AsiaInfo Passed CMMI5 Certification Again

2019-08-02 AsiaInfo

On July 31, AsiaInfo successfully passed the world's highest CMMI5 certification.


Since the 2016 CMMI5 certification, AsiaInfo has undergone the innovation in 2017 and the leapfrog development in 2018, and we have started a new journey in 2019.The full agile process was used for the first time in this CMMI certification. With the minimalist documentation and the self-developed DevOps platform AiDO, we have enabled agile process monitoring, development quality management, continuous CI/CD and automated testing, and realized automatic acquisition of most metric data with tools. Relying on the DSS platform and the strong knowledge support of Yunxuetang, we have passed the CMMI5 certification once again with zero weak points. All of these show AsiaInfo's outstanding achievements in software capability maturity and also demonstrate AsiaInfo's capabilities in software process improvement and software development management.

It is known that CMMI is a collection of multi-disciplinary and open-ended products. The initial motivation for its development is to implement a set of integrated process improvements using two or more single-disciplinary models. The CMMI is divided into five levels: Initial, Managed, Defined, Quantitatively Managed and Optimizing. Among them, the highest level, level 5, is the Optimizing. It aims at promoting the continuous improvement of process through quantitative data analysis and feedback of the process, as well as advanced new ideas and new technologies.