AsiaInfo Releases 5G Strategy and Series Products to Support Operators and Vertical Industries’ “5G Force Evolution”

2019-06-21 AsiaInfo

On June 20, AsiaInfo Technologies Limited (AsiaInfo, stock code: 01675.HK) held the “Force Evolution - AsiaInfo X for 5G Product Launch” in Beijing, which aimed at fully displaying AsiaInfo’s “global visualization, global intelligentization and global perceptibility” supporting capacity in 5G network and related business, deepening the cooperation with telecom operators and large enterprises, and jointly building an open and collaborative 5G ecosystem to promote its transformation “from traffic to value”.


AsiaInfo Executive Director and CEO Nianshu Gao, AsiaInfo Vice President and General Manager of the Strategy and Market Center Liping Wang, AsiaInfo Chief Technology Officer and Vice President Dr. Ye Ouyang and other AsiaInfo executives attended the grand event together with more than 300 senior managers and industry experts from large enterprises including China Telecom and China Post, as well as financial institutions and government departments.




Build comprehensive and leading 5G commercial software products and solutions based on three “globals”

At the product launch, Dr. Ye Ouyang, chief technology officer of AsiaInfo, elaborated on AsiaInfo’s 5G product and technology strategy, namely “global virtualization, global intelligence and global perception”. “Global virtualization” refers to the intelligent and virtualized products and solutions for 5G network that help operators automate and virtualize network and business functions within their network systems; “global intelligentization” is to help operators establish a full set of universal AI platforms compatible with O and B domains and export unified ability to various vertical ecosystems with the communication ecosystem based on AsiaInfo’s years of machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence capabilities accumulated in the operator system; “global perception” means that all new products developed by AsiaInfo for 5G network must be aimed at optimizing and enhancing the perception and experience of operators' mobile users and vertical industry users at the network service level. The ultimate goal of all the products is to optimize the experience and perception of 5G users. As the largest telecom software and information service provider in China, AsiaInfo began to plan and pre-study the next-generation business support system for 5G business models and scenarios in 2016, and have seen dramatic breakthroughs in such fields as 5G network intelligence, artificial intelligence, platform support, big data and scenario billing; it has also released the strategy and plan on 5G network intelligent products, built a series of product prototypes, including customer experience management products, network virtualization products, network intelligent analysis products, etc., and carried out pilot cooperation with the three major operators and their research institutions or provincial branches.

“As a long-term partner of China's three major operators for 26 years, AsiaInfo and the operators have formed a high degree of strategic and technical synergy in each generation of technological evolution. AsiaInfo will use its ‘global virtualization, global intelligentization and global perception’ technologies to help operators achieve the neutrality of business and network. In the 5G era, we hope to be the technical arranger of the operators' network and business; in the business model, we hope to be the enabler of operators and vertical industries.” Dr. Ye Ouyang said.

6 major 5G product systems to compete in the 5G era

Based on the concept of three “globals”, AsiaInfo today launched products in six directions: 5G global artificial intelligence product - AISWare AI2, 5G scenario billing product - AISWare 5G Billing, 5G PaaS platform product - AISWare AIF, 5G network intelligent product - AISWare Network Intelligence, 5G big data product - AISWare 5G BigData and open source database product - AISWare AntDB.


AsiaInfo’s 26 years of experience in telecommunication services has spawned the 5G global artificial intelligence products AISWare AI2, which uses AI technology to intelligentize and enable hundreds of business domains, network domains and application scenarios in the 5G telecom ecosystem. This product features diverse engines, flexible modeling, quick launch, automatic optimization, etc., according to business needs, data and computing power, it can select the best AI platform version to meet the business needs of different scenarios; the products supports three modeling methods: wizard-like modeling, coding-like modeling and drag-and-drop modeling, and provide a variety of AI-capable output interfaces for application development, which is convenient for platform users to directly call them.

AsiaInfo 5G scenario billing product AISWare Billing: with the advent of 5G era, in the vertical industries, billing and settlement objects will be shifted from the traditional billing of people and things to the billing of scenarios. AsiaInfo’s 5G network-based billing system will enable multi-dimensional billing, equity sharing, SLA pricing, open realization of capability, combinations of multiple billing modes, and scenarized billing objects, and thus to realize scenario billing and help cash in on 5G network.

AsiaInfo 5G PaaS platform product AISWare AIF is a core technology platform developed based on the construction concept of “big platform, small architecture, light application” as well as lots of practice of large enterprises including operators. It aims to help customers build large IT systems with the lowest cost and in the shortest time. AISWare AIF provides standard, convenient, stable and efficient technical component services for upper-layer applications. It features advanced technology, open standards, quick launch, and easy system operation and maintenance.

AsiaInfo 5G network intelligent product AISWare Network Intelligence leverages AsiaInfo’s technological advantages in AI communications and BSS/OSS synergy. These products support the “planning-deployment-maintenance-optimization-customer” full-life-cycle operation and management; support the end-to-end network slicing capabilities of RAN, transport network and core network, support intelligent planning and optimization of wireless network and support end-to-end customer experience and perception management capabilities. All of these constitute the support capability for the comprehensive operation and maintenance of 5G networks and services, creating corresponding information high-speed access for application scenarios in the virtual network environment through artificial intelligence, which provides a basis for efficient interconnection of all things.

When big date flow from the edges to the center through the coordinated linkage between edge computing and cloud computing, AsiaInfo 5G big data product AISWare Big Data will conduct real-time analysis, which enables telecom big data to be used to establish richer customer perception and customer service capabilities, and thus to quickly capture the dividends of the industry’s digital transformation.

AsiaInfo open source database product AISWare AntDB is one of the most stable and efficient native distributed database systems based on PostgreSQL; its architecture and system have extremely strong stability. Based on the combination of theory and practice for many years, this native distributed database product features scalability, multi-tenant, high-availability, high-performance, low-cost, high independence, security and reliability, and transparency to business. Recently, AntDB successfully passed the standard test of financial distributed transaction database organized by experts from the Cloud Computing and Big Data Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (“CCBDI”), and was awarded a certificate on June 4, which has fully demonstrated that AsiaInfo AntDB is a product that meets the national industry standards as well as the requirements of high performance and high security in the financial industry.

AsiaInfo: Enable digital transformation of large enterprises with 5G network

    Established in 1993, AsiaInfo Technologies Limited (AsiaInfo, stock code: 01675.HK) is a leading provider of software products, solutions and services, and it is committed to becoming the enabler of digital transformation for large enterprises.

With more than 500 mission-critical “operator-grade” software product portfolios, AsiaInfo is the largest provider of software products and related services in China's telecommunications industry. The company is actively embracing emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data, and relies on its strong capabilities in products, services, operations and integration to develop new customers and new businesses, explore new models, and help realize the digital transformation of enterprises in various industries.

At present, AsiaInfo has formed a complete set of AISWare product systems including customer relationship management, billing & accounting, big data, internet of things and network intelligence, and has made innovative practices in smart communities, car networking, internet of things, public affairs and other fields. Its major customers include large enterprises in energy, radio and television, postal, finance, insurance, transportation and other industries.

Nianshu Gao, executive director and CEO of AsiaInfo, said, “The issuance of 5G commercial licenses marks China’s formal usher into era of 5G commercial use, which will undoubtedly bring us tremendous business opportunities and challenges. AsiaInfo has 26 years of experience and technology accumulation in the telecom industry. With its leading support capability in 5G commercial use, AsiaInfo will fully support the 5G construction of telecom operators, empowering the digital transformation of large enterprises, and making its own contribution for China to hold the leading position in 5G network.”