AsiaInfo Exclusively Wins the Bidding for China Mobile’s Integration Service of IP Special Supporting Network System

2019-10-12 AsiaInfo

Recently, China Mobile officially announced that AsiaInfo (China) exclusively won the bidding for China Mobile's integration service framework procurement project of IP special supporting network system.

China Mobile's IP special supporting network is positioned to carry closed and semi-closed property, security and business with relatively high Qos requirements. It currently carries voice, intra-enterprise communications and group client VPN and other services, existing as the world's largest special carrying network with more than 1000 core, convergence, and access router equipment.

The development of 5G, telecom cloud and other services has generated the demand for large-scale construction of network capacity and network capability. This project involves the upgrading, replacement, relocation, expansion and increase of nearly 400 devices, as well as the adjustment and expansion of more than 4,000 links. Finally, relying on more than 20 years of experience and technical advantages from servicing telecom operators, as well as the strength of the project team serving IP special supporting network for 13 consecutive years from 2006 to now, AsiaInfo won the bid successfully. The tender offer is RMB 54,723,560 yuan (tax inclusive price) and RMB 51,626,000 yuan excluding tax.

As a long-term partner of China's three operators for more than 20 years, AsiaInfo becomes the sole supplier for China Mobile's integration service of IP special supporting network system this time. This once again shows the leading products and service capabilities of AsiaInfo, and is also a vivid practice to implement the "one consolidation" of the company's business strategy of "one consolidation and three development" (that is, to continuously consolidate the leading position of telecom industry in the software and service market).