AsiaInfo Brings New Intelligent Highway Service Solutions to Changsha International Intelligent Transportation Expo

2019-12-18 China Economic Weekly,Li Yonghua

On December 15, AsiaInfo Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (“AsiaInfo” for short; Stock code: 01675.HK) launched a series of new solutions for intelligent traffic management at the 2019 Hunan (Changsha) International Intelligent Transportation and Intelligent Network Connection & New Energy Automobile Expo. The solutions include the intelligent sensing IoT platform, the integrated highway operation management platform, the big data platform for transport industry, the intelligent traffic clearing and settlement platform, as well as the vehicle network platform and the overall plan for coordinated operation of drivers, vehicles and highway.

According to AsiaInfo’s official website, the data of Frost & Sullivan shows that AsiaInfo is the largest telecommunications software products and services provider in China. Considering its profit in 2017, AsiaInfo’s market share has reached 25.3%. Accordingly, it is also the largest provider of BSS software products and services in China's telecom industry, with a market share of 50.0%.

In July 2019, AsiaInfo became the deputy secretary-general unit of China Highway Traffic Information Service Alliance. At present, both sides have discussed on the collaboration of road traffic and vehicles, smart construction site, and smart port. They aim to establish a client operation system for highway traffic service.

Mr. Yang Tongbing, the general manager of AsiaInfo’s Business Development Department, noted that AsiaInfo has signed with many provincial highway management groups amidst the elimination of highway interprovincial toll stations nationwide. Relying on its technical superiority, AsiaInfo has built a new road network model based on open toll. This can make the toll accurate in the absence of interprovincial toll stations.

According to Mr. Yang, the concept of offering highway services is new, yet in the future, both drivers and traffic management departments are bound to demand for better highway traffic services. The forthcoming intelligent highway traffic platform will provide more and more precise services for vehicle owners. For example, drivers can learn about the weather and road conditions ahead of time, and they can even know what dishes are available in the highway service area. Of course, supported by the blockchain, 5G and big data technologies, AsiaInfo will assist management departments in building the highway client service platform, and enhance the regulation of transportation platforms across the nation.