions. With reliable information, convenient operation and strong visualization, the inquiry system has become a trustworthy intelligent assistant for governments, medical institutions, CDCs at all levels as well as individual users.