AsiaInfo: Promote Transformation of 5G Network from "Web Traffic" to "Value"

2019-06-26 经济日报 董碧娟

"Global virtualization, global intelligence and global perceptibility are at the core of AsiaInfo's 5G strategy." As introduced by AsiaInfo's CTO Ouyang Ye, "global virtualization" helps carriers realize automation and virtualization of network and business functions within the network system; "global intelligence" helps carriers output uniform capacities to each vertical ecosystem within the communications ecosystem; and "global perceptibility" is for optimizing and improving the perception and experience of carriers' consumers and vertical industry users in network services.

It's learnt that, in 2016, AsiaInfo began to plan and pre-study the next-generation business support system for 5G business models and scenarios, and had achieved dramatic breakthroughs in 5G network intelligence, artificial intelligence, platform support, big data, and scenario-based billing. In recent years, it has launched the 5G network intelligent product strategy and planning, and built a series of product prototypes, including customer experience management products, network virtualization products, network intelligent analysis products, etc., and conducted pilot cooperation with the three major carriers and their research institutions or provincial companies.

"As a long-term partner of China's three major carriers for 26 years, AsiaInfo and the carriers have a high degree of strategic and technical synergy in each generation of technological evolution. In the 5G era, we hope to be the technical arranger of the carriers' network and business; in the business model, we hope to be the enabler of carriers and vertical industries," said Ouyang Ye.

Based on the concept of three "globals", AsiaInfo has launched six 5G products: 5G global artificial intelligence product - AISWare AI2, 5G scenario-based billing product - AISWare 5G Billing, 5G PaaS platform product - AISWare AIF, 5G network intelligent product - AISWare Network Intelligence, 5G big data product - AISWare 5G BigData and open source database product - AISWare AntDB.

All the above products have remarkable innovation and broad applicability. For example, AISWare AI² features a variety of engines, flexible modeling, quick launch, automatic optimization, etc. It can select the best AI platform version according to business needs, data and computing power, and provide a variety of AI-capable output interfaces for application development, which is readily accessible to platform users.

AISware Billing, a 5G network-based billing system of AsiaInfo, will enable multi-dimensional billing, equity sharing, SLA pricing, open realization of capability, combination of multiple billing modes, and scenarized billing objects, and thus to realize scenario-based billing and help cash in on 5G network.

AISWare AIF will help customers build large-scale IT systems at minimal cost and fastest speed, provide upper-layer applications with standard, convenient, stable and efficient technical component services. It is characterized by advanced technology, open standards, fast business launch, and easy operation and maintenance.

It is learnt that, AsiaInfo has been involved in the research and development of software products and solutions for the telecommunications industry since its establishment in 1993. Currently, it has more than 500 mission-critical "carrier-grade" software product portfolios.

Furthermore, AsiaInfo has formed a complete set of AISWare product systems including customer relationship management, billing & accounting, big data, internet of things and network intelligence, and has made innovative practices in smart communities, Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Things, public affairs and other fields. Its major customers are large enterprises in energy, radio and television, postal service, finance, insurance, transportation and other industries. On December 19, 2018, AsiaInfo was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

"The issuance of 5G commercial licenses marks that China has ushered into the commercial 5G era, which will undoubtedly bring us tremendous business opportunities and challenges. AsiaInfo has 26 years of experience and technology accumulation in the telecom industry. With its leading support capability in 5G commercial use, AsiaInfo will fully support the 5G construction of telecom carriers, empowering the digital transformation of large enterprises”, said Gao Nianshu, Executive Director and CEO of AsiaInfo.