CAICT and OSCAR Strongly Recommend AsiaInfo’s Big Data Platform for Epidemic Prevention and Control

2020-02-26 AsiaInfo

Recently, the Big Data Platform for Epidemic Prevention and Control developed by AsiaInfo has been listed as one of the cloud-based products for COVID-19 epidemic management, prevention and control. The list is formulated by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and Cloud Computing Open Source Cloud Alliance for Industry (OSCAR). The platform recommended by them is expected to provide scientific data for all parties to contain the epidemic outbreak.

Under the guidance of the Department of Information Technology Development of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC, CAICT worked with OSCAR to develop a reference guide of cloud-based service products intended for epidemic control and the resumption of work and production. This move aims to encourage manufacturers in the cloud services industry to speed up application innovation, and meanwhile provides reference for government agencies and enterprises to choose appropriate cloud service products.

The platform operates well by relying on AsiaInfo’s big data processing capabilities and AI products. Supported by functions such as real-time human flow sensing and analysis, population movement and trend analysis, the platform integrates the movement of people with different scenes. This can help local governments and telecom operators know exactly how people move around in a given community. With the data provided, the authorities are able to receive epidemic updates and respond more effectively to risks of imported cases, the spread of disease and crowds gathering during the outbreak. Up to now, AsiaInfo has submitted a large number of analysis reports on the outbreak to the Beijing municipal government and its 16 district governments and some sub-district offices. In this process, the platform has supported decision makers of China Mobile's Beijing branch at all levels to win the battle against the pneumonia outbreak.

The custom-developed platform is responsive to the needs of relevant authorities, enterprises and institutions, thus providing scientific and precise data for them in dealing with the epidemic. This platform presents six major advantages as follows.

1. Provide extensive coverage and serve the needs of the majority by integrating the data resources of major telecom operators;

2. Use advanced network technology to provide real-time, safe and reliable data for effective epidemic prevention and control;

3. Safeguard users’ data security, and protect their rights and interests through encryption and data masking;

4. Display 7×24 real-time epidemic information to identify risks timely, support decision makers, and facilitate the implementation of virus-control measures;

5. Serve administrative regions at all levels with multi-level grid management system, and allow for data sharing. A 100 m × 100 m grid management system on the platform can help front-line staff speed up the thorough search of infected people and enhance risk prevention;

6. Identify the developments of the COVID-19 outbreak by providing multi-dimensional insights into its tendency and potential risks it brings to different areas. The data of the flowing trend and size of the mobile population in a given area can also help relevant departments find out those at higher risk of infection.

For governments and enterprises, the resumption of work and production will become a prominent problem when the epidemic is over. AsiaInfo wishes to help tackle this problem with its powerful big data technology. With the access to the latest information on work resumption in office buildings and industrial parks, AsiaInfo can support government departments with real-time epidemic updates and  forecast for areas like business districts, schools and hospitals, so that people returning to work are able to resume production as soon as possible.

In fighting the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, AsiaInfo has been committed to using technology for social benefits and providing products with humanity. We believe that technology-driven products and services are the best tools for us to fight the epidemic.