Blockchain Blocks up Fake Green Channel Vehicles on the Highway

2019-12-18 Science and Technology Daily,Yu Huiyou俞慧友

 “At the end of this year, the highway toll stations across provincial boundaries will be completely canceled, and the relevant management and services are expected to operate on the Internet. In this case, technologies like blockchain and 5G can be applied to the transport industry,” Yang Tongbing, an expert from AsiaInfo, expressed his idea for the application of Internet technologies in transportation at the 2019 Hunan (Changsha) International Intelligent Transportation Expo. He revealed that blockchain technology is expected to help with the management of green channel vehicles, which used to be a big headache in intelligent transportation management.

Green channel vehicles are the ones that can use green channels to transport fresh agricultural products on the highway for free. However, some ordinary trucks may pass for green channel vehicles too. In the past, a lot of manpower and material resources are required to detect those “fake” vehicles. But now AsiaInfo is working hard on establishing an intelligent supervision system for managing the highway green channel vehicles based on blockchain technology.

According to Zhou Deping, an intelligent traffic expert from AsiaInfo, the system gives full play to the advantages of blockchain (de-centralization, tamper proof information, multi-node maintenance, etc.) to ensure the reliability of all data on the platform. Then it can upgrade the full process of reservation, monitoring, inspection, and free passage of green channel vehicles on the highway. It functions based on a definable credit score system of agricultural enterprises, vehicles and drivers, as well as the automatic adjustment credits subject to the reservation details of farm products, vehicles traffic record and inspection results. Therefore, the system can improve the passage efficiency of green channel vehicles, and minimize the risks of dodging toll and charge-lost.

“Based on the trustworthiness of blockchain data, the system can gradually improve the information collection and database construction of farm products, vehicles and drivers for green channel access. There are also multiple dimensions of statistical analysis that can provide accurate data base accordingly and operation strategy for formulating flexible favorable rates of highway toll.” Zhou Deping said.