AsiaInfo CEO Gao Nianshu: Three "Global" Drives Help Carriers with 5G Evolution

2019-06-27 人民邮电报 黄舍予

With the launch of commercial 5G, how to build a 5G network for future business development needs has become the focus of the industry."Three 'global' capabilities are needed to support and realize 5G transition from web traffic to value and truly cash in on business." Gao Nianshu, executive director and CEO of AsiaInfo, threw this view in an interview with the reporter of People's Posts and Telecommunications News.

According to Gao, based on a deep understanding of carrier networks, AsiaInfo has created a 5G network and service support capabilities of "global virtualization, global intelligence, and global perceptibility", which can help carriers build an open and collaborative 5G ecosystem, and lay a solid network foundation for the future 5G empowerment in all walks of life.

"Global Virtualization" refers to products and solutions for intelligent and virtualized 5G networks, which can help carriers to automate and virtualize network and business functions within the network system; "global intelligence" means AsiaInfo will, based on its capacities accumulated in carriers' systems over the years in machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence, help carriers establish a set of universal AI platforms compatible with O and B domains, and help carriers export uniform capabilities to vertical ecosystems within the communications ecosystem; and "global perceptibility" means all new products of AsiaInfo developed for 5G must be aimed at optimizing and enhancing the perception and experience of carriers' mobile users and vertical industry users at the network business level, and the ultimate goal of all products is to optimize the experience and perception of 5G users.

While 4G changes our life, 5G changes our society. Gao believes that 5G has opened up a new era of the Internet of Everything, bringing profound changes to our production and life. "5G and 4G are completely different. 4G has changed the way people socialize, travel and entertain. It is 'To C'. But the 5G era is more about 'To B', which changes not only individuals but also organizations. It focuses on the productivity improvement of the entire society."

Based on this insight, AsiaInfo launches six products besides 5G strategy: 5G global artificial intelligence product - AISWare AI, 5G scenario billing product - AISWare 5G Billing, 5G PaaS platform product - AISWare AIF, 5G network intelligent product - AISWare Network Intelligence, 5G big data product - AISWare 5G BigData and open source database product - AISWare AntDB. These products will provide strong support for various vertical industries empowered by 5G .

It is worth mentioning that in the context of the accelerated convergence of 5G and traditional industries, AsiaInfo is also promoting its own business transformation, extending to network intelligence, digital operations and vertical industries."AsiaInfo has 26 years of experience and technology accumulation in the telecom industry. It will fully support telecom carriers' 5G construction, empower the digital transformation of large enterprises, and make its own contribution for China to hold the leading position in 5G network." Gao emphasized.