With the Strategy of Three "Global Drives", AsiaInfo's Full Range of Products Empower 5G Network

2019-06-25 C114通信网 水易

On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G licenses to four carriers including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television. This means that the time for commercial 5G in China is moved up from 2020 to 2019, half a year ahead of the time estimated by the market.

However, the issuance of 5G licenses is only a beginning, and carriers still have a lot of work to do in the future, including network construction, business mode exploration and so on. Undoubtedly, it's difficult for carriers to achieve commercial success of 5G network if they rely solely on themselves. In particular, carriers' dilemma of the disproportion between input and revenues in the 4G era is an urgent problem to be solved in the 5G era.

As a business model, 5G billing especially needs to be changed. Tian Suning, Chairman of the Board of AsiaInfo, noted that the billing of 5G network is not only for web traffic. A complicated billing model is needed to provide different billing methods applicable to different time delays, security levels, scenarios, and customers. In this regard, as the leading domestic operation support system manufacturer with 26-year experience of carrier-grade software R & D, AsiaInfo has released 6 new products to empower 5G network with all its strength.

Develop 6 products following the strategy of three "global drives" to rise to the challenges in the 5G era

5G is more than the next-generation wireless communication technology. The three application scenarios defined by 5G bring enhance mobile bandwidth and significantly faster network speed to users. In addition, the application scenarios brought by mMTC and uRLLC will output capabilities from the communications industry to the vertical industries, and the commercial value generated therefrom is also the best opportunity for carriers to relieve the bottleneck of the disproportion between input and revenues.

AsiaInfo has proposed a 5G product strategy of "global virtualization, global intelligence and global perceptibility". Specifically, "global virtualization" refers to products and solutions for intelligent and virtualized 5G networks; "global intelligence" means AsiaInfo will, based on its capacities accumulated over the years in machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence, help carriers establish a set of universal AI platforms compatible with O and B domains; and "global perceptibility" means all new 5G-oriented products of AsiaInfo must be aimed at optimizing and enhancing the perception and experience of carriers' consumers and vertical industry users at the network business level.

Based on the concept of three "global drives", AsiaInfo has launched 6 products, namely 5G global artificial intelligence product - AISWare AI, 5G scenario-based billing product - AISWare 5G Billing, 5G PaaS platform product - AISWare AIF, 5G network intelligent product - AISWare Network Intelligence, 5G big data product - AISWare 5G BigData and open source database product - AISWare AntDB.

It is learnt that these products are undergoing tests and verification by the three major telecom carriers. AsiaInfo's CTO Dr. Ouyang Ye said in interviews with C114 and other media that, "We are currently doing some compatibility tests under the standard framework of the three major carriers. In the commercial application of core clients, we are making innovations for pre-commercial application in every provincial branch or research institute of the three major carriers. Once we have complete 5G infrastructure, these software solutions of AsiaInfo can be quickly put into commercial application in 5G networks and IT support systems."

Leverage 5G to actively explore the industry markets

The industry has generally reached a consensus on the 5G commercialization model. To realize 5G business with the value of trillions of yuan, and to relieve the bottleneck of growth, the industry market is the key.

In the interview with the media, AsiaInfo's Executive Director and CEO Gao Nianshu noted that, "After years of accumulation, AsiaInfo has developed excellent capabilities in services, operation, products and integration, and accumulated rich experience in supporting large enterprises to realize digital transformation. In recent years, we have expanded these capabilities and experience to explore new customers, new business, new models, and achieved new growth in different fields."

According to Gao Nianshu, AsiaInfo will promote its diversified operation through network intelligence, digital operation and digital transformation of non-carrier large enterprises.

In terms of network intelligence, Gao Nianshu said that, "in the past, AsiaInfo only provided business support, and its business was irrelevant to network, such as billing, CRM, BI, big data, and so on. Network intelligence business was generally dominated by traditional equipment manufacturers. In the 5G era, software companies are given the opportunity of penetrating into the network intelligence field. AsiaInfo seeks business growth with CEM, NFV, 5G PaaS and the like, all of which are based on network."

In terms of digital operation, AsiaInfo relies on comprehensive cooperation with carriers. It applies artificial intelligence and data of the carriers to new industries. Gao Nianshu said that, "AsiaInfo's advantage in this aspect is that we know more about the carriers' data than others. Besides the data, we have algorithms, artificial intelligence and designed scenarios, as well as various products for banking, insurance, governments and public safety to realize new revenue growth."

As for digital transformation of non-carrier large enterprises, as we all know, in addition to carriers, most companies are undergoing digital transformation. In the view of Gao Nianshu, in the face of such market opportunities, AsiaInfo absolutely can apply its rich product experience accumulated in the past cooperation with carriers, as well as its capabilities in services, integration, operation and products, to non-carrier large enterprises.

However, Gao Nianshu noted that, "All players are exploring the way to develop in vertical industries. AsiaInfo has already incorporated vertical industries into the planning. In the future, AsiaInfo hopes to work with carriers and use its platforms to help pillar industries of the city upgrade and transform."

A software service company with products

In many people's minds, AsiaInfo is a software company that provides customers with customized products. Its major clients are basic telecommunications service providers as China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. It's really stunning and impressive that AsiaInfo launched six series products recently.

As we all know, in the domestic software environment, it's very difficult for enterprises to survive if they only provide customers with products. The generally accepted mode is service. However, this mode tends to cause excessive waste of resources, which in turn affects the profits of enterprises. In this regard, Gao Nianshu noted that, "On the premise of having our own products, we will continue personalized customization and delivery, which can help customers to ensure high reliability and cut cost."At the end of the interview, Gao Nianshu emphasized that, in the future, "basic products + personalized delivery" will be a feasible mode for the software industry. For this reason, AsiaInfo should have its own products.