The New Era of Customer Operation: AsiaInfo Shows up at Changsha International Intelligent Transportation Expo

2019-12-18 AsiaInfo

 On the morning of December 13, 2019, the "2019 Hunan (Changsha) International Intelligent Transportation and Intelligent Network Connection & New Energy Automobile Exposition" kicked off in Changsha, with the theme of "creating life intelligently with technology and driving the future with wisdom". AsiaInfo was invited to attend the expo with its innovative "customer operation" concept and "planning + construction + operation" service model, as well as its whole industry chain software and service capabilities, which attracted wide attention from experts and insiders.

AsiaInfo is one of the few domestic software and service providers that can provide a full lifecycle service model for IT planning, construction, and operation. Its booth designs three exhibition areas: intelligent operation, enabling operation and 5G application, which focus on displaying customer operation management, whole-process service management, travel member management, road guide management, intelligent transportation intellisense IoT platform, high-speed integrated operation management platform, big data platform of transportation industry, intelligent transportation clearing and settlement integrated platform, intelligent integration vehicle network platform and human-vehicle-road collaborative operation overall plan.


On the first day of the expo, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People's Congress Zhou Nong, leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Communications, Hunan province and Changsha, as well as representatives of the local transportation industry and media all visited AsiaInfo’s exhibition area.

In 2019, AsiaInfo became the deputy secretary-general unit of China Highway Travel Information Service Association. The two sides conducted business discussions on vehicle and road collaboration, smart construction sites, smart ports and other aspects, and established the "highway travel service customer operation system". In terms of industry regulation and standard setting, it has made its due contribution and proved its value together with the Travel Information Service Association.

In terms of the planning and design of customer service system and customer operation system, AsiaInfo and relevant units of the Ministry of Communications have carried out in-depth cooperation to provide consulting services, assist the central stations of the Ministry of Communications in sorting out the whole process from the perspective of the whole network, and help the center of the Ministry of Communications and provinces in capacity planning in this regard, providing guidance for the future development of the transportation industry.


In the nationwide promotion of canceling the provincial toll station project in 2019, AsiaInfo has successively signed contracts with several provincial highway management groups. The company is responsible for the high-speed billing and route fitting project of a certain province; it has built a new road network model under the open billing mode, and realized the ETC/MTC billing and transaction checking service based on the route fitting ability, providing support and guarantee for the charging accuracy of the province's project of cancelling expressway toll stations between provinces. The company is also responsible for a provincial highway big data platform project; it has built a big data platform system for the whole provincial network, and realized various forms of data analysis such as business monitoring, auditing and special analysis based on the platform to provide data analysis support for the province's project of cancelling expressway toll stations between provinces.

According to Yang Tongbing, General Manager of the Business Development of AsiaInfo, with the gradual formation of the national "One Net" pattern, toll stations between provinces will be cancelled by the end of this year. The transportation industry has moved from the era of large-scale construction to the era of "customer operation", and a refined and precise service system needs to be built to meet people's demands for diversified and humanized travel information.

Adhering to the corporate mission of "being the enabler the digital transformation of large enterprises", AsiaInfo has always been delivering strong products, services, operational and integration capabilities to the transportation sector. The company will comprehensively use 5G, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new ICT technologies to facilitate the digital transformation of the transportation industry, so as to make travel more convenient and comfortable and realize unimpeded traffic.